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All other Jakarta fixes

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All other Jakarta fixes

The Jakarta release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta was released on June 15, 2017.
Build date: 05-31-2017_2011
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch0-05-18-2017

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

All other Jakarta fixes

Problem category Number Short description
Agile Development PRB585798 UI action 'Create story' introduced in Calgary does not work on rm_enhancement if there is no related or embedded list
Agile Development PRB654355 Calculation on daily total points leads to incorrect spike in burndown charts
Agile Development PRB727491 Story "Convert into epic" UI action generates a work note message with an unmatched trailing parentheses
Agile Development PRB628460 Column headers are not aligned with the data on the rank window of stories
Approvals PRB868619 Approval history journal entries do not reflect the correct created timestamp
Approvals PRB819800 getValue and getDisplayValue should not result in the evaluation of workflow pathing for the stage rendering
Approvals PRB671426 One of the lines in the Reject UI action does not deal properly with the Japanese message
Approvals PRB742265 Empty values of the variable's lookup label is getting displayed as 'null' in approval summarizer formatter
Approvals PRB935869 Performance issue with approving a change request - it takes a long time to approve a linear function of # of Approvers on the change
Approvals PRB662854 Querying for existing approvals on task inserts/updates is slow and sometimes unnecessary
Archiving PRB679057 Archiving tables with long names cause truncates the archived table name
Archiving PRB913668 Restored record points to archive table instead of original table
Archiving PRB657362 Reference field loses reference if the referenced record is archived.
Assessments PRB760266 Assessment > Administration > Bubble chart is not working as expected
Asset Management PRB703801 When setting Retired state and --None-- substate on Asset record, CI it is not synchronizing the Status / Substatus value.
Asset Management PRB677286 Modifying form sections in one product model (i.e. cmdb_software_product_model) also affects other model form sections
Asset Management PRB760360 Assets substatus from a source request transfer order do not stay as reserved
Asset Management PRB910654 Fix scripts to enable SAM transform maps do not work if the SAM is installed before SCCM
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB709024 Multiple threads building AMB processor cache lead to duplicate registrations with Bayeux server.
Audit History PRB716857 Calendar view of a record history does not respect ACL on the sys_email table. All emails are always visible.
Audit Management PRB753395 When adding profiles to an engagement, the popup's pagination is broken
Authentication PRB654728 Patching or update results in SAML2 installation exit activation, even though MultiSSO is active
Authentication PRB724071 Business rule "MultiSSO - Activated second IDP" throws a warning
Authentication PRB649671 Digest authentication is not functioning as expected via the Multi-SSO configuration
Authentication PRB900799 Looping occurs during SAML login
Authentication PRB819407 Demo Data for SSO is loaded with an expired certificate from SSO Circle( SAML 2.0 ) Certificate
Authentication PRB712179 Service Portal with SSO enabled redirects to
Authentication PRB811786 When users work with LDAP configuration and update the scheduled load settings for OUs, the "Test & Save" button is not always activate even if they have modified some values (e.g. changing it from every 5 to ever 10 hours).
Authentication - SSO PRB801361 Issue with SSO authentication post-Istanbul upgrade for MultiSSO update set.
Authentication - SSO PRB812097 When a user logs out of the instance, '' appears
Automated Test Framework PRB712630 Duration(days and hours) for the repeat field cannot be set
Automated Test Framework PRB803670 Jasmine test suite result only reflects the last spec's result.
Automated Test Framework PRB833259 Set Field Values step configuration does not support asynchronous updating fields
Automated Test Framework PRB821936 Copying the Record Query step configuration results in a new step configuration that cannot be rendered when adding the Test Step to a test
Change Management PRB677478 Change so restricted fields do not show up in the field list of Change Request values
Change Management PRB718578 std_chg_template_handler UI macro breaks CMS functionality
Change Management PRB719914 When creating a Standard Change from an incident, the parent field on the change request does not inherit the incident number
Change Management PRB900298 When using the Copy Change feature of change request, date time fields are shifted by the difference between system time and the users local time
Change Management PRB733903 "Request Approval" UI action on Insert does not work on change_request
Change Management PRB714933 UI action sets the 'State' field incorrectly on the new change form
Change Management PRB709972 Propose changes and add button on task_ci table are not compatible with List v3 and needs to be corrected
Change Management PRB818314 CAB Workbench: CAB Workbench form widget runs into JS errors if for some reason getForm() returns no data
Change Management PRB718562 Some base system record producers have a read-only protection policy that prevents them from being renamed
Change Management PRB711477 The 'Statistics' tab for a standard change template does not work. It says "0" even if there are plenty of changes visible in the 'Changes' tab.
Change Management PRB748068 When closing a change, the work_end field is populated with the current date/time which overwrites the user defined date/time.
Change Management PRB833134 Orphaned Change Tasks are created when using 'Copy Change' on a Change Request with Change Tasks
Change Management PRB716162 CAB Workbench dependencies load on all Service Portal pages
Change Management PRB711089 Issue with progression of approval coordinator activity when approval user activity has approval records as no longer required
Change Management PRB881565 "Create Standard Change" UI action for "Change Management - Standard Change Catalog plugin "references sc_catalog instead of sc_catalogs
Change Management PRB722939 On a change request, the related list of emergency changes is not visible after upgrading
Change Management PRB726541 "Execute operation on script include 'SysRelatedList' from scope 'Change Management - CAB Workbench' was denied" error is displayed on a CAB record when List v3 is enabled
Change Management PRB704660 The 'Notify Change Calendar Remove' is not triggered
Change Management PRB879366 getTotalNumberOfItems function in AssociateCIToTask script include fetches all rows just to get count
Change Management PRB886147 List field in Standard Change Properties will not end up as a list on the standard change proposal form that the producer creates
Change Management PRB824281 In standard change proposals, there are errors when submitting and some demo data is duplicated
Change Management Conflict Detector PRB865345 Pop up window for mandatory fields shows after the form has loaded.
Chat PRB890629 Configuring roles in connect.roles system property prevents users without the role from initiating Connect Support chats
Chat PRB760910 "... has left the support session" is not accessible for screen readers,
Chat PRB717038 Group avatars do not change when updated with a different image and the conversation list does not reflect the correct avatars.
Chat PRB715128 '$' breaks out of frame in Helsinki
Chat PRB717327 Using Legacy Chat in Helsinki, the chat client user does not see responses until the chat window is reopened
Chat PRB721313 Connect lacks support for cross-domain conversations, leading to poor behavior in MSP instances
Chat PRB712490 Console error when creating a chat with another user
Chat PRB733486 User presence fails to update watch list when user first or last name contains a comma ","
Chat PRB718493 Using 'Chat Live with Support' on the iOS mobile app causes user messages to be erased as they type
Chat PRB692435 When Connect is on, UI16 does not change the browser title to reflect the page
Chat PRB915079 When trying to create a new chat conversation on IE, the list of users is not displayed
Cloud Management Application PRB760095 cmdb_ci_vmware_nic table is missing after activating Discovery, and cmdb_ci_virtual_nic exists instead
Cloud Management Application PRB714527 getOldestSnapshot for AWS returns the wrong snapshot ID
Cloud Management Application PRB734700 AWS - Discovery creates duplicate records in auto-scaling group launch configuration table
Cloud Management Application PRB898073 Cloud User Portal - Workflow stages issue
Cloud Management Application PRB830489 Tax has not been properly calculated during data rollup, as a result AWS Cost report does not match billing report from AWS
Cloud Management Application PRB733826 Change request work flow is not getting triggered for Azure Resource Group that are under change conditions, when ordering from the service catalog
Cloud Management Application PRB859533 VM instances have empty names and states from AWS configuration events
Cloud Management Application PRB880353 Issue with VPC security group in AWS configuration
Cloud Management Application PRB749455 Azure daily billing downloads results are missing some data, especially at the end of the month
Cloud Management Application PRB724529 Azure discovery creates duplicate records in the Azure resource table
Cloud Management Application PRB734602 Azure discovery failed to create new storage account record
Cloud Management Application PRB663054 AWS Discovery fails to discover images in US regions
Cloud Management Application PRB826911 AWS Discovery: Subnet Discovery is broken
Cloud Management Application PRB715841 Not able to use req_item.variables in the condition builder
Cloud Management Application PRB711701 Run script activity "Determine node management variables" does not work as expected
Configuration Management PRB758410 Log warnings are caused by Business rule: 'Cloud and Config auto cancel change'
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB811532 Refresh does not work for CMDB dashboard
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB691791 Users receive "Can't find TimeLine Checkpoint <sys_id>" exception - broken references to previous checkpoints
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB717738 'CMDB Health Dashboard - Correctness' is not getting updated
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB715444 The OOB suggested relationships for racks and computer rooms appear to be backwards. A rack should be downstream from server since the server depends on the rack, but the OOB suggested relationship has the server upstream from the rack.
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB719770 Incorrect values for metric scores and total processed CIs
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB748483 Improve error logging messages for identification engine
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB820982 CMDB/PA dashboard not accessible to ITIL, asset role
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB724415 If new CI Relations are used, changes in new relationship editor are captured as sys_audit but not in history_set
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB714962 Old version CMDB sys_choice unloads are overwriting customer updates
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB702502 Error Log message (getEditLink)
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB712669 If a record contains the CI Relations formatter, the printer-friendly version page is misaligned
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB713909 Clicking on any of the graphs from completeness and compliance pages gives a blank page
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB714575 All CMDB angular page have issue on IE compatibility view
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB726125 CMDB Dashboard Staleness processor taking too long
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB733334 If a CI/users relation type and a CI/groups relation type have same "Parent descriptor", the suggested relationships filter does not work properly in relationship editor
Content Management System (CMS) PRB626950 Calendar widget in CMS is cut off in Fuji & Eureka
Contextual Search PRB679442 Using the "OR" in contextual search generates parser errors in the log
Contextual Search PRB680811 Setting dot-walked fields in glide.knowman.attach.fields property does not work
Contextual Search PRB725034 Contextual search fails
Contextual Search PRB711115 while previewing from contextual search in IE, KB article with 'Attachment Link' set gets stuck
Contextual Search PRB667860 Contextual search is not resizing in record producers
Contextual Search PRB730502 Some gaps (blank spaces) are shown in place of the contextual search results in the record producer. It happens when there is a variable with a higher position order in the form.
Contextual Search PRB744659 Cannot add a search field under any table configuration if high security is disabled or the strict actions property is set to false
Core Platform PRB754944 Instance is unavailable after a calculated list of users is added to the user table
Core Platform PRB899890 HR profile causes stuck default semaphores when locations have themselves as their parent
Core Platform PRB753517 GlideWrapFactory is using the wrong scope
Core Platform PRB884011 Export fails when filter contains duplicate Tag
Core Platform PRB899686 A group can be its own parent, leading to infinite recursion
Core Platform PRB830071 Excessively large number of conditions cause Javascript compilation exception
Core Platform PRB913389 List field and slushbucket do not retain language translations
Core Platform PRB840675 Unable to successfully revise CTI Processor solution for Istanbul by following KB0620953
Core Platform PRB963801 glide_list fields made from choice entries instead of referenced records expose choice cache race condition
Core Platform PRB711549 Business rule puts unscoped sys_user_preference records into scoped update sets
Core Platform PRB649315 Exception handlers should not swallow transaction cancellation exception.
Currency PRB713703 Expense line related list calculation not working
Currency PRB758500 Converting from calculated price to multiple price in a catalog item price creates FX price record with no currency code displayed
Currency PRB759808 Record watcher reports incorrect update on currency fields
Currency PRB808372 Record watcher reports incorrect update on currency fields
Currency PRB753671 Currency without fx_rate entry causes error 'Invalid currency, or currency table not populated'. It should say "entry on fx_rate table is required"
Customer Service Management PRB820059 When selecting change layout in any overview screen on any of the incident/problem/change module, there is a blank layout present.
Customer Service Management PRB672966 Stages are not appearing correctly on list view
Customer Service Management PRB711278 Link to Notification preferences is missing in CSM portal profile
Customer Service Management PRB725014 Users cannot add fields to Activity Formatter on case form
Customer Service Management PRB833066 Issues with sys_user.user_name 'create' ACL, which is part of the Customer Service plugin
Customer Service Management PRB707317 "Accepted Solution" or "Rejected Solution" shows up multiple times on the page.
Customer Service Management PRB748503 Activating Customer Service plugin results in the contract record having a default scope of Customer Service instead of global
Customer Service Management PRB944837 Clicking 'Find Agent' and 'Save' on new sn_customerservice_case records throws an error message, and a new record with only assigned_to field populated is created
Customer Service Management PRB702769 Timeline renders incorrectly when moved from Case form section
Customer Service Management PRB714981 Fix CSM app to use right snc_internal sys_id in updated xml files
Customer Service Management PRB718629 "Create Case" record producer shows "HiddenField" on service portal
Customer Service Management PRB718361 Editing System Properties > UI Properties requires you to switch scopes twice with Customer Service plugin installed
Customer Service Management PRB954662 Account and contact info intermittently load slowly on new case CSM form
Customer Service Management PRB754346 Unable to modify scoped dictionary overrides for Customer Service app when the base table is not owned by the app
Data Certification PRB702064 CertificationTaskScript.processCheckedElements function makes a call to GlideAjax.getXMLWait()
Data Certification PRB744168 Slow performance with Data Certification
Data Certification PRB899453 Updating the related list on a data certification task does not update the related record
Date and Time PRB652152 'Opened At' is set to a time later than the 'Created On' during the hour switchover of DST
Delegated Development PRB706737 "Configure" menu item is missing for delegated developer which makes it hard for a DD to get to business rules, ACLs, UI actions, etc. for a particular table
Demand Management PRB713702 Demand Workbench - List refresh does not work correctly if "Show - xx rows per page" is changed
Demand Management PRB854137 Cost Plan breakdowns are not calculated correctly and costs are not rolled-up on the related demand
Demand Management PRB731717 Decision records (dmn_decision) have only the Rejected state configured as a close state.
