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Jakarta Patch 1

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Jakarta Patch 1

The Jakarta Patch 1 release (General Availability) contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 1 was released on July 13, 2017.
Build date: 07-07-2017_1811
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch1-06-20-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta Patch 1 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta, refer to KB0623601.

Notable Fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

UI Components



Users without privileges cannot save the filter using the condition builder
  1. Impersonate the user Abel Tuter.
  2. Go to any List - All incidents/ All HR cases.
  3. Click on filter and add a condition. For example: active is true or state is new.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Give the name - sn_test for "save as"
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click List control just above.
  8. Click Filters.

Expected behavior: sn_test filter should be available after saving.

Actual behavior: sn_test is not available.

Domain Support



Upgrades are causing domain table to be reset back to sys_user_group, causing recalculation of domain paths and unique constraint violations A Unique Key violation error occurs when adding/importing a group into a domain separated instance upgraded to Istanbul Patch 6. Istanbul Patch 6 adds a unique index to sys_user_group table, which is supposed to allow duplicate values.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Incident Management



Base system business rules mark_closed and mark_resolved still use deprecated calendars and return incorrect results Because deprecated calendars are being used, the mark_closed and mark_resolved business rules return incorrect results.
  1. Navigate to Incident > All.
  2. Personalize the list by adding the following columns to the list view:
    • Open
    • Closed
    • Business duration
    • Business resolve time

    For more information, see Personal lists.

Note that some of the Business duration and Business resolve time entries are incorrect.

Service Mapping



Under certain circumstances, Discovery processing is very slow or stuck When Service Mapping discovery is run for multiple services (or all services), the discovery job may slow down due to the service recomputation jobs being processed. As a result, discovery tasks can time out.

Import / Export



Setting glide.export.excel.wrap_cells to false does not allow user to Export .xlsx format excel files with columns containing more than 255 characters

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce



When guest user is unavailable, users are unable to create multiple instances for public surveys
  1. As admin, delete the guest users from the instances.
  2. Create a survey and make it public.
  3. Copy the URL under View Survey.
  4. Paste the URL into two different browsers.

Instead of creating two survey instances under asmt_assessment_instance, only one survey instance is created.

Asynchronous Message Bus


Long-running AMB unsubscribe transactions can result in business rules not running for the rest of the session
  1. Navigate to a form.
  2. Invalidate the cache.
  3. Navigate away from the form.

If your unsubscribe transaction is slow enough to get cancelled while we are loading table descriptors for variables tables (var__*), your session may be left with workflow turned off.

Change Management Conflict Detector


On search page,, value for conflict_Status field is already set, rather than --None-- When a Change Request form is loaded in Search mode (, the Conflict Status field value shows as No Conflict instead of None. Since the form is loaded in Search mode, all the fields are expected to be empty, and choice list fields are expected to be shown as None.

In an Istanbul instance, navigate to: https://<instance-name>

Notice conflict_status field has a value set, rather than --None-- like other fields with choices.

Cloud Management Application


Blueprint YAML import/export issues
  • Importing a YAML file for resource block works the first time, but deleting and reimporting the same file will make the resource block unusable because there are duplicate entries in the sn_cmp_rb_op_param table.
  • Exporting a resource block YAML only works partially, and records in sn_cmp_rb_keyvalue_mapping are not exported.
  • On the keyValue table form view, the Object mapping field and the embedded list for the mappings are not showing.



If a user's name contains special characters, the wrong initials are displayed When a user's name contains special characters, the user initials and avatar display the wrong initials.



Performance issues for various Communities pages There are performance, content display, and profile issues when users go to the Community homepage or view a question.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Checkpoint reaper encounters an error when trying to set the previous checkpoint reference to a non-existent sys ID The following error occurs: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Trying to set field svc_model_checkpoint:previous_checkpoint to reference non-existent record

Core Platform


When domain separated is enabled, form caches should key entries more effectively ActionManager (UI actions) should define syscache_ui_action as the private cacheable instead of sys_ui_action. In addition, ActionManager domain selection should retrieve the domain from the record, not the session. Domains for the sys_choice cache should also be implemented correctly.

Delegated Development


User with delegated_developer role cannot see the Studio module
  1. As admin, create an application and add a user as a delegated developer.
  2. Log in as the user in step 1.
  3. In the left navigator, type Studio.

The user cannot see the Studio module.



