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Jakarta Patch 10

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Jakarta Patch 10

The Jakarta Patch 10 release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 10 was released on September 13, 2018.
Build date: 09-05-2018_1933
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch10-08-24-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta Patch 10 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta Patch 10, refer to KB0692612.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Usage Analytics



Detect and handle the corruption of usageanalytics_count_cfg entries within Usage Analytics The usageanalytics_count_cfg table loses entries on some user instances. The problem is usually discovered when the instance stops reporting usage counts and can take a while. It manifests itself in two different ways:
  • The number of entries in the usageanalytics_count_cfg table is too low - less than 100.
  • The number of entries in the usageanalytics_count_cfg table does not match the number of corresponding entries in the parent sys_metadata table.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Date/Time settings are not used on the list The Date/Time selection of "Time Ago" or "Both" in system settings is not used when accessing a list view of records, nor when the list view is refreshed. Instead, the calendar view is shown.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog client scripts for order guides do not work in the Service Portal

Catalog client scripts on order guides do not work in the Service Portal. There is no issue in the back-office native UI when clicking Try It on the order guide.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Activity Stream



Activity stream logs for inbound emails show a blank 'From:' field on the email preview When an email is received from a registered user with an account in the sys_user table, the 'From:' field is empty. If the user is not registered, the email is visible in the 'From:' field.
  1. Send an email from an email address associated with a valid user.
  2. Verify that the inbound email has been received by the instance.

The 'From:' field in the activity log is left empty.



The report is default to only showing the first record and throws a NullPointerException error When attempting to create reports, if adding a field from a variable, the report will default to only showing the first record and nothing further. Furthermore, if using group by, it will recognize other records are available but not show them.

Activity Stream



Turning off live forms glide.ui16.live_ forms.enabled hides journal fields associated to the activity formatter If users turn off live forms and set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false, the comments fields associated to a form's activity formatter are hidden.
  1. In UI16, navigate to Incident > Open.
  2. Confirm that journal fields and work notes are displayed above the activity formatter.
  3. Set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false.
  4. Return to the incident form.

    The journal fields do not display.

The journal field is set to display: none.

Authentication - SSO


The relay state URL encoding causes failures if the query string contains a JavaScript function

When using the Multi SSO plugin, if an unauthenticated user makes a request to a URL that contains a JavaScript function as part of the query string, it is not encoded correctly in the relay state parameter for the subsequent request, which causes an incorrect redirection. The message "Security constraints prevent access to requested page" is displayed.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream



HTML fields in the activity stream show HTML tags If an HTML field is added on the form and the activity stream, when the field changes, its content shows on the activity stream including HTML tags.
  1. Navigate to the incident form:
  2. Use Configure > Form Layout to add an HTML field called Test HTML.
  3. Open the form again, and create an incident with the blank value on the new Test HTML field.
  4. Open the newly created record, navigate to the activity section, and click the Funnel or Filter icon.
  5. Scroll down and click the Configure available fields link.
  6. Add the Test HTML field in the slushbucket.
  7. Navigate back to the form again, and change the value in the Test HTML field to 'Hello World'.
  8. Save the record.

In the activity stream, 'Hello World' appears as '<p>Hello World</p>'.

Agile Development


The Agile2SecurityManager script include does not process GlideList fields properly(such as the assignment group) On the story form, when trying to set the assignment group, not all agile groups are available.

Agile Development


The Date Time Picker does not apply the system time format When setting the format to 'dd.MM.yyyy', the date/time value is not correctly populated.
  1. Activation of plugin com.snc.sdlc.agile.2.0/Agile Development 2.0.
  2. Set the property glide.sys.date_format to dd.MM.yyyy.
  3. Go to Agile Development > Groups.
  4. Open any group displayed on the list.
  5. Click the link 'Create Sprint' (you may need first to add your user as group member) The date/time value on load of the UI dialog is correctly populated with the system date/time format.
  6. Fill all fields and submit the UI dialog.
  7. Open the list of sprints/rm_sprint.
  8. Open the created sprint record.

The planned start date shows an incorrect 01.01.1970 and the end date will also be incorrectly calculated.



The stage field in RITM with 'Waiting for Approval' as its value does not display the approver's name for the workflow driven renderer approach The 'Waiting for Approval' stage value does not display the approver's name in the RITM form.

Asset Management


sys_choice records are automatically deleted after the instance upgrade
  1. Create a record in the sys_choice_set table. The table is 'alm_hardware' and the element name is 'acquisition method'.
  2. Create some choices in that record.
  3. Upgrade the instance.

After the upgrade, the sys_choice_set record is deleted by the upgrade process.



Semaphore exhausted and high instance response time High memory usage for SAML guest sessions.

Cloud Management Application


vSphere data center resource block needs to send the name instead of the sys_id
  1. Create a blueprint with a virtual server on a vSphere datacenter block.
  2. Generate a catalog and make sure Datastore/Cluster Datastore fields are set to 'Show In Form' = true.
  3. Order the catalog and select a data store on the subsequent form.

The order fails saying 'xxxxx Data store not found'.

Cloud Management Application


On canceling the order, resources are not cleaned up Fail to execute roll back operations when a stack fails to deploy. After triggering the destruction of a stack, the resources are not terminated in AWS.

Cloud Management Application


High memory usage while processing the discovery of a web service The instance becomes unavailable when nodes processing AWSRawAPIResultProcessor run out of memory.

Cloud Management Application


The provision of the Azure virtual server fails when an existing resource group is chosen
  1. Set up an Azure cloud account and run discovery.
  2. Set up Azure OS and compute profiles.
  3. Create a VM on the Azure blueprint and create a catalog item.
  4. Go to the user portal and choose the VM on an Azure catalog item.
  5. Choose 'No' for 'Create Resource Group'.
  6. Select the first resource group that is loaded. Do not change or reload the resource group.
  7. Submit the order.