Demand Management PRB820913 Client Script "Disable or Hide Teamwork area " is causing a client JS error when loading the form on Istanbul
Demand Management PRB736538 OOB labor costs script has an incorrect value
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB757036 Expand cluster node does not work
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB888410 Exported image has a grey background instead of white
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB752732 Nodes are not grouped in Dependency Views
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB760954 The Role - dependency_views (which is supposed to have minimal privileges), is able to modify map menu actions (ngbsm_context_menu)
Design Experience Organization PRB744034 Issue with alignment of fields on a form on Metric Attributes and Default Metric Attributes table
Discovery PRB749890 Discovery on Linux creates file system relationship with parent='undefined' for multi-path devices
Discovery PRB679070 MID Server JSON.parse() causes exception when called with Java string
Discovery PRB719239 disk_space fields are being updated unnecessarily and causing many additional sys_audit records to be created
Discovery PRB668393 CIM discovery issue on HP 3PAR storage servers
Discovery PRB741269 Layer 2 Discovery not working as expected - issue with not creating Device Neighbor records because "cdpCacheEntry" values not matching to "ifEntry" values.
Discovery PRB680733 Recursive relationship "DistributedBy::Distributes" can be created between services and computers in F5 load balancers
Discovery PRB722267 Incorrect and missing object IDs interfere with UCS Discovery
Discovery PRB758339 SNMP - If a 'SNMP - Routing' record is missing some ipCidrRoute or ipRoute fields, NullPointerException errors occur
Discovery PRB715487 SMI - Storage Server probe can produce out-of-memory error
Discovery PRB718089 Default view for these CI classes ("dscy_swtch_fwd_rule", "dscy_switchport" and "dscy_swtch_partition") shows nonsensical data
Discovery PRB667110 SNMP probe command times out
Discovery PRB900954 Fibre Channel Target Port wwpn and wwnn values are swapped when stored.
Discovery PRB715059 Lookup of credentials by IP address in CyberArk fails if the IP address is a substring of another IP address
Discovery PRB718782 Memory issues when processing load balancer exploration sensors with large payloads (SNMP - Netscaler - System and SNMP - F5 BIG-IP - System)
Discovery PRB583965 Unparseable date: "Saturday, April 20, 2013 1:38:08 AM CDT" warning on Unix uptime probe under Solaris
Discovery PRB642152 For large discoveries, the logs are filled with errors such as "No discovery source passed to ObjectSource"
Discovery PRB713809 When MID Server uses WMI for Discovery instead of the "Windows - Installed Software" PowerShell probe, Discovery does not return the correct data on installed software
Discovery PRB900884 MID Server upgrade fails because it is unable to delete a .dll file
Discovery PRB825155 'schema' parameter is not respected by new SMI probes
Discovery PRB715697 Additional check for DiscoverySolarisStorageSensor to handle iostat results with no "data.Size" nor "portInfo.serial_number" ( 'DiscoverySolarisStorageSensor' script include at line 61)
Discovery PRB676611 SNMP GETBULK requests might not return results from some devices
Discovery PRB717683 Discovery of storage on Linux fails and displays the error message 'Linux - Storage: TypeError: Cannot read property "data" from null'
Discovery PRB858519 Linux Device Nodes associated with MPIO device containing Fibre Channel Disks are being reported as SCSI disks (FCTarget ports mapped to MPIO devices are not reported by script run on target Linux host).
Discovery PRB761971 Disks in multipath pool (MPIO) are discovered separately which does not reflect the correct disk space of a server
Discovery PRB732419 Usage of backtick in nginx probe parameter is causing errors in some shells
Discovery PRB686788 Windows - MSSQL probe fails with 'Unexpected token' error due to incorrectly created MSSQL instance name
Discovery PRB709724 Network adapter information is not populated for Mac OS X
Discovery PRB711405 VMware credentials interceptor missing on Upgrades
Discovery PRB714435 Session pool fails to unblock borrows when returning failed connections
Discovery PRB742563 New identifier rule on cmdb_ci_computer does not do an exact count match on serial number
Discovery PRB734008 Issue with how Discovery is picking up MSFT SQL instances on clustered SQL servers
Discovery PRB690937 Discovering new network adapters does not set IP addresses to 'Absent'
Discovery PRB758669 Unexpected behavior for Cisco UCS Discovery
Discovery PRB730436 Discovery populates incorrect MAC addresses for AIX servers (AIX - Network sensor)
Discovery PRB832300 Load balancer discovery not setting status of non-existent services, pools, and the like to Absent
Domain Support PRB756920 Table upgrades and the domain hierarchy validation job invoking domain path validation on large tables cause database performance issues
Domain Support PRB716985 Domain select & Reference picker shows inactive domains
Domain Support PRB648491 Label of domain reference picker shows up for a user with no roles
Domain Support PRB817692 'Domain - Cascade Domain - Task' business rule causes slow SQL
Domain Support PRB698591 Transform of domain records after import is delayed if the run business rule is set to true
Domain Support PRB754618 Domain validator notification is not respecting daylight savings
Domain Support PRB855867 Domains: DWR GenerateOperation is not creating UPDATE DWR for tables which have sys_overrides column
Edge Encryption PRB717547 Edge Encryption mass encryption job fails on fields with long column names
Edge Encryption PRB667577 Edge Encryption proxy does not support 'http://' requests that are redirected to 'https://'
Edge Encryption PRB711423 Having two different record producers that both have encryption rules results in conflicts during encryption
Edge Encryption PRB711596 Edge Encryption does not support certificate authentication for SafeNet
Edge Encryption PRB713719 Edge Encryption should better handle the case of invalid table names
Edge Encryption PRB716526 List view of large tables (11M+ records) via proxy results in 504 gateway timeout error
Email PRB713084 Adding excessive number of recipients in email client can prevent email from being sent successfully
Email PRB860963 When an unregistered user sends an email to instance, inbound email incorrectly will be classified as 'new' when no watermark or In-Reply-To header, but a subject line starting with a recognized reply prefix and a valid existing record number
Email PRB743945 Subscription (sys_notif_subscription) changes are being tracked in update sets as of Helsinki
Email PRB732246 Receive-type is set to 'new' when email filter triggered even though classification should be reply or forward.
Email PRB718569 Notification preferences does not load in Firefox
Email PRB705054 If a user is added as a BCC recipient multiple times in a notification and recipient chunking is triggered, the user will receive duplicate emails
Email PRB742904 Instance performance reading emails with large attachments from IMAP server is slow
Email PRB723473 Notification template v1 does not perform substitution of ${NOTIF_UNSUB} in a layout
Email PRB675707 Customer headers in outgoing SMS notifications are excluded
Email PRB689954 The device names on the notification preferences page are overlapping in text value in Helsinki
Email PRB706598 Reply emails without a watermark that have a non-unique or multi-word display field will be classified as 'new'
Email PRB645083 Inbound Email Action unable to transfer attachments to target record due to calculated field on target table accessing getJournalEntry
Email PRB652059 Force Delivery on a notification does not deliver to inactive device
Email PRB698391 Having a slow connection to an SMTP account + email client template makes Email Composer/Client come up slowly.
Email PRB719136 Notification option "Exclude delegates" exclude directly included users
Email PRB714069 syslog_transaction is not found for AjaxClientTiming: sysId: , table: , view: Default view, form: email_client_template
Email PRB716858 Testing the function GlideEmailOutbound on a scoped application fails with Java constructor for 'com.glide.notification.outbound.ScopedEmailOutbound' with arguments '' not found
Email PRB713717 When guest user is locked out or inactive, emails that are unprocessed have a type of received instead of received-ignored
Email PRB910614 Events inserted in event queue are case-sensitive, which can impair notifications
Email PRB747705 The sysapproval reference does not exist when assigning approvers via the 'Approval field'. However, the sysapproval value (sys_id) does exist.
Embedded Help PRB717550 Embedded Help requests are not cached
Event Management PRB714234 Threshold performance issues
Event Management PRB717378 When alert group filter has a condition with reference field and operator that is not 'is' or 'is not', the dashboard bottom panel displays all alerts.
Event Management PRB754138 Error occurs while trying to update impact rule
Event Management PRB715787 MID Server users can send events, but they do not have permission to the time zone processor
Event Management PRB742365 Incident creation business rule race condition is affecting Alert Rule execution
Event Management PRB711443 Alert rule causes incidents to be created for closed alerts
Event Management PRB712161 Domain separation - Create incident job changes the domain ID and does not return it to original
Event Management PRB738638 SolarWinds - on first collection cycle should retrieve events from last 7 days only (max 3000 events)
Event Management PRB877957 OOM on impact calculation of many services (e.g. 3000)
Event Management PRB724612 When drilling down from EM dashboard, service map displays slowly
Event Management PRB713541 Error on log when only mapping plugin is activated (No EM)
Event Management PRB736795 When bi-directional is defined with an alert rule that automatically acknowledges the alert and creates an incident, the incident id can not be updated on the SCOM side
Event Management PRB759285 Connector MID List does not work as expected
Event Management PRB730500 SCOM connector should retrieve the owner field from SCOM alert
Event Management PRB741357 In Helsinki, reactivating the plugin "Event management" creates blank sys_db_object record
Event Management PRB727013 Event with blanks in 'type' field fails to be processed
Facilities Service Management PRB715989 facilities_admin role contains invalid role reference to plan_maint_admin (9af6749deb303100eae001e64206fe16) after activating facilities service management
Facilities Service Management PRB719160 Customizations to the groups: "Facilities Dispatchers" and "Facilities Assignment Group" are overridden on upgrade
Facilities Service Management PRB911529 Clicking on the search result in the "Found In" in facilities catalog of Service Management gives error.
Facilities Service Management PRB734023 Assigned vendor on Facilities Management Templates does not show results after choosing the assignment group
Facilities Service Management PRB742558 After upgrading from Fuji to Helsinki, Facilities Service Management demo records are added
Field Normalization PRB716358 Customizing normalized mapping is not supported in the normalized data services plugin
Field Service Management PRB718961 When navigating back to a homepage that contains the dispatch map after drilling into a record from the homepage, all you can see is the dispatch map
Field Service Management PRB884824 On Android, Galaxy S6 Android 6.0.1, users are not able to "Start Travel" or "Start Work" from the work order task
Field Service Management PRB802726 Central Dispatch is very slow
Field Service Management PRB901344 Dispatch map group filter is incomplete, empty, or only shows "All" option. It does not return all valid dispatch groups.
Field Service Management PRB730588 When creating a work order and using the "auto assign" UI action does not check if a user is Inactive
Field Service Management PRB732582 Field Service knowledge base is activated after upgrading to GP7HF9
Field Service Management PRB723562 Users with wm_qualifier role are not able to edit scheduled times on work order tasks, which are in the draft state
Field Service Management PRB725129 Estimated travel duration field on sm_task table is not set to 1 hour by default per the documentation
Field Service Management PRB732877 Work order moves to Qualified state when not all work order tasks have been qualified.
Filters PRB667716 Filter condition is hidden for async business rules
Filters PRB710911 'at or after' condition evaluates to the previous date than specified in the filter when used on a date field type
Filters PRB744029 For instances running Oracle DB, when 'glide.secondary.query.sysid' is set to 'true', DB errors occur when filtering against tags
Finance Service Management PRB747302 Upon upgrade, Finance templates revert to OOB settings
Financial Management PRB718147 The application calculated Total cost does not reflect the values added to unit cost.
Financial Management PRB740887 Cost Transparency and Budget Console do not load if the user date format is different from the server
Financial Management PRB724689 Budget Variance page always displays values with $ symbol
Financial Management PRB667992 View accounts in this bucket shows no results for certain split values, like #N/A
Financial Management PRB892002 When importing (itfm_ca_segment_map) the segment column is not populated for the (itfm_allocation_aggregate/itfm_allocation_breakdown) table.