The 'Retrieve File Content' button from 'Parse File' operation occasionally disappears after running it The only way to bring the 'Retrieve File Content' button back is to click away to another step and come back to it.



When debugging is complete, the popup timing should be reduced When a debug is successful, the window should close at the end without waiting for the user. When a debug fails, the window should remain open.



When typing in variables, the "+" sign remains
  1. Go to any operation in which a temp variable can be used.
  2. Type in the temp variable name and press tab.

A "+" sign remains at the end.




Discovery source attribute is not populated for Windows cluster and Hyper-V CI When Discovery creates a 'Windows Cluster' CI in the cmdb_ci_win_cluster table, the sensor does not fill in the discovery_source field as "ServiceNow". It is inserted with an empty value. CIs created by Discovery on cmdb_ci_hyper_v_cluster and cmdb_ci_hyper_v_server also have an empty discovery_source as well.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



A discovery can be set to 'complete' before it is actually complete When a discovery is prematurely set to 'complete', the next schedules are triggered even though the discovery is not done yet.

Domain Support


Forced update on domain record results in unnecessary recalculations of the domain code and path Changing the domain's code and path can potentially turn into an expensive operation that updates millions of records in other tables.

Domain Support


Using record domain does not work for choice lists in mobile Choice list entries created for domains do not show up properly in mobile when viewing records in domains different from the session domain.

Forms and Fields


Embedded lists can cause forms to load slowly When 'insert new row' is active on embedded lists, the form loads slowly and can cause degradation to client response time for unreliable network connections.
  1. Navigate to an incident form.
  2. Customize the incident form and add the Affected CIs embedded list.
  3. Load the form.

Notice the error in the console.

*** WARNING *** GlideAjax.getXMLWait - synchronous function - processor: GlideSystemAjax2017-04-19 15:52:06.069

HI Administration


Using [code] and meta elements inside of an activity stream entry can cause a page redirect When a [code] snippet or meta elements are in an activity stream entry, the user is redirected to another page.

IT Asset Management


True up cost and over-licensed amount are wrongly calculated when there are multiple software models with the same display name
  1. Create multiple software models with same name and multiple entitlements under each model.
  2. Create some matching installs and run reconciliation.

Knowledge Management


Cannot use the 'Update all' list editor function on Knowledge articles When a user clicks the 'Update all' function to update knowledge records, a blank screen opens. Users are able to edit knowledge records in the list and form view, but the blank screen appears when using 'Update all' or 'Update selected'.
  1. Add these roles to abel.tuter: knowledge_admin, knowledge_manager, knowledge and list_updater.
  2. Enable Debug Security Rules.
  3. Impersonate Abel Tuter.
  4. Navigate to Knowledge > Published. Verify Abel can see the articles, can open the records, and update them.
  5. Navigate back to the list and click Update All from the table's context menu.
  6. In the popup that appears, click OK.

Instead of seeing the form with the available fields for editing, the user sees a blank screen.

Knowledge Management


Category picker does not load for newly created knowledge bases (e.g. while creating an article)
  1. Navigate to a knowledge base.
  2. Click Create new article.
  3. Click the knowledge base lookup, and create a new knowledge base.
  4. Click the category lookup.

The categories do not load, and you cannot create a new category.

Knowledge Management


In IE11, the scroll bar overwrites the content displayed with Knowledge search from Incidents In IE11, the top-right of kb_view and kb_find pages are covered by IE's scroll bar.
  1. Navigate to Contextual Search > Table Configuration.
  2. Select the incident.
  3. Uncheck active.
  4. Create an incident. In the short description, type system, then select the knowledge book at the end of the field.

Notice the vertical scrollbar overlaps on the far right.

Knowledge Management


When there is only one Active KB that contains articles and questions with empty categories, navigating to that KB shows a blank page
  1. Log in to an instance with only one Knowledge Base that has Articles and Questions without any category.
  2. Try to navigate to the Knowledge Base.

A blank page is shown.

Language and Translations


Add language translations for Jakarta This PRB adds language translations for various products to Jakarta.



Unnecessary ORA-00932 errors can appear for on-premise users The error message is "ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB)".



Values added to a choice field do not appear in the form
  1. Navigate to the cmdb_ci_service table.
  2. Add new choices to the operational_status field.

The form does not display the values, but they do exist in the dictionary for this choice field.



Improvements to process of retrieving Clotho data for ITOM Metrics

Security Applications


Fix filtering on sharing The filters that are used to share observables are not working as expected.