The VM provision fails with an error.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CMDB scheduled changes formatter shows proposed change requests that are not active, or are in Closed/Cancelled states The CMDB CI Baseline formatter shows scheduled changes, but also includes inactive proposed changes that are in closed/cancelled states or in the past.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The desired state audit fails The customer reporting desired state audit randomly fails with 'java.lang.NullPointerException.'

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Relationship Health Dashboard percentages are truncated instead of rounded

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The Desired State Audit field (Next Scheduled Run) is not updated When the scheduled job starts, the 'last run date' field is set properly to the current time. However, the 'Next Scheduled Run' field is not updated.
  1. Go to the Desired State module section.
  2. Navigate to the Audits module.
  3. Open the 'Database Audit' record and set it to run periodically, every 2 minutes.

When it runs, only the 'last run date' is updated and the 'next scheduled run' field is not updated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Incorrect totals due to CIs having the domain value as 'global' with trailing spaces In some instances, CIs in the global domain can have sys_domain as 'global' or 32 byte string 'global' with trailing spaces. This impacts the score calculation for the relationship dashboard.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Some OOB suggested relations are missing a child or parent relationship to form a pair The CI relationship type and suggested relationships are incomplete. A few entries are not in pairs, either the parent or child is missing.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CMDB Relationship Dashboard jobs do always show as In Progress In certain cases, the CMDB Relationship dashboard does not update the status in cmdb_health_metric_status, leaving the status as 'in progress' even after the job terminates. This causes the next run of the relationship job to not do any processing when it finds the cmdb_health_metric_status in "in progress". Because of this issue, an error might cause the relation dashboard to not get refreshed.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)



Changing the selected CMDB Baseline on a CI Form returns the user to the previous page if the CI is read-only On a CI form that has the CMDB Baseline Diff formatter, changing the selected baseline causes the form to go back to the previous page if the CI is read-only for the user.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


A null pointer exception error occurs on the WMQ pattern An Identification Engine error is thrown when running the WMQ on the Unix pattern. The identification section runs successfully but it does not show the created CI in the service map.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


A null pointer exception error occurs on the WMQ pattern An Identification Engine error is thrown when running the WMQ on the Unix pattern. The identification section runs successfully but it does not show the created CI in the service map.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The first_discovered field does not get populated for existing CIs upon the first discovery The first_discovered field does not get populated for existing CIs upon the discovery. If the user has manually created CIs that are discovered, the first_discovered field is still empty after the discovery.
  1. Activate the Discovery plugin.
  2. Set up a MID Server.
  3. Discover any CI.
  4. Remove the first_discovered field.
  5. Re-discover the same CI.

Expected behavior: The field is populated with the discovery run date.

Actual behavior: The field does not get populated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CI is not added in the 'Impacted Services' related list after refreshing impacted services 'Refresh Impacted Services' only allows CIs from class "cmdb_ci_service" and "cmdb_ci_service_discovered" to be added in the Impacted Services related list of the change, but not from 'cmdb_ci_service_manual' or other child tables of 'Business Service'.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Duplicate suggested relationships can be added if the relationship type is invalid

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The identification simulation module causes the browser to become unresponsive The page can be stuck, showing the " does not respond due to a long-running script." message, and sometimes the browser shuts down.
  1. Log in to the instance in IE11.
  2. In the filter navigator, navigate to Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation > Identification Simulation.

Expected behavior: The instance and browser should not be stuck.

Actual behavior: The page and browser are stuck for a while showing an error message, and sometimes the browser shuts down.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CI relationship is not populating in the flat layout in assets related items
  1. Log in as an admin user.
  2. Navigate to Software > Asset License Entitlements > Open a record. For example, open the 'MacBook Air 13' record.
  3. Check in the related items list at the bottom.

    No CI is displayed in the flat layout.

When changed to the tree layout, the CI gets populated in the upstream and downstream relationships, which is inconsistent.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The summary table does not show up until users select any one of the fields changed The summary table does not show up until the user selects the one that is already changed in the filter properties in order to highlight changes to fields.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The filter icon gets disabled once users unselect all the properties When users select 'Select All' under 'Highlight changes to fields', all the properties show up as 'Selected properties' in the timeline. If users unselect the fields, the filter icon gets disabled. To enable it again, users have to manually unselect all the properties.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The selected properties list shows up over the filter property popover When users select 'Select All' under 'Hightlight changes to fields' in the filter property popover, all the properties show up as selected in the timeline page. When the user clicks the filter icon again, the selected properties list shows up over the filter popover.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The duplicate resolver whitelist table breaks in the upgrade due to the long name Duplicate tasks get created when a task is in the closed complete state and the duplicates are not resolved.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CI relations formatter on CMDB CI forms ignores the dictionary display field and displays CI 'name' values If another field is set as the display field in the CMDB table's dictionary, the 'name' field continues to be used for the display value of related CIs in the upstream and downstream relationships.

Contextual Search


Issues with the Contextual Search results on the Portal The page scrolls to the top every time the contextual search results are loaded.

Core Platform


When trying to export dashboards, scorecards, and reports to PDF or other formats, an error appears:"Requested attachment does not exist"

Exporting dashboards or scorecards as PDF fails when users have an Encryption Context assigned role. The export finishes almost immediately. When the user clicks Download, they are taken to "/". The following error is displayed: "Requested attachment does not exist'."

This issue also occurs with reports and other exports, such as JPG.