Financial Management PRB720085 'Budget cost' field does not roll up the cost after making changes under Project Budget (related list)
Financial Management PRB733373 Levels of hierarchies cause the allocation setup to become out of order
Financial Management PRB820552 When a user creates a portfolio budget plan for 445 and 13 period fiscal calendars, an empty budget plan is created
Forms and Fields PRB901364 Response time bar is overlapping and shown at the beginning in the configure form layout in the incident or problem form
Forms and Fields PRB714929 Activity stream inputs have too much spacing on top when expended to show multiple inputs
Forms and Fields PRB668349 User would like to update field labels on their Okta plugin
Forms and Fields PRB723150 A Catalog Item with many List Collector variables generates many synchronous AJAX calls to the QueryParseAjax processor, causing excessive variable editor render time
Forms and Fields PRB733558 Approval summarizer shows 'Hold SHIFT and move cursor...' message
Forms and Fields PRB633015 Unable to tab to or select text from read-only fields
Forms and Fields PRB760383 Fields marked as mandatory in the dictionary are not announced as mandatory
Forms and Fields PRB902529 _123STREAMTEXT321_ shows up in emails sent from instance
Forms Designer PRB646275 Properties dialog (gear) does not handle default values properly
Forms Designer PRB728597 Form Designer renders Japanese language as HTML-encoded strings for UI formatters and does not translate the labels
Forms Designer PRB732516 While making form level changes using "Form Design", the section order for the change_request default view is incorrect when committing update set on the target instance.
Foundation PRB655283 Content site 'kb_knowledge' in CMS 'Service Management' contains invalid package calls
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB721128 General users lost read-only access to the CMDB Business Services, because a new ACL added as a product of turning on the GRC application that limits to sn_grc.manager role
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB905229 UCF Configurations records do not load properly when 'glide.ui.escape_text' is set to 'false'
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB883833 GRC Profile Generation null table error stops remaining profile generation
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB805633 When attempting to close a demand in the non-production instance, it loops back to screening.
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB722431 Manual indicators may error with 'GRC indicator nightly run'
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB829840 Issue regarding the GRC Indicators: when users try to select a "First Run Date" with the 1st of the month, it displays an error
Guided Setup PRB831180 Delete list action is missing from list actions of subdomains
Guided Setup PRB753194 Express to Enterprise migrated customers cannot launch Guided Setup
HTML Editor PRB679587 UI action script field window does not show
Human Resources Service Management PRB715538 hr_category_* Tables in the plugin is not tracked in Update Sets
Human Resources Service Management PRB716194 When the Workday's Push feature is disabled in ServiceNow, it breaks the Termination Process and the inactive users will not transform
Human Resources Service Management PRB906215 Issue with looking up or populating reference fields
Human Resources Service Management PRB678305 Date/Time Variable values will be updated after changing fields (record fields, not variable fields).
Human Resources Service Management PRB734626 Bullet points and numbered lists are rendered in the generated PDF documents
Human Resources Service Management PRB722072 The OOB business rule 'Add HR supervisors to watch list' causes issues for inbound email to create a HR case, when the sender is a VIP.
Human Resources Service Management PRB762272 If sys_app_application is not parented to sys_metadata, V1 + V2 activation is going to mark all applications links as legacy
Human Resources Service Management PRB716381 Record producers with names exceeding 40 characters (which are created via Manage HR Catalog page) create records with the 'Category' field blank
Human Resources Service Management PRB717179 Workday field maps are lost upon an upgrade from Geneva to Helsinki
Human Resources Service Management PRB711713 HR category records (hr_category) are updated after patching from Helsinki Patch 2 to Helsinki Patch 3 (this issue also exists on Geneva)
Human Resources Service Management PRB714139 Case created from HR portal sorts variables by question and not by order in description field
Human Resources Service Management PRB725245 Russian characters inside <td> tag do not appear after generating a PDF
Human Resources Service Management PRB717173 On HR task template, the value in Description field never pass on to HR task
Human Resources Service Management PRB719415 Some OOB onLoad client scripts are causing slow response times for HR application
Human Resources Service Management PRB749133 HR core plugin is updating the "sla" field on the "hr_case" task records after the SLA engine updates the task SLA records.
Human Resources Service Management PRB890715 Assigned_to is not getting auto populated when the user is selected from Assignment_group.
Human Resources Service Management PRB729220 hr_profile widget does not display contact information in French in Service Portal
Import / Export PRB635105 Import Set Deleter stops working if an import set record has a null import set table (table_name)
Import / Export PRB652496 The SFTP and SCP integrations depend on BouncyCastle library, which is not always installed
Import / Export PRB662449 Transform map incorrectly pass empty values to tables as a java string object containing the value 'NULL'
Import / Export PRB673928 Using Easy Import and doing an update with only SysId and one other field value entered fails after upload
Import / Export PRB713566 LDAP AuthenticationException errors are not captured in system logs
Import / Export PRB748738 Easy import - cannot import file when in customer service ( scoped application)
Import / Export PRB741220 Setting ignore=true in onStart script in one of Transform Map is causing inconsistent behavior in the remaining transform map execution
Import / Export PRB728849 Roles imported via spreadsheet are hidden and cannot be deleted by admin
Import / Export PRB708904 Data imported from Oracle via JDBC data source cannot create attachment record with MID Server if the Oracle source table has BLOB field
Import / Export PRB661741 Web Service Import Sets fails with NullPointerException if a table display field value is NULL
Import / Export PRB753746 Bad business rule on "sys_status" table can result in creation of unlimited LDAP worker threads which can cause instance to be unresponsive
Import / Export PRB722971 Journal fields "Additional comments" and "Work notes" cannot be exported in report
Import / Export PRB678083 The 'Export Set' context menu displays error 'Fix the Action script by using GlideURL to set the location'
Import / Export PRB632390 The sys_update_version table grows excessively due to XML-based imports
Import / Export PRB660546 Import set table is missing values when doing an LDAP import via MID server if the first row does not contain all the attributes specified in later rows
Import / Export PRB714445 LDAPListenTransform threads do not have timeout mechanism to guard against bad transform script (infinite loop)
Import / Export PRB577446 LDAP listener threads running in secondary datacenter can induce OutOfMemory
Import / Export PRB630276 If an LDAP server had 2 OU Definitions with the same RDN values, if one is disabled, it is still possibly being used.
Import / Export PRB655847 Data source with URL encoded sysparm_query values fails to filter the results
Import / Export PRB669470 If a currency field of the data is ¥10,000,000 or more, the field is not imported properly
Import / Export PRB591804 Usability problems with Operating System field when populating the CMDB with data import (Excel template)
Import / Export PRB655301 Blank RDN fields on LDAP OU definitions are not handled gracefully
Incident Alert Management PRB892130 Activating Notify plugin adds a non-existent role (notifynow_admin) to the "ia_admin" role if Incident Alert Management is active and Legacy Notify is not active.
Incident Management PRB590917 incident_state is used in global business rule intended to be generic for task extended tables
Incident Management PRB714202 Transaction times out when a new incident is submitted with a CI selected and Major Incident checked
Incident Management PRB854677 The incident.reopen_count field may not be present on old instances, but its referenced by the 'Reopen Count' business rule.
Incident Management PRB647048 Mobile: Location field is not populated automatically according to user location.
Incident Management PRB659667 Show Related Incident icon always displays the default Alert Triangle icon
Integrations PRB578855 Import sets with multiple transforms only run the *first* transform against all records. Every later transform only runs against 10000 records.
IT Service Management PRB742212 The deleted task on the legal request template comes back after updated.
Knowledge Management PRB714959 knowledge_admin should be added to create and write ACL for kb_keyword table
Knowledge Management PRB673022 Output warning message occurs when opening the New Knowledge Record form without admin role
Knowledge Management PRB673983 Images must have <alt> so as to make them available to external applications like VoiceOver
Knowledge Management PRB689282 Cannot control whether or not to display attachments with the search results
Knowledge Management PRB690606 Knowledge search results articles cannot be clicked if the article number has any spaces
Knowledge Management PRB691923 Scrolling does not work correctly in the 'Tags' tab of a knowledge base homepage or knowledge search results
Knowledge Management PRB700081 Change in the IR_QUERY_SCORE from 'Integer' to 'Double'
Knowledge Management PRB707431 When attaching a knowledge article to an incident, the use_count field for the attached knowledge article does not increment.
Knowledge Management PRB742431 Activity log on kb_knowledge does not display anything by default (when initially added to the form)
Knowledge Management PRB824105 Inaccessible custom buttons
Knowledge Management PRB698979 In Knowledge V3, a table inside an article if aligned left or right, the "authored by" section gets misaligned
Knowledge Management PRB711671 In Windows Edge browser, Knowledge v3 import button does not upload documents as expected for Geneva and Helsinki
Knowledge Management PRB664666 Firefox - Only printing one page from multiple-page article
Knowledge Management PRB713866 With Knowledge Management v3, knowledge view count increments for articles with the attachment link broken
Knowledge Management PRB754840 Favorite button is broken on Knowledge questions
Knowledge Management PRB733122 Center and right aligned text formatting converts to left aligned when importing word documents into Knowledge
Knowledge Management PRB677471 Knowledge Management - Tags on extended tables are only visible on Knowledge homepage if a kb_knowledge record with this tag exists
Knowledge Management PRB719161 (empty) categories in Self-Service Knowledge are not be translated to (vacío)
Knowledge Management PRB712535 On the social Q&A page, some text is not translated
Knowledge Management PRB687945 Users with knowledge_admin role do not have read/write access to all knowledge bases
Knowledge Management PRB670500 Table styling from imported doc file is stripped out when document is imported into Knowledge.When a document is imported into Knowledge, the imported file loses its table styling. The table structure is still present and works as expected, but its styli
Knowledge Management PRB746462 Import issues with large Word docs: 'import completed with error' 'Unknown error', and content is lost
Knowledge Management PRB759183 Lists in UI page does not load if a 'sysparm_rollbased' parameter is passed in through the URL
Knowledge Management PRB729960 Translated HTML fields are not set properly when instance language is not 'en'
Knowledge Management PRB679727 [Knowledge Category Picker] After a new category is created, it will not be selected unless users click out of the text field
Knowledge Management PRB718166 Creating a new KB article with Instant 'Publish Workflow' publishes article twice which causes issues
Knowledge Management PRB708903 Empty categories do not show despite property 'glide.knowman.show_only_populated' is set to false
Knowledge Management PRB709846 Knowledge creation from incident fails and gives incorrect messages when an end user closes the incident
Knowledge Management PRB650366 'Could not load template' error in URL redirect of knowledge base
Knowledge Management PRB712435 Several KB articles where the author is blank populate the user icon with the person logged in, which is confusing for users.
Knowledge Management PRB687334 Bullet number format is not retained after importing article into knowledge portal
Knowledge Management PRB696065 'knowledge base' and 'category' fields on upload panel do not get pre-populated while users are browsing
Knowledge Management PRB701381 When importing MS Word doc into Knowledge, some formatting is lost (color and center alignment)
Knowledge Management PRB709817 Publish date is not displayed if a user logs in as non-English
Knowledge Management PRB742586 Indentation of paragraph, numbered list, images, etc are lost when importing documents to KM
Knowledge Management PRB729784 User gets file parsing error when uploading .docx word document on Knowledge Base. Alternative text breaks the import function.
Knowledge Management PRB673204 Within knowledge articles, the 'Last modified' field element ID is not unique in the DOM
Knowledge Management PRB715953 Nested Knowledge category names are truncated in the 'Filter by Type' list
Knowledge Management PRB716861 When a large number of KB categories is present, opening the KB homepage is slow
Knowledge Management PRB717605 When there are multiple Affected Products on a published KB article, there is no space between them
Knowledge Management PRB698373 Drag and drop to create favorites does not work from Knowledge home page
Knowledge Management PRB667848 KB header that has Attach to [Task] button is not available for certain users due to conditions in 'kb_view_common' UI Macro
Knowledge Management PRB962869 Knowledge search text is no longer translatable/translated by default
Knowledge Management PRB715609 Users with knowledge_manager role are not able to create/edit/delete KB categories.
Knowledge Management PRB716366 Articles are being sorted alphabetically (rather than numerically), meaning articles appear in the incorrect order
Knowledge Management PRB717102 Question mark icon appears in mobile when the question option is disabled
Knowledge Management PRB689521 Knowledge search result order property is not honored
Knowledge Management PRB709014 In Knowledge V3, the page never finishes loading when a user enters two numbers or letters (or a combination of both) into the homepage search
Knowledge Management PRB739307 glide.knowman.search_character_limit was set to 3, but search worked only when 4 or above characters were entered
Knowledge Management PRB829734 In Knowledge, the 'Copy permalink' link does not display upon page load of a KB article
Language and Translations PRB713485 Open record button in activity stream is not translated
Language and Translations PRB674631 Unable to translate variables within scoped applications.
Language and Translations PRB712094 Global search groups tooltips do not show I18N translated text when hovering-over
Legal Service Management PRB710530 Customized legal group record is overridden on upgrade
Legal Service Management PRB723178 Related lists are reverted back to OOB state (com.snc.legal_service_automation)
Legal Service Management PRB711417 Fuji upgrade: Legal > Self-Service > Contract Review and Management items are reset to OOB
Lists PRB709991 List v3 related list - If editing a field such that it does not match the filter for a related list, it does not show the update when saved.