Security Incident Response


Records with the whitelist tag are not filtered on the related lists of Security Incidents

Security Incident Response


Severity calculator causing performance issues when creating Vul Items Due to performance issues with the severity calculator, it takes a long time to create or update large numbers of vulnerable items.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal


Variable Editor widget (sp-variable-editor) does not respect mandatory fields used in shopping cart

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


SLA retroactive start/pause - Incorrect timing calculation when attaching a Task SLA that is in a Paused stage at the time of attaching This issue occurs while using retroactive pause/start. When a Task SLA is in a Paused stage at the time of attaching, the last temporal piece of paused time is incorrectly added when calculating the elapsed time.
  1. Create a P5 incident with state New.
  2. Change the priority to P3.
  3. As soon as the incident is created (within the first minute), move the state to On Hold.
  4. Move the state to In Progress.
  5. As soon as you complete step 4 (within the first minute), move the state back to On Hold again.
  6. Wait a few minutes, and then change the incident's priority to P1.

The Task SLA will attach with the correct Stage (Paused) but with the wrong 'Business Elapsed time', 'Business elapsed percentage' and 'Business time left'. The 'Has breached' flag is incorrectly set to True.

Service Mapping


'All Applications' discovery schedule does not complete due to hanging SSH threads in the MID Servers During each run of the 'All Applications' discovery schedule, several output probes are stuck in the Processing state. As a result, none of the 'All Applications' discovery schedules are completed.

Service Portal


When users are viewing a KB category, all the article attachments start to download When viewing KB category in Service Portal, it downloads all the article attachments.

Make sure you have the 'Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management' plugin enabled with demo data loaded.

  1. Open one of the KB articles.
  2. Attach an image to the text content. For example, upload an image for KB0000008 as an attachment, and insert the image into the text content.
  3. Navigate to the default demo Service Portal home page (https://[instance URL]/sp).
  4. Click Knowledge Base.
  5. Open the browser developer tools and monitor the Network activities.
  6. On the Service Portal page, click one of the categories, which contains the KB you added attachments in step 2. For example, the 'Devices' category which contains 'KB0000008'.

Notice the network activities are downloading the KB attachments even the KB is not opened yet.

Service Portal


Read-only referenced variables cannot be previewed by users who have read access to the referenced record Clickthrough on reference fields in the Service Portal are disabled, even if the system property is set to true.
  1. Go to any catalog item (e.g. Blackberry).
  2. Add a reference variable to the item and point it to a table such as sys_user.
  3. Make the field be read-only via a catalog UI policy dependent on "replacement" variable if "yes" is selected as an option.
  4. In the Service Portal, open the catalog item.
  5. Select a value in the reference field (any user).
  6. Select yes as the "replacement" option. (This will turn the reference field to read-only).

Expected behavior: Even if the field is read-only, the clickthrough property should allow the user to open reference field variables.

Actual behavior: The property is ignored and the reference field clickthrough is disabled via CSS.

Survey Management


Mandatory survey fields show up as non-mandatory in the Service Portal for languages other than English
  1. Create a survey ($
  2. Drag any controls to the survey area, click the gear icon, and check Mandatory.
  3. Save and publish the survey.
  4. Through the Service Portal, access the survey: sp?id=take_survey&type_id=SYS_ID_OF_THE_CREATED_SURVEY

If you have English set to your system language, the mandatory fields appear correctly, and you cannot submit the survey until the fields are filled.

In any other language, the fields are not mandatory and you can submit the survey.

UI Components


Hiding Additional Comments field via UI Policy is not working When a UI Policy is created to hide the Additional Comments field, the field is not hidden.
  1. Create a new UI policy for the Incident table:
    • When to Apply: add a filter condition by selecting "State" for the choose field box
    • Operation: Is
    • Value: In progress
  2. Save the UI Policy and reopen it.
  3. In the UI Policy Actions related list, click New:
    • Field: Additional Comments
    • Visible: False
  4. In the new UI Policy action record:
    • Field: Work notes
    • Visible: False
  5. Navigate to Incident > All, and select any incident in the state In Progress.

Expected behavior: The UI policy should hide both the "Additional Comments" and "Work notes" fields.

Actual behavior: The "Additional Comments" field is always visible, but the "Work notes" field gets hidden as per the policy.

Other Jakarta Patch 1 information

Encryption support
When exporting encrypted text fields in a list or form to a file format, only fields encrypted by an encryption context available to the current user will display in the exported document.

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 1

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.