Currency and price fields marked as read-only are saved incorrectly in the session currency Currency and price fields marked as read-only at the field definition level are saved incorrectly in the session currency. Also, values may be multiplied if the user locale uses a different decimal separator. For example, the amount can be multiplied by 100 or 1000.

Dependency Views (BSM Map)


In the dependency map, if multiple CIs are related to same endpoint CI, only one CI and its relation is shown




Installer.bat for the MID Server causes a null pointer exception that stops the MID Server from connecting to the instance The MID Server is unable to create a record in the instance, even though the MID Server installer wizard for Jakarta Patch 9 completes successfully.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Allow cluster nodes to be filtered out Predefined filters were built to filter out environment attributes from dependency maps. This filter works and filters out all classes from the dependency map except for any CI within the cmdb_ci.cmdb_ci_cluster class.



Discovery causes OOM and restarts nodes The Discovery deleteEntities query in DiscoveryErrorMessageDAO affects the instance database.



Cloud HD discovery: An error is returned instead of an explicit message When there are no resources found under a given LDC, an error message is returned instead of an information message stating "no resources were found under LDC."



Duplicate entries occur in the dscy_router_interface table



The use of the API_INT semaphore set causes integrations timeout or a RejectedExecutionException

When a discovery credential is created or updated, a 'credentials_reload' job is written to the ECC queue for each MID Server configured on the instance. Once picked up, the MID Server makes a 'GetCredentials' SOAP call to the instance (/

The response contains a large volume of data that grows relative to the number of records in the discovery_credential table. Because these threads use the API_INT semaphore set, it can cause other integrations to time out or receive a RejectedExecutionException.



Wrong pattern input parameters records are taken if more than one discovery schedules uses the same pattern



Updates to storage volume CIs cause warnings from StorageDataSize Updating a storage volume can cause a warning. This is because the 'size' calculated field uses StorageDataSize to convert 'size_bytes' to a string value.



Issues with the delete strategy when following the development of Unix Cluster patterns



Shazzam's final sensor job can run a node out of memory by holding all results in an array Shazzam's final sensor job can run a node out of memory by holding all results from the discovery schedule in memory at once. The sensor has no limit check for how many results it will end up adding to an array in the instance node memory.



The filter of endpoint CIs needs to be disabled from the horizontal discovery implementation



Invalid MID Servers in a schedule cause multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status, triggering the powered waterfall Too many discovery jobs started for chained schedules cause backlogs in the sys_trigger table, causing a major outage.




Parsing parameters from ECC queue records with text nodes in a parameter fail

In the ECC Queue output Payload field, if there is any whitespace between a payload's 'parameter' element and a child element inside it, the MID Server will fail to parse the payload. This leaves the job in the ready state which is never processed.

The problem is caused by the space/text between child nodes within a parameter node:

<parameter><node /><parameter> works

<parameter> <node /> <parameter> breaks

An error is thrown in the MID Server's agent log.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Duplicate manufacturers are stored during Discovery - Make and Model issues Sometimes during Discovery, manufacturers are added multiple times.



Errors occur when running discovery for UCS devices HD pattern fails because cmdb_ci_ucs_rack_unit table does not exist.




Discovery of some device types results in a 'Product' model record rather than a more specific type of model record During discovery, some device types result in a Product model record, rather than a more specific Hardware, Consumable, Software, or Application model record.

When inserting a model record into a child table, the logic checks if the record with namecompany exists in the child table. If not found, it inserts the record. But this logic does not check if the record exists in the base table cmdb_model. If it does exist in the base table, duplicate records are created (one in the base and the other in the child table).

Discover any windows server where the vcenter probe is triggered and confirm that ESX servers are successfully scanned.

The model record for the ESX server is created in cmdb_model and not cmdb_hardware_product_model table.

Domain Support


Importing domain records with invalid data (code, path) should not be allowed When importing domains from one instance to another, the domain records should not be allowed to contain invalid data. If the records contain invalid data, such as an invalid domain path or code, errors are thrown when running the domain validation after the import of XML data.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Domain Support


Importing domain records without the parent domain record results in a null or invalid domain path All the data records belonging to the domain cannot be retrieved by users belonging to these domains.

Event Management


Fail to check if there is an open alert with the same message key before handling the closed alert when updating alerts from events Although there is an open alert that should have been updated, the closed alert is reopened or a new alert is created.

Event Management



The HP OMI connector does not bring in events for HPOMI instances in a different time zone If the HP Omi connector receives the last event time stamp in a long format, the conversion to the UTC format does not take into account different time zones. When the OMi instance is in a timezone with (-), after some time events stop coming and an error is thrown on the connector. When running HP OMi, the connector does not pull the latest events and an error occurs.

Event Management


The status of resolved in the vRealize Operations alert is never updated When alerts are resolved in vRealize Operations (the terminology used in vRealize is INACTIVE), the alert status is never updated in the Event Management, even if the 'message key' matches.

Event Management


Cannot add the formatted text into the description field for event rules On the Transform page, new lines should be allowed to the Description field and other fields.

Event Management


After the upgrade/insertion, the field is truncated and events are not processed Issues occur with the event rule created that has a long data stored in the additional_info_filter field. After the upgrade, the field is truncated and contains the invalid JSON value. As a result, the rule cannot be opened and the event processing fails with an exception.

Event Management


Memory issues related to the 'Impact Calculator' job In the 'Impact Calculator' job, the same property is used both to limit a batch of alerts and the list of loaded CIs.

Event Management


The OOB SolarWinds regex pattern does not work (Solarwinds Node Status) The OOB regex for Event Rules Solarwinds node status does not work as expected.

Event Management



The OMI connector does not create events on the em_event table
  1. Create an OMI connector. For more information, see the product documentation topic Configure event collection from HP OMi.
  2. Test the connector.

The test works but no event is created.