Lists PRB658998 Unable to perform a multiple update on a currency field
Lists PRB712586 Breadcrumb filter does not get truncated
Lists PRB585916 Portal view on gauges prevents user from setting gauge to the default view
Lists PRB682242 In List v3, when the page is reloaded, no announcement is made so screen reader users do not know anything reloaded or changed
Lists PRB737148 Accessibility - Activity stream flyout
Lists PRB806531 List Filter search button is no longer available for ESS users in Istanbul
Lists PRB682239 In the filter widget, the clear all button appears before the run button, so it should be accessible in this order with the keyboard
Lists PRB689794 Grouping UI makes it much harder to figure out the biggest groups
Lists PRB680941 When tabbing through list page, unintended scrolling occurs and hides the first row
Lists PRB682237 In List v3, the 'rows per page' drop-down menu is not accessible
Lists PRB682236 Table sort direction is activated only by entering keypress, not by space bar
Lists PRB713097 v3 related list 'loading' message when multiple tabs are open
Live Feed PRB670678 Requests to /api/now/live_feed/conversations are slow if a user is a member of many conversations (caused by thousands of short "get" queries)
Live Feed PRB718120 service.restModel incorrectly routes requests to /api/now/live_feed/conversations
Live Feed PRB673917 Within the ServiceNow platform, the attach icon in 'Add Comments' of a knowledge article does not have a role assigned internally which prevents application accessibility
Managed Documents PRB670236 Manage documents- Checking out a document and clicking on the 'back' button cause the document to download again. Customers are stuck in the document definition page
Marketing Service Management PRB875951 After upgrade, Marketing custom states are deleted
MID Server PRB760534 If a MID Server is configured for ALL IP Ranges, IP ranges configured for exclusion are ignored
MID Server PRB675028 Inappropriately named MID files cannot be loaded
MID Server PRB756101 MID Server Script Files created outside the scripts directory/folder when using relative directory/path (..\) in script name
MID Server PRB876652 Multi-page payload support consumes a lot of memory on the MID Server
MID Server PRB671308 Using SFTP to import files specified by relative path often fails
MID Server PRB881451 MID Server dashboard homepage is not available in an upgraded instance from Eureka to Istanbul
MID Server PRB886536 AMB Client on the MID Server does not work in all environments; Need a way to revert to old MID Server polling frequency
MID Server PRB907405 After new install and verification, multiple errors are being displayed in the agent log
MID Server PRB732291 MID file syncing of a scripts modifies the file contents
Mobile PRB820217 Android mobile app users - getDeviceType used in some UI actions for mobile returns "doctype"
Mobile PRB899880 phone_number_e164 field type should display call button on mobile devices
Mobile PRB717237 Service Catalog on mobile does not display any categories
Mobile PRB724087 List type fields with only choices, prevent the user from viewing or creating a record in mobile UI
Mobile PRB717211 User unable to create new incident or change request on mobile interface for both Express and Enterprise
Mobile PRB721245 Setting the system property glide.ui.escape_all_script to true and setting a mobile theme causes the mobile web UI to not render
Mobile PRB739983 In mobile, users are unable to scroll in read-only text fields
Mobile PRB737729 Clicking on the attachment is broken for native apps (both iOS and Android)
Mobile PRB755183 UI action 'New Mobile Module' does not copy fields to the new form when selected from a scoped app module
Mobile PRB662464 In mobile, dot-walking using variables does not work
Mobile PRB836816 [Accessibility] - Language of content is not identified
NotifyNow PRB698612 When Status is "no answer", NotifyNow is supposed to set active as false
NotifyNow PRB705213 Incorrect phone numbers are not added to the participants table
On-call Scheduling PRB855277 If a group contains more than 35 active Rotas, the calendar view does not display the rosters
On-call Scheduling PRB745454 Tab focus should be limited to modal dialog when open and focus should return to element that opened modal dialog when dialog closed
On-call Scheduling PRB718912 Rota column shows on the wrong side of the weekly schedule when spanning overnight
On-call Scheduling PRB709434 On-call calendar group drop-down shows all groups
On-call Scheduling PRB627015 OnCallRemindersNG().getNumberOfDaysTillNextRotation() function returning incorrect number of days when it spans a daylight savings change
On-call Scheduling PRB658323 Schedule validation does not always consider excluded schedules
On-call Scheduling PRB910015 Reports do not display when using 'On-Call Scheduling > Schedule Report' with more than 20 groups selected
On-call Scheduling PRB738698 On-call scheduling calendars do not obeying sys_user_group table display field
On-call Scheduling PRB913812 During upgrade process, executing custom business rules that use API: "var rota = new OnCallRotation(current)" results in error
On-call Scheduling PRB888095 needs to expose method addCurrentToNotified
On-call Scheduling PRB725443 Rotations without members are not displayed on the on-call calendar
On-call Scheduling PRB741089 Calendar setname method renders HTML tags
On-call Scheduling PRB715370 Missing on-call API: who is currently on-call is not returned
On-call Scheduling PRB732272 Rota header is not properly rendered in calendar with include/exclude schedules
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) PRB711960 Disk cache error: Field length:93238 exceeds maximum limit of 65535
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) PRB708941 Querying more than 4MB with ODBC driver creates temp files
Orchestration PRB745200 SQL statement field on Activity designer is truncating to 1000 characters
Orchestration PRB721148 Infoblox API call to create DNS a record is failing
Orchestration PRB734797 JDBC activities fail to execute stored procedures in Oracle database. Besides, they do not support OUT and INOUT parameter modes.
Password Reset Application PRB668565 Password Reset Ctrl+Alt+Del add-on does not properly work with the new Captcha in Geneva update 5
Password Reset Application PRB730244 Quickly clicking the 'Forgot password?' link results in an error showing that Password Reset application is already running
Password Reset Application PRB697445 In the pwd_process table 'User must reset password'(password_needs_reset) should be independent of 'Auto-generate password' (auto_gen_password)
Password Reset Application PRB880385 Password Reset Desktop Application: Some French translations failed
Password Reset Application PRB634057 Password Reset Client window in windows logon screen has wrong size, and users need to scroll down
Password Reset Application PRB878676 Password Reset - Multiple duplicate users/credentials under the 'More choices' list
Password Reset Application PRB643528 Password Reset CTRL+ALT+DEL software install issue
Password Reset Application PRB654665 Geneva ResetPwdAjaxProcessor makes incorrect assumption on sys_user.source being populated
Password Reset Application PRB753917 num_enroll change in verification cause enrollment issues
Password Reset Application PRB717719 Some of the modules in the Password Reset Application are not translated in a different language completely, such as the text 'QA Verification', 'SMS Verification', 'Personal Data - Confirm Email Address' and 'Processes'
Password Reset Application PRB876692 Cut off loading dialog in $pwd_new page
Password Reset Application PRB756588 When no one is logged into a device, Password Reset shows the 'Other User' tile
Password Reset Application PRB795781 Password Reset Automatic Enrollment does not work when Notify / Twilio is enabled; at verification it still asks for provider, which is for SMS
Password Reset Application PRB729454 The captcha label is not customizable on the desktop application
Password Reset Application PRB719946 Minimum length requirement for security answers only works for admin users
Performance Analytics PRB737563 Grammar in error message is incorrect(error message for real time score in Performance Analytics).
Performance Analytics PRB727006 Breakdown - Pivot scorecard widget fails to render breakdown labels and throws javascript error: [ngRepeat:dupes]
Performance Analytics PRB715990 X-axis does not show the exact date of extraction of the data
Performance Analytics PRB703788 ACLs do not run when querying score notes from detailed scorecard or widgets
Performance Analytics PRB735999 List widgets scorecard indicator and detailed scorecard do not have colored scores when target is zero
Performance Analytics PRB743923 PA Collection job with empty relative start and relative end date
Performance Analytics PRB759847 After the Performance Analytics plugin is activated, all system properties become read only if High Security Settings are not active
Performance Analytics PRB724659 Widgets do not follow element if the visualizations are 'Speedometer' or 'Dial'
Performance Analytics PRB725789 Running a PA collection job with a user that cannot be impersonated will cause scores to be created in the global domain as user 'guest'
Performance Analytics PRB726997 Records do not appear when the 'Records' tab is selected
Performance Analytics PRB823060 Filter on 'New Indicator Wizard' does not allow dot-walking when List v3 is not active
Performance Analytics PRB683507 For a widget with aggregate weeks or months, specific date drill-down from dashboard to detailed scorecard always goes to the latest score
Performance Analytics PRB718182 Additional conditions for indicators do not work correctly in two scenarios and impact data collection
Performance Analytics PRB735043 Scoresheet aggregate scores are broken when the sum is greater than 999,999
Performance Analytics PRB689893 Issues with multiple and current score options of "Breakdown" widget
Performance Analytics PRB711909 Warnings during collection of Performance Analytics "WARNING *** WARNING *** getGlideElement called for unknown field 'sys_domain_path' in table 'pa_job_log_rows' "
Performance Analytics PRB714156 Real-time score is not calculated properly when query contains 'Uber' OR
Performance Analytics PRB737260 The PA Breakdowns widget breaks if the breakdown name contains special characters
Performance Analytics PRB712738 DataCollector should not use glide.memory.watcher.log_threads_threshold to kill the job
Performance Analytics PRB713664 In Internet Explorer 11, parts of time series and breakdown widgets do not render properly
Performance Analytics PRB850442 Running a historical data collection (relative start = 60 months) results in memory issues
Performance Analytics PRB917832 PA dashboards not loading - NullPointerException error
Performance Analytics PRB817617 After toggling forecast series, the message "no data to display" is shown
Performance Analytics PRB712735 Heatmap does not work with Indicators whose Frequency is other then "Daily" - displays "No data to display"
Performance Analytics PRB865358 Scoresheet table can update slowly, because is set and removed after every edit, and this will also flush the cache
Performance Analytics PRB689606 Formula indicator: setting breakdown exclusions on all the components of a formula will not be respected in the detailed scorecard breakdown selection
Performance Analytics PRB891385 Time series widget with aggregation does not display trend if it has only 2 points of data
Performance Analytics PRB747760 On the Performance Analytics indicator wizard user interface, the jobs are listed ordered by description, rather than name.
Performance Analytics PRB726345 Switching back and forth in a detailed scorecard compresses the breakdown chart
Performance Analytics PRB727040 Detailed scorecard/widget does not show the chart if there are more than 1000 scores, or if the scores are far in the past
Performance Analytics PRB718148 Reference Interactive Filter slows performance while having many records to retrieve for the drop-down list
Performance Analytics PRB864882 Print all tabs is not printing all the widgets in the dashboard
Performance Analytics PRB881264 During migration the db connections are not released and the data collector can keep running in memory space
Persistence PRB734968 ESS user is unable to open incident form and gets the error 'Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database' (ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB)
Persistence PRB753399 Oracle JDBC buffer cache can consume large amounts of memory
Persistence PRB756253 When a task column is moved into the offrow storage, it breaks certain database views that include tables that extend tasks
Persistence PRB673305 On-Premise Only > sys_user user ID field accented characters are not considered unique (Unique Key violation)
Persistence PRB719141 The record watcher fails upon a predicate pair between <x>ISEMPTY and <x>ISNOTEMPTY
Persistence PRB745208 If the UI transaction quota kills a table modification submission via, the scenario exists were we leave the fast lock in place and the tmp table. This will prevent further online alters.
Persistence PRB718448 GroupBy on double dot-walked fields does not work correctly
Platform Performance PRB885076 Node-specific sys_status entries recorded on startup have an "UNKNOWN" node ID
Platform Performance PRB945880 Clicking View Map on a Service Mapping Business Service form triggers cache flush and instance becomes unusable
Platform Performance PRB705025 After upgrading to Helsinki, downloading attachments is slower than in Fuji
Platform Performance PRB713689 Slow transaction for due to PmPlannedTask: All Tasks Query
Platform Performance PRB825703 AMB Transaction throws exception
Platform Performance PRB710461 Schedule duration computations can cause a CPU loop and OOM if start/end values are unintentionally far off in the past or future
Platform Performance PRB650039 '' shows running jobs which are not running as confirmed by reviewing ''.
Platform Runtime PRB739334 Recursive scripting error - circular relationships are running nodes out of memory
Platform Security PRB752083 Upon login, users are redirected to banner image/product icon instead of a homepage
Platform Security PRB731078 Role Management V2: No data displays in the 'Audit Roles > Granted by Group' related list on sys_user_group
Platform Security PRB651161 String containing "://" in any url for will cause a redirect
Platform Security PRB632899 In Fuji, the Script for add_to_list for ACL always evaluates to true
Platform Security PRB712129 Role inheritance behavior with nested roles in Fuji leads to the loss of system roles.
Platform Security PRB904608 fix_sys_user_has_role fix script should not run during upgrade
Platform Security PRB817351 In Lists and Reports, values from dot fields on a reference field are repeated in empty rows
Platform Security PRB691031 For HR application, Scoped Admin - Error messages appear when navigating to a group that grants a scoped role
Platform Security PRB700770 RoleRecursiveTester script include runs into an infinite loop if there is an existing loop
Platform Security PRB684605 Role delegation functionality is broken when using the new role management plugin if using more than 1 group
Platform Security PRB718580 Decryption of £ character
Platform Security PRB713505 Wrong inform message used in Role Management Handler causing UI message not to be translated
Procurement PRB730207 Error in business rule "Update Asset Work Notes" on Transfer Order Line table creates new records in alm_asset when it should only update them
Procurement PRB732780 Low or out of memory triggered by
Procurement PRB931634 Destination stockroom in add transfer order returns no values if glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set to 'true'
Project Management PRB676446 Resource Plan Allocated State
Project Management PRB708985 When the Project template is used, attachments do not stay on the project task
Project Management PRB713902 Date calculations on related list "Project Tasks" are not functioning. Date calculations are not functioning when altering 'Planned start date', 'Planned end date' or 'Planned duration' from the related list titled 'Project Tasks' on dmn_demand
Project Management PRB736303 Planning console issues in indent/delete tasks/pagination
Project Management PRB901722 Planning Board does not load the previously view release
Project Management PRB906741 Same number is shown in the form when Portfolio information is added (IE only)
Project Management PRB753112 Unable to use project template to set state to anything other than 'Pending' (-5).