Event Management


After the Event Management Dashboard refresh, the service tree jumps back to the root Alerts are shown according to the tree, instead of according to the displayed services/groups.

Event Management


New line characters are removed from 'Description' for events coming from the MID Server The description is not properly formatted. It shows '/n' instead of showing that on a new line.

Express to Enterprise


The Notes and Closure information sections are not displayed on the incident form The form sections Notes and Closure information are not visible on the incident form. This symptom is seen after the first upgrade after the Express to Enterprise conversion.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Field Normalization


If inserting the cmdb_model record with reference to the un-normalized core_company record, the reference is not updated to the normalized core_company record If the core_company table has both the normalized and un-normalized names, and users insert a new product model record into cmdb_model and set 'Manufacturer' reference to the un-normalized name, the field normalization feature does not repoint that reference to the normalized company name. If users insert a record into any cmdb_ci table, the manufacturer reference is repointed correctly.

Field Service Management



On the Central Dispatch page, no agents are available for dispatching the work order task If the Use agent or task scheduling option in the Assignment tab of the Field Service configuration is not enabled, no agents are available under the Team tab on the Central Dispatch page.
  1. Log in as a user with the WM Dispatcher role.
  2. Go to the Central Dispatch page.
  3. Check that agents are available under the Team section for dispatching the work order task.
  4. Impersonate an admin user and navigate to the Field Service > Administration > Configuration.
  5. Go to the Assignment tab and disable the Use agent or task scheduling option.
  6. Impersonate as a user with the WM Dispatcher role and go to the Central Dispatch page.

Nothing is listed under the Team tab.

Financial Management



Project Actual Cost pm_project.work_cost is set to the user session currency Project Actual Cost pm_project.work_cost is set to the user session currency that may be different from com.glide.financial_management.currency_code. This makes Actual cost the only currency field on the project financial information. Prerequisites
  1. Activate the plugin I18N: Internationalization.
  2. Activate the plugin Project Portfolio Suite with Financials.
  3. Create a sys_choice record with the value 'es', and label 'Spanish' for the element preferred_language on table sys_user.
  4. Create a sys_choice record with the value 'ES', and label 'Spain' for the element country on table sys_user (if it does not exist already).
  5. Update the admin user record and set the language to Spanish and the country to Spain, to make the session currency EUR.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a project. Set the project name and save.
  2. From Related lists > Expense Line, create an expense line.
  3. Set amount $100 and State in Processed and Save.
  4. Reopen if needed the project created at step 1.

    The actual cost is saved as converted to Euro.

Expected behavior: The actual cost is set in the currency defined by com.glide.financial_management.currency_code and not in the user session currency.

Actual behavior: The actual cost is set in the user session currency that may be different from com.glide.financial_management.currency_code.

Forms and Fields


A JavaScript error occurs when users navigate away from the form Intermittent JavaScript errors "TypeError: uncaught exception" occur when users navigate away from any form. This causes ATF tests to fail randomly.

Forms and Fields


The reference variable on the record producer does not respond on the Mobile UI when there is a Hebrew value in it On the catalog item/record producer in the Mobile UI, if a Hebrew value is populated in a reference variable, the magnifier button does not respond when clicking it.

Forms and Fields


Knowledge of 'wiki' type converts escape wiki text on edit/ save

Human Resources Service Management


The Account Notification activity does not generate the user ID The Account Notification activity does not generate the user ID for the newly created user. This results in the Account Notification activity being Closed Incomplete and the is blank for the new subject person. Therefore, they are unable to log in and do not get the login email.

Human Resources Service Management


In Lifecycle Events, only 10 activity sets can run at a time HR lifecycle event activity sets are not triggered correctly when they exceed 10 sets.

Human Resources Service Management


Assign HR Roles causes schedulers to have many system trigger jobs

Human Resources Service Management


The Lifecycle Event workflow cancels out after 40 days

The Lifecycle Event Activity Launcher workflow has a maximum activity count of 500, defined as a setting in the workflow. If this count is reached, the workflow will automatically cancel, disrupting the triggering of any downstream activity sets and the lifecycle event progress.

  1. Create a Lifecycle Event and an Activity Set (trigger based on the date 30 days from the case opened).
  2. Change the Evaluation Interval of the Activity Set to 2 minutes (0.83% of the original interval).
  3. Create a Lifecycle Event case with that Lifecycle Event and wait at least 8.5 hours.
  4. Navigate to the Lifecycle case, and click Show Workflow related link to open the workflow context displays.

    The HR Activity Launcher workflow is canceled.

Notice the difference between the workflow context creation and closed should give a timestamp of approximately 8.13 hours, which to approximately 40.5 days using the unscaled interval.

Human Resources Service Management



HR matching rules/assignment logic do not work correctly if the user changing the draft state does not have the permission to read cases HR matching rules/assignment logic do not work correctly if the user moving the case out of draft state does not have the permission to read cases and therefore is unable to obtain a correct count of the agent workload.
  1. For simplicity, install HR Core and HR SP without demo data.
  2. Add two users to HR Tier 1 and give them all HR skills.
  3. Remove the location from the sys_user records for your agents.
  4. Find a set of users who have no HR roles and remove their location (eliminating the country matching part of the assignment logic).
  5. Create a case as one of these users, and note who it was assigned to.
  6. Create a second case as a different non-HR user.

It is important to be different as a user can view their own cases, so if you are the same user, the count of caseload will be correct. If things work properly, this case would go to the second agent.

It may go to the second agent by happenstance. Therefore, keep creating cases for different end users with no HR roles until you see that the case load is not being distributed based upon the agent workload.