Project Management PRB791541 Adding 'Additional Assignee List' (or any Glide List) to the Planning Console displays the user sys_id instead of Display Value.
Project Management PRB729041 PMO Director Dashboard-Active projects count displays the count of closed project
Project Management PRB716844 The selected baseline resets to no baseline on planning console list view after navigating back from viewing a record
Project Management PRB721813 Updating a Project record state to 'Work in Progress' is saved as two updates
Project Management PRB712967 Clicking on the 'Document' button on the Gantt chart page redirects to an invalid resource
Project Management PRB879123 The planning console displays inactive choices on the state field.
Project Management PRB811214 Planning console for custom sys_classes
Project Management PRB682203 Copy project inserts records into the copied project in random order
Project Management PRB718116 Project-related list on release form does not display 'Edit' button for use with it_project_manager role
Project Management PRB713408 Applying a copied template to a project record, which already has a value saved for calculation type, empties the field calculation type.
Project Management PRB713554 Total resource and total estimated cost do not match up
Project Management PRB661813 Rolling up effort to a parent task does not check to see if the parent has any effort of its own
Project Management PRB714525 Adding or deleting project tasks in the Planning Console can corrupt the WBS and wbs_order values
Project Management PRB909603 Project work bench does not encode scandic letters correctly
Project Management PRB759186 Updating percent complete in the planning console of sub-task is not updating percent complete in parent task
Project Management PRB726874 RP undefined error on new button for pm_program and pm_program_task records
Project Management PRB818202 Planning console breaks if the value for the property 'glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows' is set to true
Project Management PRB671592 'Copy Partial Project' does not copy values for 'Assignment group' and 'Assigned to'
Project Management PRB680116 After instance upgrade, the related list 'Group Resource' of project reverts to the base system list layout configuration
Project Management PRB720354 Duplicate 'Expected Start' date fields on Demand table records
Project Management PRB741219 rm_scrum_task record creates duplicate work notes in activity stream when changing states
Project Management PRB621566 When enabling the project_management_v3 plugin, script to populate the "Resourced effort" field reference to the table that is not present on the instance
Project Management PRB647442 Timeline visualization translation issue
Project Management PRB747979 Actual cost on Program is not deleted when the project is deleted from the program.
Project Management PRB731676 In Portfolio Workbench during action Tick or Untick "Budget" checkbox the system sometimes returns an error "Contact System Administrator"
Project Management PRB827016 Planned End Date is not getting updated when changing the planned start date if there is a Finish-to-Start predecessor and setting com.snc.project.allow_start_on_relations to true
Project Management PRB733468 On an upgraded instance to Istanbul, the project form shows incorrect number for resource plans
Project Management PRB606630 Printing Gantt chart is not possible and users have to browser print page by page
Project Management PRB712408 Planning Console - The green vertical line showing current date does not expand and grow when tasks are expanded
Project Management PRB713603 Under the Project management application, when changing the planned start date the time is moved 1 hour ahead
Project Management PRB741140 'Create Sprints' UI action does not work on Oracle instances
Project Management PRB716372 Non-admin users cannot see data for Project Task Link (pm_project_task_link)
Project Management PRB665887 Field error message "The task start date cannot be earlier than the project start date" is no longer displayed
Project Management PRB748409 Changing the planned duration of a project task does not trigger roll up to update its parent project percentage complete
Project Management PRB754483 Projects created from Demands with 'Requirements' are treated as having children, which prevents users from modifying the planned end date.
Project Management PRB761373 Project Template: Projects created via template is not showing up in the slushbucket when trying to add project to the portfolio.
Project Management PRB710090 Scroll focuses to the top when certain changes are made to a task via the planning console
Project Management PRB743947 Schedule calculation is incorrect if the schedule is set for 8.5 hours
Project Management PRB733957 Planning Console: unexpected behavior when users drag tasks to the new start date.
Project Portfolio Management PRB720499 PPMFundManager script needs to be corrected
Project Portfolio Management PRB898451 When demand is converted to a project, attachments on demand should get copied to project
Project Portfolio Management PRB828824 Dashboard reports query issues
Project Portfolio Management PRB720842 When changing the portfolio budget with the UI Action Portfolio Budget in the portfolio, the budget is stored incorrectly
Project Portfolio Management PRB888296 Demand manager is not able to delete stakeholder
Project Portfolio Management PRB725647 Timeline Visualization - Several cards are not sorted in time order
Project Portfolio Management PRB822117 OOB *.* save_as_template ACL is deleted by timeline visualization plugin
Project Portfolio Management PRB720206 Field Styles not working on 'Cost' field on Status Report form
Project Portfolio Management PRB741739 Removing a sub-project from a parent project does not reset the 'Top task' value the child project
Project Portfolio Management PRB826964 Inactive choices are activated on dmn_demand table after upgrades
Release Management PRB706675 Release Management Gantt Charts generate invalid URL with page not found error or stays frozen in 'Loading' state
Reporting PRB683905 Issues with the legend on the homepage for reports in Hebrew
Reporting PRB734745 ERROR: No response from the server Loading report... / map report. Map Report, using Drenthe Map in a map shows with an error
Reporting PRB744547 The daily trend aggregation option on report charts is backwards compared to the other trend aggregations
Reporting PRB747427 report_group users cannot 'insert and stay' on a shared report, and the message 'report does not exists' pops up
Reporting PRB836556 System Admin unable to view reports on System Diagnostics portal page and MID Server Status report on the MID Server Dashboard page
Reporting PRB715524 Element type "javascript:gs.daysAgoStart" error when users have a query condition with specific attributes
Reporting PRB715796 Heatmap Report: drill down on dot walked field returns no results when field is a Date field - however when timezone is GMT, the drill down works.
Reporting PRB682210 Bubble chart axes display values instead of labels for negative values in a choice list
Reporting PRB690082 Translation missing for 'Number of records' for bubble chart report
Reporting PRB719822 On the Report Designer, single score reports do not pass the report source filter when drilling down to the default list
Reporting PRB707418 Grouping on a variable added as Add as an additional Groupby does not work on List reports
Reporting PRB648661 Additional GroupBys with 'None' option do not use the color palette on the additional GroupBys
Reporting PRB924759 Drilldown to list is broken for Speedometer and Dial report types when a table is used as the report source.
Reporting PRB722299 If a group report loses all of its users and groups, even the user who created the report cannot see it
Reporting PRB652317 Bar chart colors do not reflect 'Chart Colors = use chart colors' choice when setting 'Group by' to a dot-walked field
Reporting PRB714174 org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "sysparm_owner" is not defined.
Reporting PRB920986 "gs.beginningOfNExtWeek()" Typo in "Get Date Filter Options for Date Filters" BR for 'Next Week' filter option
Reporting PRB748719 "Omit if no records" is not honored for Scheduled reports created on "Report Sources"
Reporting PRB756355 The language of the "Other" text in reporting is not always the correct language
Reporting PRB724617 The link to the list to help fixing the wrong data contains sys_id's of cmdb_location and not incident sys_id's
Reporting PRB819944 Platform components in reporting UI do not have labels
Reporting PRB716393 Prefixes in variable names make selecting items from the Reporting slushbucket difficult
Reporting PRB682181 'More' option while clicking the help icon(?) near Type field while creating a report is not visible in French
Reporting PRB716895 Related lists in exported PDF do not match the web in domain-separated instances
Reporting PRB697412 View not respected in list for pie, donut, or funnel report with a view defined
Reporting PRB718174 When using the MAP type, incorrect data and indexes can result in performance issues
Reporting PRB718881 Multipivot is getting extra text in the top right of the screen under certain conditions when publishing the report
Reporting PRB711159 When exporting a form/list that includes an image field/column, the image can overflow out of the PDF width if it has a larger width than the PDF page
Reporting PRB713365 Stacking by variables can break the report
Reporting PRB748609 When a report is on a homepage and display grid is turned on, the report takes the size of the grid and can potentially be very large
Reporting PRB799484 The field name is not translated for the aggregated field on the Y-axis of a chart, for other labels where field is printed, and aggregate function shown in non-translated short format, e.g. AVG
Reporting PRB716888 When adding a title to the single score, it does not size properly on the canvas
Reporting PRB697145 Color Charts do not work when you specify chart colors
Reporting PRB859348 ESS user not able to view reports they have access to
Reporting PRB742622 Side content panel is displayed if dashboard URL is invoked with (sysparm_editable=true) when user has only view permission for dashboard
Reporting PRB729948 When adding a date/time additional groupBy to reports, it gets itself on the additional stack, which throws an error
Reporting PRB715965 Additional GroupBy and stackBy field inconsistencies/issues with chart color field in Report Designer
Reporting PRB716887 glide.ui.report_expand_header setting the value of this to anything other than public will break report builder for users
Reporting PRB711653 Reports home page does not grab focus when opened
Reporting PRB742213 Report with multiple dataset does not display data after changing date format OOTB
Reporting PRB710704 The description panel should properly reflect the status of sharing a report
Reporting PRB711073 For map type reports where the set map is set to Michigan, display results are not included in the map
Reporting PRB879683 During upgrades, sys_report_map_source_mapping and sys_report_map are reset to their original values
Reporting PRB839486 Drill down views in reports do not inherit permissions from the parent report.
Reporting PRB674589 PDFReportPivot causes high node memory when exporting PDF with many rows (may include columns)
Reporting PRB711370 Some reports on "Date" field do not display records from "Today"
Reporting PRB741934 Changing language from English affects the monthly order in reports containing three data sets.
Reporting PRB754960 Report designer does not load in French
Reporting PRB759278 When sharing a dashboard with new users, email message is not sent in email
Resource Management PRB713516 Empty rows are shown in resource availability reports when there are more than 1000 data points
Scheduled Job Processing PRB732745 GlideSchedulerWorker occasionally throws NullPointerException
Scheduled Job Processing PRB709043 ASYNC business rules on task with no condition can clog worker queues
Scheduled Job Processing PRB710171 Changing timezone of "Run as user" from any timezone with daylights savings to GMT/UTC causes sysauto_* to run twice
Schedules PRB745251 Schedule entries for last weekdays of December are not appearing on schedule
Schedules PRB676922 [Timeline Pages] If one of the records fails the ACL authorization, it stops showing the rest records
Schedules PRB734961 "ScheduleTimeSpan update" business rule does not check "All day" rule when inserting schedule entry
Security Access Control Lists PRB860372 Searching for incident tags fails because the ACL for incident.* is blocking access to sys_tags, even though the incident.sys_tags ACL is evaluated as 'true'
Security Access Control Lists PRB675500 ACL framework to auto-create "table.*" ACL if a new "table.field" ACL is created (only for the 'read' operation)
Security Incident Response PRB888214 Upon upgrade, customized choices in the 'State' field on the 'sn_si_request' table are overwritten
Security Incident Response PRB945182 Upgrade resetting custom configuration on Security Incident group and knowledgebase
Security Incident Response PRB887711 Property 'The security application is unlocked for admin to access' [sn_si.unlocked] listed twice in Security Incident Response Properties page after upgrade to Istanbul
Security Incident Response PRB747783 Opening a security incident template from a list takes longer than 1000 seconds
Server Side Scripting PRB818882 current.deleteRecord() will cascade delete all references to NULL if used in an onBefore insert business rule
Server Side Scripting PRB677472 Global business rules not enclosed in a function execute in scope rhino.temp rather than, making other global variables and scripts not available
Server Side Scripting PRB646188 Query business rule corrupts sys_choice cache
Server Side Scripting PRB662310 Server-side code of UI Actions set to active=false can be triggered when using gsftSubmit()
Server Side Scripting PRB709246 IdentificationEngineScriptableApi is not available to scoped applications
Server Side Scripting PRB721218 Variable listEditRefQualTag is not available in reference qualifier scripts in a scoped app
Server Side Scripting PRB713785 Evaluator: com.glide.script.fencing.MethodNotAllowedException: Function _query is not allowed in scope
Server Side Scripting PRB676595 Unable to add view field from global table to view table on scoped application database view, even though table has "Accessible from" set to "All application scopes"
Server Side Scripting PRB639321 Unexpected variable scoping from Calculated Field
Server Side Scripting PRB899364 Inconsistent issues with ScriptableObjects which contain a static and a non-static method with the same name
Server Side Scripting PRB700320 The size awareness code should be updated to provide a better estimate of the size of our Glide objects, namely GlideRecord and GlideElement
Server Side Scripting PRB652837 Improper variable declaration in ArrayUtil script include
Service Analytics PRB762704 SA HASH table - Duplicate records cause the impact to stop working
Service Catalog PRB715832 Setting <tablename>.autocomplete.contains to false does not work correctly for variables in Service Catalog
Service Catalog PRB717058 Unable to set the value of a list collector
Service Catalog PRB702368 When configuring user criteria in a domain separated environment, the user criteria is ignored
Service Catalog PRB705073 Unable to select text in read-only variables using Firefox
Service Catalog PRB711484 ignore_price field is not automatically set or cleared
Service Catalog PRB724387 g_form.clearValue('variable name') works in Catalog Client Scripts in the Catalog, but not on Request Item and Catalog Task forms
Service Catalog PRB691890 Forms do not display correctly in list or form view when hovering over some reference icons
Service Catalog PRB718193 Excessive memory utilization from shared cache due to catalog item categories
Service Catalog PRB870176 Service Catalog category title links do not load the correct pages
Service Catalog PRB748180 After clicking the up arrow several times, some users receive the error "Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined"
Service Catalog PRB749868 Record producers variables are unable to map if the table name is longer than 40 characters
Service Catalog PRB756366 GlideRecord does not work if RITM variable which is inactive gets updated
Service Catalog PRB759200 Jelly page which uses "com.glideapp.questionset.DefaultQuestionEditor" can not be opened as a GlideDialogWindow from a UI action
Service Catalog PRB728966 Reject UI action for approval is missing ";" in the script
Service Catalog PRB732117 Date validation script for date variables in variable set causes script issue because of double text escaping
Service Catalog PRB717752 On the Approval Summarizer of Catalog tasks, the 'Assigned To' field shows the Sys ID of the assignee instead of the name
Service Catalog PRB708931 Workflow search in Catalog items page shows inactivated workflows along with active workflows
Service Catalog PRB710524 Available slushbucket loses items when all items are moved to selected bucket
Service Catalog PRB712163 Semicolons are missing in OOB UI action script field
Service Catalog PRB734672 List collector (glide_list) breaks when used in the requested item
Service Catalog PRB884515 Lookup select box has slower response times in Istanbul vs. Helsinki
Service Catalog PRB723447 SC Catalog Get API returning java.lang.NullPointerException if the "Data Lookup and Record Matching Support for Service Catalog" plugin is not active
Service Catalog PRB828139 When searching in Service Catalog, a warning message "Your text query contained only common words or ambiguous wildcards, please refine your search and try again" appears frequently as you type
Service Catalog PRB715061 Service Catalog page is not rendering correctly on Microsoft EDGE
Service Catalog PRB715761 When there are more than 3 banner steps in the wizard the last arrow does not render properly, i.e. it does not resize and is overlapping with the text for the preceding text
Service Catalog PRB715988 Lookup select box reference qualifier and/or attribute is breaking 'Lookup Price' field
Service Catalog PRB718537 Variable alignment issue for sysapproval for sc_task
Service Catalog PRB706335 Safari: In record producer, variable value is not passed from catalog form into underlying script if a user is not admin.