Human Resources Service Management


The HR case "Restrict Query" business rule is invoked multiple times for non-HR records

The HR application has custom Approve and Reject UI actions for the sysapproval_approver form. These UI actions check whether the record being approved is an HR case to determine whether to display or not.

This check is done with a GlideRecord lookup against the HR Case table, as opposed to a class name check. This causes the page to load slowly when there are many approval records or tasks in the system.

  1. As an admin, add a log statement to the HR case 'Restrict Query' business rule script.
  2. Log in as a user with no HR roles who has a requested approval record for a non-HR record (such as a Change Request).
  3. As the non-HR user, load the sysapproval_approver form for the non-HR approval.

The added message appears eight times in a row in the system log.

Knowledge Management



The kb_use table is not updated when the user opens an article
  1. Activate the Service Portal UI plugin com.snc.knowledge_portal.
  2. Go to SP UI by appending /kb to the instance.
  3. Go to the home page and view any article.
  4. Check the kb_use table for entries.
There is no entry created in the table, but an entry gets added when the same operation is done in $ pages.

Knowledge Management



Unable to view articles when the page is made public When both the Knowledge Management Advanced Installer and Customer Service Portal plugins are activated, setting kb_view and kb_article_view pages to public to make articles from knowledge bases without any user criteria accessible does not work. An error message "Knowledge record not found" is displayed.
  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Knowledge bases and click New.
  3. Create a knowledge base without any user criteria.
  4. Create and publish a new article in the new knowledge base.
  5. Activate the Knowledge Management - Service Portal plugin.
  6. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
  7. Set public = true for the kb_article_view page.
  8. Go to instance/kb and navigate to the article.
  9. Copy the URL and paste it in a new browser window.

    Check that the article is visible.

  10. Go to instance/$ and navigate to the article.
  11. Copy the URL and paste it into a new browser window.

    Check that the article is visible.

  12. Activate both the Knowledge Management Advanced Installer and Customer Service Portal plugins.

The articles are not visible to the public and the 'knowledge record not found' error message is displayed.

Knowledge Management



Tags do not copy over to the new version of a knowledge article after activating the Knowledge Advanced plugin
  1. Activate the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Create New.
  3. Create an article and add a tag to it, then publish the article.
  4. Open the same article and click the Checkout button. Return to the Knowledge Management page and check the old tag that you added.
The article does not exist in that tag, as the tag is removed when you check out the new version of the article.

Knowledge Management


Inconsistent behaviors when commenting and suggesting are disabled for the knowledge base When the options "Disable commenting" and "Disable suggesting" options are set on a Knowledge Base form (Knowledge > Administration > Knowledge Bases) and the Save or Update buttons are clicked, all knowledge articles in the knowledge base have their article-level values of disable_commenting and disable_suggesting set to the correct value. However, when these options are set in the list view, the article fields of disable_commenting and disable_suggesting are not set.
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Administration > Knowledge Bases.
  2. Add the "Disable commenting" (and/or "Disable suggesting") column to the view.
  3. In this list view, change the value of "Disable commenting" to false for a specific knowledge base or all knowledge bases.

    Commenting is still enabled on the articles in the knowledge base where the "Disable commenting" value was set to false.

  4. To verify, go to kb_knowledge.list and filter for the knowledge base where this option was applied.
  5. Add the "Disable commenting" and "Disabled suggesting" columns to the form.

When you set this option in the knowledge base form, all articles should have their disable_commenting and disable_suggesting values set to whatever option was chosen upon Save/Update.

Knowledge Management



A large amount of text index events are created by the "Count Knowledge Use" job The "Count Knowledge Use" scheduled job results in the creation of a large amount of text index events leading to performance issues.
  1. Create 10 to 20 knowledge articles.
  2. Go to the Count Knowledge Use jobs / 377187cd0a0a0b52005a19f2d02d178e
  3. Execute the job.
  4. Go to /

    There are 10 to 20 new text index events on kb_knowledge.use_count.

This is not scalable past a few thousand articles without causing a delay to text index event process.

Knowledge Management


The Accessing article containing '&' shows a blank page The Accessing article containing '&' shows a blank page when the escape text property is set to false.

Knowledge Management



Knowledge Management Service Portal Home is slow due to missing indexes/slow SQL Navigating to the Knowledge Homepage takes 15 to 20 seconds when there are a large number of user criteria.
  1. Populate the instance with many KB articles.
  2. Add user criteria linked to the created articles.
  3. Navigate to the /kb page.



When a variable is added, only the first row of data is returned in the report

A subset of variable types will not load their values in their column in a list report after refreshing if glide.ui.optimize.lists or glide.ui.list.optimize is set to false.

To activate the fix for this PRB, set the property com.glide.script.expressions.rewrite_variables to true.



The system property glide.ui.list_edit.show_calendar_only is ignored in Jakarta Setting glide.ui.list_edit.show_calendar_only to true or false should alter the Date Picker format accordingly. However, this is not working in Jakarta.

List v2


The Duration column in the list view (both v2 and v3) does not show seconds When users want to build the filter condition, 'Duration' requires seconds. However, the Duration column in the list view (both v2 and v3) does not show seconds. Without the seconds value, a record with a particular duration value cannot be retrieved.

List v2



Clicking All in a breadcrumb from a reference field has no effect After typing a few characters into a reference field and using the magnifying glass to run a query, it is not possible to modify the breadcrumbs in the resulting list more widely.
  1. Go to a reference field on a form. For example, navigate to Incident > Open and select an incident.
  2. In any reference field, for example, the Caller field, type a couple of characters.
  3. Click the reference lookup (the magnifying glass) icon.

    A list of users whose name starts with "a" is displayed.

  4. Try to expand the breadcrumbs to find a wider audience.

    The filter does not change.

You are limited to the initial query that was run for the list.

MID Server


Multiple MID Servers should not be allowed with the same name MID Servers from using the same name are not prevented when connecting to the same instance. When this happens, it causes multiple input records for each output record.

MID Server


The order of creating a MID Server record should be changed in "" before running start services

Password Reset Application


Password reset/change do not correctly handle non-ASCII characters If the user enters a character with an accent, such as 'é', the password is changed but the AD has an incorrect value.



The discovery creates duplicate related CIs on the F5 load balancer record after switching to the pattern When creating a F5 using the probe and sensor and switching the classification to patterns, duplicates are created in the related lists.



The discovery of Azure database gets errors The Azure database pattern fails to discover MySQL database due to the failed rest query, getting the error '404 Not Found'.



The Pattern Discovery on the Windows Server 2012 does not complete properly When discovering Hyper-V servers, they appear as class "windows server" with no virtual instances.



Unable to run the horizontal discovery on WMB on the Unix Pattern related to install_directory Unexpected behavior from WMB on the Unix Pattern.



The FTPClient library was added to the MID Server in order for the Azure functions pattern to perform the function code scanning



The Cisco GSS create connection does not work correctly and the cluster is not created correctly The 'Could not find farm name. Assigned default farm name' warning is thrown for the GSS pattern.



If cmdb_ci is not extending cmdb, Discovery should get the child and extension tables from 'cmdb_ci' and not 'cmdb' When the 'create relationship/reference step' is leveraged in a pattern, the product checks if the parent and child tables satisfy certain conditions. One of the conditions is whether the tables are part of list returned from calling getCITypes(). For some users, the root is 'cmdb_ci' and not 'cmdb'. However, 'cmdb' is queried for the child and extension tables, which causes patterns to fail.

Performance Analytics



The Choice list Interactive filter does not show correct choice elements from the DB View Choice list interactive filters based on database views take their choices from the base table. Even when choices are defined for the view table of a database view, the interactive filter does not recognize them.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Performance Analytics



PA Indicator additional condition "is same" does not collect data correctly for date fields The additional condition of the indicator does not return the correct data when the breakdown source groups are disabled.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Performance Analytics



On domain-separated instances, Performance Analytics collection jobs do not collect scores per the breakdown element On domain-separated instances, Performance Analytics collection jobs do not use the sys_choice breakdown elements defined on a parent domain only. As a result, scores are not collected per the breakdown element.
  1. Activate the Performance Analytics - Premium plugin and the Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer plugin.
  2. Establish a domain structure with a parent and a child domain.
  3. Establish a Performance Analytics user on the child domain.
  4. Create new state choices. For example, for sc_req_item.task on the parent domain only.
  5. Create a few requested items on the child domain.
  6. Establish the following Performance Analytics setup in the global domain:
    • Breakdown Source based on the sys_choice table with active records only for sc_req_item.state
    • Breakdown mapped to sc_req_item.state
    • Indicator Source and Indicator based on the sc_req_item table
    • Collection Job with 'Run As the newly created user'
  7. Run the collection job.

The score's element column is empty. In the database, the element column shows 'unmatched'.

Performance Analytics

PRB1263787 does not remove the soft lock The Performance Analytics Premium for Business Management ( plugin does not remove the soft lock for creating PA records.
  1. Install
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Indicators > Create New.

Expected behavior: New indicators can be created.

Actual behavior: The 'Cannot create record' message is shown in the modal dialog.

Performance Analytics



When the range of periods is years, hovering over the bar displays the wrong month for the first year For a Time Series Column widget with a "By month AVG " Time Series, when the widget has "Range of periods" as years, if there is no score for the last month of the previous period, hovering over bars of the months for the first year will display the wrong month. For example, when hovering over January, it shows June; when hovering over February, it shows April.
  1. Edit an existing 'Time Series' widget. Change Visualization to 'Column', and Time Series to 'By month AVG '.
  2. For Range of Periods, choose Years.
  3. For Number of Periods, enter 3.
  4. On the Scoresheet, enter scores manually for several days each month from the current month back to January 2016.

    The widget on the dashboard shows scores for 12 months for 2016, 2017, and 2018 (does not have to be a complete year's worth of scores for 2018).

  5. Hover over one of the 2016 columns with the mouse.

The month displayed does not match the month that you are hovering over.

Performance Analytics


An unexpected alter is triggered during the upgrade on the pa_scores table An unexpected alter is triggered on the pa_scores table during the upgrade to Kingston or Jakarta due to the table size.

Performance Analytics



The Pivot Scorecard widget displays scores under incorrect objects
  1. Create a breakdown source and a breakdown for table cmdb_ci.
  2. Add the breakdown to the indicator.
  3. Collect data for the indicator and breakdown.
  4. Create the 'Breakdown' widget with 'Pivot Scorecard' visualization for the breakdown on Configuration Items.
  5. Add the Indicator in the related list.
  6. Add the widget to the dashboard.

The scores are displayed under the incorrect objects in the Pivot Scorecard. The Indicator's scores do not follow breakdown's elements. When the user clicks an element in the list, it redirects to the incorrect element in the detailed scorecard.



The sys_storage_alias record is not deleted when dropping a column through the update set The sys_storage_alias record is not deleted when dropping a column through the update set, resulting in an orphan record in sys_storage_alias.




Unintentional in-app clone may corrupt sys_storage_alias and sys_storage_table_alias data in an Oracle instance In an Oracle instance, an in-app clone can launch unintentionally if an instance fails to contact the server to schedule a backup-based clone. The backup-based clone can be manually fixed, but data can be lost if an unexpected in-app clone is launched after that.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Slow performance issues on transactions and queries

Filtering using INSTANCEOF ("class is-a") on a table, which has the class pathing enabled, should have used the classpath.