Service Catalog PRB648158 On a new Catalog Item form, the default value in Catalogs field is broken if language is not English
Service Catalog PRB712746 Catalog check box variables are not vertically aligned on the form when container layout is '2 column wide, alternating sides'
Service Catalog PRB713552 Incorrect hint on the instructions label in the execution plan task table
Service Catalog PRB668162 When "Standard: Select from available pre-approved change templates. These changes do not require approval. " is created from related list of an incident, the CHG does appear in the Change Request Related Lists of the incident.
Service Catalog PRB868312 Category on Service Catalog that contains a content item will not be visible to non-admin user on Self-Service homepage
Service Catalog PRB741799 Reference qualifier returns undefined when there is 'create roles' on a service catalog variable
Service Catalog PRB742300 Empty values of variable's lookup label is getting displayed as 'null' in shopping cart page
Service Catalog PRB742631 'Do not select the first choice' does not work for numeric scale type variables in items in Order Guides
Service Catalog PRB748048 load method does not check to see if plan is null - causing an infinite recursion when sc_req_item_stageGetChoices business rule global function is called
Service Catalog PRB722198 Macro functionality issue - getNibox('macro_variable') function is not working in Helsinki
Service Catalog PRB758335 Administrators are able to view the variables and variable set tabs within the execution plan form
Service Catalog PRB759487 Preview item link could not be found on content item - External Content type
Service Catalog PRB716159 Adding a new item to the request changes the order of the displayed variables
Service Catalog PRB716386 Typo in macro 'sc_order_item_buttons'
Service Catalog PRB687412 Read-only list collector is not word wrapping
Service Catalog PRB691559 Only one of Shipping Location & Shipping Address should be selectable from cart layout > Cart Preview Screen (Two Step)
Service Catalog PRB720735 'Requested For' field in checkout view in Order Guide does not honor 'display' field, and shows 'User ID' instead
Service Catalog PRB712139 Content item categories related list is not automatically populating via the business rules when running via transform maps
Service Catalog PRB714140 Field "Reference qual" is not showing for many List collector variables
Service Catalog PRB908570 Catalog item variable set is moved upwards when selecting a multiple choice variable value within it (Chrome/IE + Windows only)
Service Catalog PRB752532 Instructions value in a label variable above check box is not visible
Service Catalog PRB754710 'Copy' UI action button on catalog items maintains the protection policy value on the new catalog item
Service Catalog PRB759319 saveProducer() function does not work when using in a onLoad client script.
Service Catalog PRB726577 Java exception occurs after node upgrade to Java 1.8
Service Catalog PRB821172 Issue with use of GlideAjax script in catalog client script and behavior of catalog UI policy
Service Catalog PRB718160 The getKeySequence API from the prepVariables function on the Cart Script-Include can cause the variables to be displayed in the incorrect order.
Service Catalog PRB719689 Catalog data lookup fails when source variable type is multiple choice
Service Catalog PRB651878 Chrome browser back button in Service Catalog does not work as expected
Service Catalog PRB891896 Using the two-step checkout and having '&' in the special instructions field cause an error
Service Catalog PRB749179 If a catalog search term has an apostrophe, and does not match any items, a backslash escape symbol '\' is wrongly displayed
Service Catalog PRB723308 Combination of comments outside function stops Service Catalog client script
Service Catalog PRB759031 Record producer variable with roles set on create on write prevents non-role users mapped field with default value from being sent to incident
Service Catalog PRB716108 Need to apply "onchange" client scripts and UI policies on some variables on variable editor
Service Catalog PRB717431 Scoped Variable Sets are scoped in 'Global' on client side
Service Catalog PRB710145 When GlideappCalculationHelper().addItemToExistingRequest() is called at the same time for different requests it creates duplicate RITMs.
Service Catalog PRB713145 Stage field on the Requested Item form does not represent the current open Catalog task
Service Catalog PRB741672 After upgrading from Express to Enterprise, adding an attachment for Change Requests via a record producer does not work if the attachment was added before submitting
Service Catalog PRB904025 Macros do not work in Printer-Friendly view
Service Catalog PRB744763 Hidden container variables become visible when their visibility is set to true in a different UI policy
Service Catalog PRB717926 Catalog admin is not able to modify currencies for items in a multi-currency environment
Service Catalog PRB704645 Catalog client script execution does not honor assigned order sequence
Service Catalog PRB707157 Self user can be added multiple times for catalog variable of type macro with label
Service Catalog PRB713581 g_form.getValue not working on HTML variables with Create Role
Service Catalog PRB668579 Clicking 'Back' from a checkout page for order guides takes you to an invalid page
Service Catalog PRB900329 Catalog Item variable check box option 'Map to field' leads to blank select box
Service Catalog PRB745469 Copy Catalog Item function does not copy the name and short description translations correctly
Service Catalog PRB751245 Shopping Cart Widget not referencing the correct "Catalog", this causes the "Continue Shopping" button to behave inconsistently
Service Catalog PRB756529 "Requested For" is populated incorrectly or blank with "Order Now" button, when property enable_order_now is set to true
Service Catalog PRB722421 returns null when a RITM is being accessed, but not on the catalog item
Service Catalog PRB757090 Running method copyRequest() (GlideappScriptHelper) multiple times at the same time always results in merging RITMs from the request record being copied.
Service Catalog PRB723546 Problem occurs with user criteria cache if more than one locale is installed
Service Catalog PRB731372 Slow performance when 'Reduce request price - approval change' business rule scans sc_request_item records with no sc_request value
Service Catalog PRB732841 Order not properly set for Variable Sets when applied to an Order Guide in a Record Producer.
Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal PRB758708 Service Catalog Data Lookup definitions do not function in Service Portal
Service Desk: Call PRB723241 New Call module - Contact type does not carry over if the call type is 'Request'
Service Desk: Call PRB723401 After creating a new call of type request, the ServiceNow 'Back' button navigates to the homepage
Service Desk: Call PRB724388 Service Request from a New Call is not created, and the screen is blank if the description is long and contains special characters
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB717388 SLAConditionSimple does not work when condition_class is not added to SLA Definition form (related to PRB702983)
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB879317 SLA is not triggering correctly
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB830288 SLA timeline incorrectly includes holidays when represents schedule
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB719779 Inactivity monitor does not trigger when there is a reset condition
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB709382 Repairing SLAs does not work when SLA Definitions are in domains different than the current one
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB691514 SLA escalation status and due date calculated wrong when incident is updated from different timezones.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB727421 When the system property 'com.snc.sla.run_old_sla_engine' is set to false, the made_sla field is still being updated by the Escalation engine
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB679514 SLA conditions are case-sensitive
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB737594 SLA update (within 10 minutes) sys_trigger job can set the breach flag unexpectedly on short duration SLAs
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB898575 Displaying the 'Repair SLAs' UI action can be slow when a large number of contract SLAs is defined
Service Management Designer PRB660605 Clicking on the 'Cancel' button on the record producer- Something is broken redirects the user to 'Page not found'
Service Mapping PRB711681 SSRS pattern step for seems to be failing as entry_point.url is being returned as 'https://ip:port/ReportServer' instead of 'https://url/ReportServer'
Service Mapping PRB871677 Wrong loopback connections is created from Global DNS load balancer
Service Mapping PRB754157 Tracked files discovery log has unwanted text log
Service Mapping PRB759202 In pattern step, file output gets truncated if we do not change the default prompt, and the default prompt gets inserted into the output stream
Service Mapping PRB732800 Debug RunFailed: Task pattern debugger task failed : java.util.hashMap cannot be cast into java.util.String.
Service Mapping PRB676142 Business service map hamburger menu items are not accessible
Service Mapping PRB716444 Issues with creating policy connections in WebSEAL pattern
Service Mapping PRB740249 Icons for host in host view are always from linux_host, should be from the original host CI type
Service Mapping PRB741846 Process Environment variables detection is wrong when the variable value contains the '=' character
Service Mapping PRB744478 Pattern discovery is not able to bring process environment variable in full when the size is long on AIX machines
Service Mapping PRB691830 The identification engine can fail, and the map does not show all items
Service Mapping PRB718906 CI Types with $ in their name cause CI type synch to fail for all the CI Types. Same goes for CI types with spaces in their names
Service Mapping PRB719793 Missing escaping on entry point fields
Service Mapping PRB746902 MSSQL relations are not aligned with the hosting rules and causing identification engine errors in Service Maps
Service Mapping PRB756866 CyberArk credentials: Failure with fetching non-existing username from vault is not handled correctly, and next credentials are not used
Service Mapping PRB730839 Under certain conditions, Service Mapping discovery fails when using SSH
Service Mapping PRB713813 When creating manual connection using host name (and not IP), adding the manual connection in one place may remove the same connection from another place
Service Mapping PRB756863 UI action "Map Icons Preloaded" on services list causes browser requests to broken URLs
Service Mapping PRB703016 MID synchronization of patterns sometimes fails. When it fails, manually synching or grabbing NDL from MID also fails
Service Mapping PRB758220 MID sync on CI type change does not work in some cases
Service Mapping PRB833033 Service Watch fix script prolongs upgrades, and security constraints prevent selection of Service fields
Service Mapping PRB715402 Issues with SSIS Pattern > Connection > Create Job Connections
Service Mapping PRB716662 The com.snc.service-watch plugin overrides customizations for records in the sys_dictionary_overrides table (+ other tables)
Service Mapping PRB704825 "Floating" CI's with no relation to any Entry point in a BS
Service Mapping PRB706138 Exporting getHostByIP to js + makes pattern debugger go through the same flow as initial discovery task creation regarding finding host
Service Mapping PRB708885 Service Mapping should abide by the glide.required.attribute.enabled
Service Mapping PRB879896 Pattern Designer: Need a proper error when users populate entry point without port in case find process strategy is not 'NONE'
Service Mapping PRB751673 Failed to communicate with WMI Collector message when MID Server is multihomed
Service Mapping PRB755363 Hosts that initiate a connection should confirm whether to use /etc/hosts or DNS
Service Mapping PRB798800 When two distinct CIs in different services are connected to the same clustered CI, both source hosts appear as associated with both services in svc_ci_assoc
Service Mapping PRB824438 Performance issues while saving NAT rule due to 'Update NAT Rule' business rule
Service Mapping PRB743008 When creating new business service and leaving the form, the business service remains with an empty name
Service Mapping PRB745480 The SSH layer used by pattern should allow to override the shell PATH rather than append to it
Service Mapping PRB751612 Service mapping fails to discover listening process with the PATH on the target machine, which does not contain the folder of netstat.exe (system32)
Service Mapping PRB753564 The SSH layer used by pattern refers to SSH regular credentials as SSH key credentials, if the key field is not empty.
Service Mapping PRB804562 Service Mapping fails to process discovery result when the payload contains fields with non printable characters
Service Mapping PRB832402 ACL on discovered or manual (event managed or mapped) Service Configuration Item blocked from ITIL role
Service Mapping PRB717421 Tomcat WAR pattern tries to create connection to commented lines
Service Mapping PRB707449 Parse Command Output Operations does not return same results for powershell command as command line on MID Server
Service Mapping PRB720596 Warning messages missing for LB discovery when CMDB is corrupted -- specifically when all LBs have discovery source = duplicate, or all LBs are passive
Service Mapping PRB872176 Scrollbar of hamburger menu is not visible on chrome 55+
Service Mapping PRB743000 Cloned clusters: ciTypeName of cloned CIs is overwritten with ciType field
Service Mapping PRB752105 Business Service Map: Connecting to existing service/creating new service is disabled on connection leading from NAT
Service Mapping PRB826341 Client script "rewrite endpoint link" on cmdb_ci_service_discovered disables record form links for all related lists.
Service Portal PRB717773 Form widget has option to 'Disable UI Action on Form', which leaves a primary action but disables its functionality
Service Portal PRB712174 HTML tags in help text of Catalog and Record producer variables are not rendered in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB713575 Ampersand characters in a fix script are not escaped correctly
Service Portal PRB714564 Variable summarizer does not honor 'Visible on Summaries'
Service Portal PRB741927 Reference field does not honor tablename.autocomplete.contains user preference
Service Portal PRB742952 Image in News Ticker widget uses 'src' tag instead of 'ng-src', resulting in invalid request, causing SSO redirect issues
Service Portal PRB748856 Simple list widget cannot order on a glide_date_time field (e.g., sys_updated_on) for ESS user
Service Portal PRB722364 Requested Items widget throws errors when no sys_id or an invalid sys_id are passed in the URL
Service Portal PRB725912 Unable to clone SC Categories widget in platform - invalid return thrown by script checked
Service Portal PRB733163 Lookup Select Box does not populate correctly in the Service Portal
Service Portal PRB715232 Formatter type variables cause the order guide eval to fail
Service Portal PRB717754 Service Portal catalog reference field behaves strangely when search term includes a period (dot / . )
Service Portal PRB720884 Ticket conversations widget does not render if user cannot read journal field, which should have shown helpful messages to avoid confusion
Service Portal PRB710969 ng-controller cannot be used in a widget template
Service Portal PRB711291 Duplicate request gets created in order guides on Service Portal
Service Portal PRB711943 Service Portal lacks visible focus indicators for elements
Service Portal PRB712168 Printer Friendly Version not available for Service Portal pages
Service Portal PRB713432 Content Item which should open in a new tab no longer opens at all
Service Portal PRB737318 Approvals for delegated users are not showing up Approvals widget
Service Portal PRB753060 Accessibility - Knowledge Base/Categories heading has incorrect heading structure <h4>
Service Portal PRB725049 'Maximum Entries' field on 'Data Table from Instance Definition' instance options do not modify the number of rows displayed
Service Portal PRB828186 Accessibility: Rating stars component has accessibility issues
Service Portal PRB710922 Glide List field on Service Portal is displaying sys_id instead of the display name
Service Portal PRB737286 No error message is shown when users attach invalid file type (as defined by glide.attachment.extensions system property)
Service Portal PRB740041 Help text does not show for Label variables
Service Portal PRB741842 Submit button displays on Service Portal catalog items even if it is omitted through the ordering button.
Service Portal PRB744313 Header Menu does not display glyph icons
Service Portal PRB749825 Avatars in ticket-conversation widget and sessions widget appear clickable but have no effect
Service Portal PRB754793 "Omit badges" option is not honored after being set from true to false in 'SC Categories' widget
Service Portal PRB724097 Read-only referenced variables cannot be previewed by users who have read access to the referenced record
Service Portal PRB730090 Catalog item quantity selector is not displayed for non-admins
Service Portal PRB733059 Item description does not show when searching for terms using OR
Service Portal PRB717482 sc_cat_item and sc_cat_item_guide page with missing or invalid sys_id URL parameter generates browser error
Service Portal PRB701726 IE10: Service Portal pages do not show full content if the height is greater than the browser window
Service Portal PRB703505 Service Portal Manage dropdown menu in header does not function at tablet and phone resolutions
Service Portal PRB704859 SP choice list should require value or use default_value if type is set to 'must specify a default value'
Service Portal PRB720821 Requested Items widget generates errors when added to a page (when options.secondary_fields is empty)
Service Portal PRB714468 Non-ITIL users cannot see the record to approve on the Service Portal
Service Portal PRB751953 A developer cannot react to the reference icon click and do something else if they want
Service Portal PRB754778 When clicking "Edit" link in shopping cart, the resultant modal's title is "Variables" instead of the name of the catalog item (e.g., Apple iPhone 5s)
Service Portal PRB723071 glide.knowman.show_user_feedback are set to never and does not work on Service Portal. glide.knowman.show_star_rating is not supported
Service Portal PRB762303 Screen Reader Accessibility - Profile menu access
Service Portal PRB726860 Redirect to Service Portal, users stuck on page
Service Portal PRB731678 Service Portal does not include items in order guide when order form is submitted before the items are fully loaded in the form
Service Portal PRB825565 Header menu items are not displaying hint tooltips
Service Portal PRB828111 Search Source name not translated
Service Portal PRB715720 Page not displaying in Service Portal Designer when 'Internal' option selected
Service Portal PRB715966 Service Portal incident form does not show attachments at top if table URL parameter is for the wrong table (e.g., task vs. incident)
Service Portal PRB706317 Select box variable for catalog item/record producers displays the dictionary value rather than display value in Ticket Fields widget
Service Portal PRB711870 Activity Stream is not visible in incidents
Service Portal PRB714879 Currency symbol is missing from currency and price field types in form widget
Service Portal PRB746312 Request Fields widget errors if sc_request.due_date has no value
Service Portal PRB749235 Accessibility in Service Portal: Users are able to tab beyond pop up windows so that focus goes outside of the user profile field dialog boxes/pop up windows
Service Portal PRB751724 Default value of "Remember me" checkbox does not honor system property
Service Portal PRB756693 When users cannot delete attachments, Branding Editor gets stuck loading
Service Portal PRB819500 Service Portal Accessibility - Attachments in Service Portal have accessibility issues
Service Portal PRB830043 Accessibility: Create a new high-contrast Service Portal theme
Service Portal PRB714983 Branding Editor needs to indicate when admin is not in the right system application and cannot edit
Service Portal PRB717444 Customized OOB widget instance might be unexpectedly deleted in an upgrade
Service Portal PRB717990 Reference variable attributes do not work if there is a space between them
Service Portal PRB718453 Breadcrumbs have empty placeholder on Order Guide page if sp_instance record has no title value
Service Portal PRB743340 The Service Portal widget KB Article Page does not correctly display KB articles of type Wiki
Service Portal PRB745482 sys_updated_on date/time for attachment in Form widget shows server time vs. user local time
Service Portal PRB756631 "SC Categories" Widget's "Hide XS" option is not honored when false, so widget is not shown on mobile
Service Portal PRB724420 Approvals widget (and maybe others) uses href='#' twice which prevents form saving
Service Portal PRB819498 Improve the accessibility of the system status page
Service Portal PRB731414 Mandatory check box in catalog does not show the 'mandatory' indicator
Service Portal PRB732902 Business Services Status widget can show outage on the wrong date
Service Portal PRB715696 Service Catalog subcategories do not display when no item is on the category level
Service Portal PRB717931 'Visible on Guides' setting is not honored within Order Guides
Service Portal PRB718153 Form section does not show the translated caption
Service Portal PRB702722 Helpful feedback question is not available to KB article (when glide.knowman.show_yn_rating is true, which is the default)
Service Portal PRB719112 KB attachments are not visible for unauthenticated users
Service Portal PRB707186 Anchor tags do not work in KB Articles. When clicking a link that brings the user to a different section of the KB article, it will go to that section and immediately reload the page
Service Portal PRB719973 Unexpected items appear on /sp?id=sc_category page when no category ID is specified
Service Portal PRB720598 User profile widget in the Service Portal does not display the correct number of users under 'My Coworkers'
Service Portal PRB713602 Disabling Comments is not working for the Knowledge Articles when the article is viewed from Service Portal.
Service Portal PRB714649 When a user creates a HR Case from the HR Service Portal, the 'is_catalog' field is not set to 'true'
Service Portal PRB734799 Lookup Select Box variable with advanced reference qualifier breaks a catalog item with too many variables - 400 error
Service Portal PRB857631 Knowledge rating hover text is not translated correctly
Service Portal PRB752339 Service Portal Accessibility - Avatar menu does not collapse when pressing tab
Service Portal PRB753212 Message alerts are too fast when creating record using the page 'form'
Service Portal PRB757161 snRecordPicker directive should allow option of 'startswith' query (currently hardcoded to 'contains')
Service Portal PRB824400 Ticket Conversations widget limits journal fields to 100 entries
Service Portal PRB716080 Catalog client scripts cannot be fetched from a scoped application
Service Portal PRB698352 List collectors do not display correctly if the referenced records' display values have commas
Service Portal PRB719044 Files larger than 25MB cannot be uploaded and no error message is displayed
Service Portal PRB721147 Cannot edit roles in Customer Service Management portal
Service Portal PRB709643 Simple list widget target page is not inherited by 'View All' target list page
Service Portal PRB907063 sys_domain field not rendered properly using form widget and instead displays the Sys_ID; read-only document_id field layout is missing padding
Service Portal PRB748382 [UW Accessibility] Page title should come before portal title
Service Portal PRB753563 Exporting to Excel and CSV does not honor the fields defined in the widget 'Data Table from Instance Definition'
Service Portal PRB721885 KB news widget needs to provide a default translated title in case sp_instance.title is empty
Service Portal PRB818900 Simple List widget does not set the table parameter in the URL to the real table when configured to show records from a base table
Software Asset Management PRB665386 SAMCounter job executing query with large IN clause
Software Asset Management PRB920902 Filter carried over when users create new records
Software Asset Management PRB741085 Downgrades do not work properly when installs with valuation = 0 are present
State Flows PRB756472 Numbering on Security incident table is not in sequence when 'Convert to Security Incident' UI action is used
Studio PRB719365 When editing list layouts in Studio, the customized view does not persist and the user sees the default view instead
Survey Management PRB880822 History Choice on View Scorecard does not work if there are survey responses that are 3 or more years older
Survey Management PRB742422 Survey trigger condition does not work on migrated surveys via Update Set
Survey Management PRB687957 The assessable record throws an error when clicking 'Preview'
Survey Management PRB945363 Special characters in survey questions do not show properly
Survey Management PRB909444 Ampersands in surveys submitted via portal break the response
Survey Management PRB917405 Users with the survey_admin' role are not able to 'export assessments' and get the error message 'Security restricted when invoking processor'
Survey Management PRB679524 Trying to publish a survey for the second time through survey designer times out when many users are associated
Survey Management PRB925337 Need to escape messages in "my surveys" and "take survey" service portal widgets
System Applications PRB723474 The scope from a list filter overrides the session scope when users using the 'New' button from a filtered list
System Applications PRB745431 App installation fails on customer instance,when a scoped app within a plugin is captured as a dependency instead of capturing plugin dependency.
System Applications PRB715493 sys_scope table should suppress 'Insert and Stay' and 'Insert' UI actions
System Applications PRB717519 System Applications does not display list of applications present in prior to an upgrade under 'Develop/Download/Upgrade'
System Applications PRB650889 GlideAjax API in a scoped app blocks getXMLWait function, without any documentation/help on workaround or why
System Applications PRB880157 Setting 'glide.ui.escape_text' property to false, displays the message 'The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.' on applications page
System Applications PRB865445 Error occurs when a user executes track in update set UI action: temp tables with name starting with rep$ are created and not cleaned up
System Applications PRB718699 AppUpload fails with password with special characters
System Applications PRB723703 After non-admins were allowed to use update sets, when non-admins (not delegated developers) switch scopes in the application picker, the update set does not change
Tables and Dictionary PRB725054 Schema map produces html tags and is broken
Tables and Dictionary PRB713817 Admins can create reference columns on sys_choice, which does not work
Tables and Dictionary PRB716677 The Table form should warn users when attempting to remove a schema attribute
Task Flattening PRB654348 Datatype is wrongly replaced during task flattening
Team Development PRB673926 If Team Development is turned on and too many local changes exist, performance issue occurs when adding new versions.
Team Development PRB721443 Resolving a collision or comparing version records for a table that does not exist causes a NPE
Team Development PRB713228 RemoteGlideRecord - two-pass query does not propagate errors to current RGR object during second pass
Team Development PRB737918 Team Development can cause committing an update set to take a long time if the proper indexes are not present
Team Development PRB730569 Team Development pushes appear successful, but Stage is not set to Completed
Team Development PRB711706 Pushes can be cancelled before a mutex is acquired
Team Development PRB673198 Team Development transactions can be cancelled by scoped quota rules
Templates PRB714467 save_as_template' ACLs are not evaluated in standard change template 'Template value' fields
Templates PRB714433 When opening the 'incident.itil.role' template from System Policies > Email>Templates, the table field is set to 'None' by default
Test Management PRB721864 On a test plan, using the 'Save as Test Suite' related link does not have a character limit. Any text over 40 characters is not saved.