Cannot prevent the in-app clone for Oracle clone

Project Management


When the project is copied, the strategies and goals set within the project do not get copied
  1. In Project Related Properties, add strategic_objectives and save the changes.
  2. Go to Projects and create a new or open existing project.
  3. Go to the Business Case tab and add strategies and goals to the project.
  4. Copy the Project.

Expected behavior: The goals and strategies are copied to the new project created.

Actual behavior: The goals and strategies are not copied to the new project created.

Project Management


Importing project tasks changes the project state to the "Pending" state When importing project tasks through Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) or creating project tasks to a project whose state is 'work in progress', It changes the state of the project back to the 'Pending' state.

Project Management



Project record does not get updated when importing from MS Project file
  1. Import an MS Project by following the documentation pages.
  2. Once imported, export the file with the correct sys_ID links generated.
  3. Edit the record within MS Project making changes to it.
  4. Import the updated MS Project file again.

The latest updates done in MS Project are not seen.

Project Management


Typo in the script include: PlannedTaskStateChangeHandler Typo in the script include: PlannedTaskStateChangeHandler, containing "currrent" instead of "current". This causes error warnings in system logs: com.glide.script.RhinoEcmaError: "currrent" is not defined.

Project Management


Project template task configured to set milestone = true does not work In project templates, when setting a project template task to be a milestone, it is not loaded as a milestone when the template is applied.




Dashboards page ( load issues Unable to open the dashboard from system settings and the page becomes unresponsive.
  1. Create over 500 personal dashboards.
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.



'Click to Print' for published reports displays only one page Users cannot successfully print any published reports. When using the 'Click to Print' button on a published report, the print screen only shows the first page and the scrollbar at the right.



Reports cannot be exported as PDF Exporting to PDF fails if a multilevel pivot table has a query condition that includes 'before'.



After an upgrade from Istanbul, users are not able to list their reports created prior to a change to their sys_user.user_name

In Jakarta, the new field created_by_user has been added to the sys_report table. This is a reference field to the sys_user record of the user who creates a report. The sys_report.sys_created_by field captured the user_name of the user at the time they created a report.

If their user_name is subsequently changed, it will no longer match the value in the sys_report.sys_created_by field. Any report a user created after an upgrade is visible, but reports created prior to their name change are not shown.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Emails are not sent from a scheduled report when the report has errors
  1. Create a large report that has more cells than the sys_properties value of the glide.pdf.max_row property.
  2. Schedule that report to be sent periodically.
  3. Execute that scheduled report.
  4. Check the event logs.

    A scheduler.job.error event is shown with the message ' TooManyCellsException: Pivot table too big for export. Filter your data and try again.'

The email is not sent as expected.




In a multilevel pivot report, the columns header position changes/overlaps depending on the size of the condition builder when it is expanded
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run.
  2. Create a multilevel pivot report using the Report Designer.
  3. In the Configure section, use the following example values:
    • Select Columns: Created by
    • Select Rows: Short Description
  4. Click Run Report.
  5. Scroll down the table, both with the condition builder expanded or with it minimized.
When the condition builder is expanded, the columns header position is lower than expected.




Single Score does not render in the homepage if the query condition contains UTF-8 characters

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




The bar report displays the same column data repeatedly

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Scoped Database Views do not show up in reports Unable to create a scoped report based in the scoped database view.




Users are unable to create multilevel pivot reports on the Tag field Users cannot group multilevel pivot reports on tags.
  1. Create a multilevel pivot report.
    • Set Table to Task [task].
    • In the Available column, move Tags and Assigned to the Selected column.
  2. Click Run.

An error is thrown: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'task0.sys_tags' in 'field list').

Scheduled Job Processing


Session properties persist on scheduler threads indefinitely

If a session property is changed on a scheduler thread, such as through a script in an async business rule or a scheduled script execution, this session property is set indefinitely on that scheduler thread's session until it is changed again or the node is restarted. This means that every job or operation running through the thread inherits its session properties.

For example, if the sys_update_set property is set, all future updates generated on that thread are recorded in the update set referenced by the property. This can result in updates appearing in seemingly random update sets from scheduled jobs, async business rules, etc.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog client scripts for order guides do not work in the Service Portal

Catalog client scripts on order guides do not work in the Service Portal. There is no issue in the back-office native UI when clicking Try It on the order guide.

Service Mapping


Users experience slowness and receive an HTTP 429 error The default semaphore is exhausted, leaving the instance unresponsive for several minutes.

Service Mapping


On some Solaris systems, the Service Mapping fails to discover the process listening on the port

Service Mapping



Cisco devices are partially discovered due to a timeout in the changeto command Issues occur when sending the SSH command to network devices (such as Cisco ACE load balancer) and getting a response which is longer than 800 rows. The system waits 1 minute and then aborts the operation. This impacts the horizontal discovery of Cisco ACE load balancers, and on Service Mapping when discovering Cisco ACE and F5 load balancers.
  1. Set up a MID Server that can discover a network device such as a Cisco ACE load balancer.
  2. Set the system property to 100. The default is 800.
  3. Run the command:
     show service-policy detail

This command makes the device respond with a --more-- line after 100 rows, which is breaking the SSH provider if you are trying to detect the prompt after each command.

Service Mapping


Add '&' to the invalid chars for the pattern name creation When adding the new pattern with a name that contains '&', the pattern is not synchronized to the MID Server.

Service Mapping


Tracked files: $ does not support files with JSON content

Service Mapping


The Checkpoint Reaper fails on the broken service > layer reference The Checkpoint Reaper job fails on exception when it encounters a service that has a broken reference to the layer. As a result, old snapshots are not removed by the Service Model's Blob Reaper, and it may disrupt svc_model_obj_service.

Service Mapping


The TD pattern execution should override the CI class match when there is more than one HD CI with the same fully qualified domain name (FQDN) When there is more than 1 cloud CI discovered as part of HD with the same FQDN, the TD pattern is only triggered based on the first HD CI that has been picked up.

Service Mapping


Azure DB HD is not discovered in Jakarta

Service Mapping


The duplicate pattern causes an incorrect redirect to the original pattern at the pattern designer

Service Mapping


The Pattern Oracle database on the Unix pattern needs improvement

Service Mapping


When installing the content shipping on an instance, the script includes do not work

Service Portal


The business rule run from the Service Portal on a custom scoped application does not honor the current object The current object has an unexpected reference before business rules when a new record is inserted through the server side UI action logic.

Service Portal



The Service Catalog Service Portal plugin must not be activated before the Core Service Portal plugin The incorrect order of the Service Portal plugin activation causes missing pages/widgets, dependencies, and route maps.
  1. Upgrade an instance from Helsinki to Kingston so it does not have the com.glide.service-portal plugin active.
  2. Activate the Service Portal - Service Catalog V2 plugin, which automatically activates the Service Portal - Service Catalog plugin.

    Note that the Service Portal for the Enterprise Service Management plugin that depends on the Service Portal - Core plugin has not been activated.

  3. Activate the Service Portal for the Enterprise Service Management plugin.

Tables and Dictionary


Adding elements to a TPP grandparent and grandchild table in an update set can cause the alias corruption When adding an element to a particular table in the CMDB hierarchy, and another element to a grandchild (or lower) of that table, within the same update set, the storage aliases can be corrupted so that the elements are stored in the same column. This can cause functional problems and data loss.

Tables and Dictionary


StackOverflowError can be caused by queries in v_customer_uploads or enabling DB Trace



Cannot apply a date field while using a template if the date format system property is altered When using a template to create a knowledge article, the field 'Valid to' is not populated by the value added to the template.

Time Card Management



When the "Time card management" plugin is activated, changing the state of a Release, Phase, Feature, or Task record throws an error and stops business rules from running
  1. Activate the Time card management plugin.
  2. Navigate to Release > Products.
  3. Create a Product record.
  4. On the Product record, use the related list 'Releases' to create a new Release.
  5. On the Release record, change the State field from 'Draft' to 'Work in Progress'.

    An error is thrown:

    'Exception (ReferenceError: "PlannedTaskStateUtil" is not defined. (sys_script_include.a409df3b9300220064f572edb67ffb3f. script; line 67)) occurred while evaluating'Condition: TimeCardUtil.autoCreateTimeCard(current); Filter Condition: active=true^EQ' in business rule 'Create timecard' on rm_release:RLSE0010001; skipping business rule'

  6. When you change the state on a Phase, Feature, or Task record if you use the related list on the Release record to create a Phase record and/or use the related list on the Phase record to create a Feature record, and/or use the related list on the Feature record to create a Task record, a variation of the same error will be thrown.

The referenced sys_script_include is installed with Project Management (not required for the Time card management plugin to be installed).

Transaction and Session Management


The average response time metric gets skewed by quick transactions that happen frequently The average response time metric gets skewed by quick transactions that happen frequently. This makes it harder to debug and trigger alerts when users start having performance issues.

Update Sets


Retrieved batched update sets are missing a parent value when the property glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set true A query condition in the source code is responsible for building retrieved update set hierarchies which incorrectly filter for a 'source' field. The field should be 'update_source'. This results in an invalid query. If the system property glide.invalid_query.returns_ no_rows is set true, the query returns no results and the hierarchy is not be built.

Update Sets


Backing out an update set can lead to unexpected results if glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set true

Completing the update set and backing it out cause the sys_script record to be deleted.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


Vendor Risk Assessments show an incorrect number of unanswered questions
  1. Design a vendor questionnaire with multi-choice questions dependent on each other.
  2. Log in with a vendor account and try to answer the question.
The answered question and total questions are not accurate.

Visual Task Boards


Opening the modal window of a task record with the description filled out causes failures (i.e. related lists not loading, UI actions not working)

This issue occurs for Firefox users when the description field on a task record has a value and is visible on the form.

When the user clicks the number in a task card, the available modal window does not work correctly. Removing the field or deleting the value seems to resolve the issue for individual task records.




The null pointer exception occurs when stage_state is empty when trying to load RITM The form view does not load completely for a record that meets the following conditions:
  • Multiple parent workflow contexts are attached.
  • At least one of those contexts has a stage_state that is empty.
  • At least one of those contexts uses the "Main flow" or "Simple Progress Bar" renderer.
  1. Create the glide.web_service.hierarchical system property and set it to true.
  2. Try to generate the WSDL through https://<instance>/

Memory issues occur.

Other Jakarta Patch 10 information

Enable social Q&A for a knowledge base
You can set the limit for the number of times users can post questions, answers, and comments, or subscribe to the questions using the Knowledge Social Q&A properties.
Guided tours
Users access a guided tour by navigating to a page that has one. If they have one or more of the roles that the tour is targeted to, they can click the Show users how to access guided tours. icon so the GTD panel opens to show the Take a Tour button. If more than one tour is available to a user on a page, the Select Tour choice list appears so they can select which tour to launch.
Show users the Select a Tour choice list.
Knowledge Social Q&A properties
The system administrator can set the limit for the number of times users can ask, answer, or subscribe to Social Q&A questions, or comment on the questions and answers using the Social Q&A system properties.
Match a condition
A new step has been added as to consider the lack of match as not a discovery error.
MID Server parameters
One Event Management parameter has been added: mid.probe.event.suppress.whitespaces

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 10

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.