Test Management PRB716155 Number of test cases (number_cases) display wrong and broken numbers when added by choice list.
Test Management PRB705346 Test plan that has been signed-off through the 'Related Links' carries that information forward to copied test plans, and is in read only format so no way to remove or have sign-off on the copied test plan
Test Management PRB723303 In Test Management plugin, selecting a test environment removes the colon from the URL link
Test Suite PRB704841 'Notify Tester' link is active although testers are unassigned
Text Search PRB634104 Text search (Zing) using wildcards does not return the expected results
Text Search PRB752946 Index full table might cause OOM for large table (around 30M records)
Text Search PRB760776 Index might not include variable value in variable set
Text Search PRB707388 Text search multiple keywords (e.g a sentence ), the group by count on each category was not properly populated
Text Search PRB741168 Knowledge search using full-width Romaji characters does not return the knowledge article
Text Search PRB707243 Breadcrumbs in table sections of global search results display query segments added by before query business rules, which is a deviation from the way the rest of the platform works
Text Search PRB722024 Error message 'search term is to ambiguous' displays when users searching for a word with root (after stemming) as stop word
Time Card Management PRB753932 Out of box value of "com.snc.time_sheet.max_hours_per_week" property is "--1"
Time Card Management PRB713518 Default time_card list layout (sys_ui_list_time_card_null) configuration is reverted to OOTB after an upgrade
Time Card Management PRB908462 Business rule update task timer creates a new task record with the same sys_id when users delete an incident
Transaction and Session Management PRB724909 Request accessed after the transaction is over causing a UndeclaredThrowableException
UI Components PRB715347 As long as '_123STREAMENTRY321_' is placed at the beginning of the comment line of a record, the notification (having ${comments}) being sent does not contain that comment
UI Components PRB680820 Unable to delete templates from the template bar in any non-English language
UI Components PRB716458 @Mention service throws NPE when @mentioning inactive user records
UI Components PRB682226 Unexpected keyboard navigation through tab interface
UI Components PRB697696 Activity Stream is not respecting ACL for work notes. The field appears at the activity stream for user without write access
UI Components PRB718313 In Istanbul SLA Definitions, the Variables item is not available from the 'Show Related Fields' menu
UI Components PRB709575 List v3 header context menu translation issue: 'Change View' is not translated
UI Components PRB711333 Modal that appears when hovering over "i" icon on List v2 and records is not indicating user can hold "Shift" key to lock modal for scrolling
UI Components PRB649287 The g_user object has firstName and lastName values switched on a CMS page.
UI Components PRB651257 [Accessibility] JAWS does not recognize navigator applications as collapsed or expanded
UI Components PRB910288 Since Istanbul, 'On Demand' choice is no longer available in 'Run' filed on the scheduled report form
UI Components PRB914839 Tablet UI bug - Searching list fields
UI Components PRB925313 "Loading related lists" message does not go away when "After Form Loads" related list loading option is selected
UI Components PRB826169 Skip to main content link is occasionally inoperable
UI Components PRB673010 TinyMCE advanced options in the html_insert_image_dialog UI page have legends that overlap field sets
UI Components PRB683519 'Remove the Logout button' is not working correctly
UI Components PRB651248 Certain user interface elements are not selectable via the keyboard
UI Components PRB652482 Error text is not programmatically flagged
UI Components PRB670619 NVDA screen reader repeats a lot of extra text due to the favorite stars that users find confusing
UI Components PRB760834 Process Flow formatter is not level A conformant (the minimum level of conformance)
UI Components PRB826163 After upgrading to Jakarta, an administrator is unable to change the text colors of the navigation modules
UI Components PRB716184 Filters with condition 'more than' and 'less than' do not work as expected for v3 lists
UI Components PRB697428 List v3: Journal Input types of fields do not store the data when saved through List edit for UI16
UI Components PRB698978 Third box in filter builder in list v2 does not announce that it disappears, causing issues for users with screen readers
UI Components PRB709949 Cannot read transaction timer widget with a screen reader
UI Components PRB711669 In some UI16 themes, some elements are unreadable
UI Components PRB711936 IE11, TinyMCE. Highlighting only part of a hyperlink's text and selecting 'Insert/Edit Link' does not display any value in the URL field.
UI Components PRB712941 If renaming the file with more than 100 characters, an alert box is not translated
UI Components PRB658099 Accessibility mode breadcrumbs are read incorrectly
UI Components PRB667478 In Geneva, global search does not trim left and right spaces in the searched text like in Fuji
UI Components PRB753457 In List v3, building a filter query with multiple conditions involving a currency2 field does not yield the proper results
UI Components PRB762376 Accessibility - The lock button is read to the screen reader as "Lock quote button"
UI Components PRB716698 List v3 - Cannot change the number of rows showing in the reference picker popup
UI Components PRB683216 SLA definition for sc_task (Catalog Task) does not allow to specify the variable details for the catalog Item, and the SLA does not attach to the task record
UI Components PRB657709 Email form does not display boundary boxes on Internet Explorer 11
UI Components PRB664487 In the ESS portal, the 'Account Settings' menu is not accessible via the keyboard (CMS)
UI Components PRB852940 List cell style calculation is expensive/inefficient
UI Components PRB859369 Annotations disappear during an upgrade
UI Components PRB740035 Display / Hide list button icon does not have an alt-text associated with it causes accessibility issues
UI Components PRB725498 Title attributes used in tooltips are not keyboard accessible
UI Components PRB678114 max_unit=hours attribute is not honored when list editing a duration field in UI 16
UI Components PRB701473 The date picker widget is keyboard inaccessible
UI Components PRB711658 Developer sidebar shows on document outline for users who have no access to it
UI Components PRB664484 Visual focus is not provided for CMS portal header elements
UI Components PRB666121 TinyMCE editor strips out <link> tags in Geneva
UI Components PRB741775 No label associated with Pagination field
UI Components PRB899508 glide.history.max_entries not working as expected
UI Components PRB743402 Web forms have improper label and ID
UI Components PRB732934 Web: frame issues
UI Components PRB671386 Detail row disappears when sorting/paging/filtering using the reference lookup
UI Components PRB673205 btn-primary, btn-success and btn-destructive do not have sufficient level of contrast
UI Components PRB680943 The activity formatter 'show one journal field' is broken when using a custom field. It shows 2 check boxes instead of one
UI Components PRB720620 Images and formatting do not copy over from OneNote into TinyMCE fields
UI Components PRB640657 The Time Worked field does not show the total time when set to read-only
UI Components PRB737140 Drop-down menus are not adequately labelled
UI Components PRB739802 Hidden Table Headers are read out by screen reader
UI Components PRB757209 On system properties pages, the "Yes | No" check boxes do not have good labels for screen readers
UI Components PRB716655 setAbortAction() causes Decimal / Currency fields to be corrupted on the next form update
UI Components PRB707753 Helsinki List v3: When approving sysapproval_approver records in list view, system takes users to the home page instead of back to the sysapproval_approver list after approval is processed
UI Components PRB712295 Planned effort cannot add 3 numbers in a list view
UI Components PRB743959 Navigation history shows history from other users until page is refreshed
UI Components PRB915489 'On change' client script is executed twice when the 'on change' field is set to read only via dictionary
UI Components PRB722019 List Controls menu does not have descriptive text (List v2)
UI Components PRB760301 Field Dependency ListV3 . List V3 does not respect the Dependent field
UI Components PRB724830 Charts use color to differentiate and must use another alternative way to convey information to a user.
UI Components PRB676583 UI16: Navigator applications with ampersand show with &amp; with glide.ui.escape_text=false
UI Components PRB677731 Application Menus display when there is an inaccessible nested module that has "override application menu roles" checked
UI Components PRB717583 List v3 dot-walked choice dropdown is blank
UI Components PRB710639 When trying to upload a file where mime type does not match file content, UI does not throw an error
UI Components PRB711057 List v3 form reference popup does not honor reference qualifiers for dot-walked reference fields
UI Components PRB712019 Work notes are displayed out of order on Changes
UI Components PRB651263 Visual focus does not settle on first form field upon opening
UI Components PRB659031 "null" displayed when hovering over items on right side of slushbucket list collector variable in record producers
UI Components PRB748956 (UI Performance) Bump angular JS version for forms to 1.5.11
UI Components PRB723284 Users without privileges cannot save filter using condition builder
UI Policy/Client Script PRB627317 Client-side GlideRecord has no _next() function
UI Policy/Client Script PRB906667 "Download All" on the "manage attachments" window is not translated
UI Policy/Client Script PRB742637 When non-English language is selected, the system settings lose the ability to change the home page or dashboard
Update Sets PRB655182 Users get error when trying to merge update sets for an app installed from the store
Update Sets PRB681563 Update set preview should not fail if 1 record is bad. Previewer should be able to handle an empty table for a Form layout
Update Sets PRB674866 Reparenting of existing table via update set works when it should not
Update Sets PRB665954 sys_ui_list elements for database views throw 'Update set preview' errors.
Update Sets PRB714776 Update set back out deletes OOTB record if update set creates it ahead of plugin activation
Update Sets PRB753249 HUS Commit: Committing a HUS with a table deleted for table that does not exist leaves the state as 'Committing'
Update Sets PRB832926 Test connection button says incorrect username/password when they are correct
Update Sets PRB653534 Update sets committed and plugins activated during upgrade can unleash chaos
Update Sets PRB680919 Preview update set progress dialog closes automatically when the update set preview is complete
Update Sets PRB636890 Field Label is not captured in update set if created through 'Form Layout'
Update Sets PRB646724 Multiple update sets can be committed at the same time and thereby trigger simultaneous online alters of flattened tables
Update Sets PRB665830 Update set preview is cancellable, so it sometimes gets cancelled by the 'scoped background transactions quota' rule
Update Sets PRB724699 Update set back out throws exceptions when the update set contains updates for a table that does not exist
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB753539 Upgrade failed for updating sys_properties record that has empty value on the 'sys_class_name' field
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB731198 An upgrade will update glide.war and notify HI of a successful upgrade even when it declines to run because the system is paused
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB724208 Loader uses display_value to find or create a view, leading to duplicate views and coalesce problems for instances in other languages
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB897749 Revert to base system does not work for some updates after upgrading to Istanbul
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB689850 Database upgrade runs even if dist upgrade does not upgrade the node
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB734941 The "Run Fix Script" UI action on the fix scripts table does not run the fix script in the correct scope
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB829971 Recurring console.log() running on the Upgrade Monitor page whenever an upgrade is in progress
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB671262 Thread that runs the upgrade refuses to mark records as customized even though it customizes them
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB803944 Plugin activation/upgrade sometimes writes a baseline sys_update_version record with an empty source field
Usage Analytics PRB945829 When multiple app entries exist for the same plugin with different labels, the plugin activation check produces incorrect results
Usage Analytics PRB752044 Release glide database dump instances are uploading usage and downloading app usage status, even though they are self-hosted
Usage Analytics PRB900813 For licensing counts, if the count config is turned off, use ua_stats_defn to report counts
Visual Task Boards PRB716040 Upgrading from Fuji to Geneva does not replace the script includes named 'VTBTaskSecurity'
Visual Task Boards PRB739275 Notification emails are sent from ""
Visual Task Boards PRB710858 Visual Task Board activity streams only support comments and work notes as journal input types
Visual Task Boards PRB715399 Visual Task Boards that point to overlapping vtb_task records can prevent non-admins from seeing cards
Web Services PRB710625 Web Service on business rules incorrectly renders variable field boxes when JSON content variable is two word Ex 'short description'
Web Services PRB738811 After upgrade to Helsinki, integration traffic could be routed through the API_INT pool, instead of its previously specified dedicated pool
Web Services PRB716434 Using a SHA-2 key with WS-Security results in the SOAP request still having "SignatureMethod Algorithm=""
Web Services PRB664609 RESTResponseV2.getErrorMessage() does not return message from the outbound service
Web Services PRB670554 Script error in generated JavaScript of the API explorer
Web Services PRB623007 REST API explorer Authorization 'send as another user' saves cookie & sets up whole instance session as another user
Web Services PRB710320 Integrations relying on deprecated SoapMessage API fail
Web Services PRB669482 Inbound import set web services table names accept special characters and white spaces, leading to a MySQL error and the table is not created in the database
Web Services PRB733418 SOAP insertMultipleResponse yields inconsistent results when invoked simultaneously
Web Services PRB677911 Table API returns all records when sysparm_offset contains a negative value
Web Services PRB693473 Enhancement request: URL parameter sysparm_query_category for query routing does not work for REST API calls
Web Services PRB603946 Scripted Web Service: Order of output parameters is not the same as in WSDL
Web Services PRB646918 REST API Explorer Attachment API curl snippet problems
Web Services PRB651322 Integer fields with null values return 0 in SOAP
Web Services PRB737653 When a URL does not exist, REST returns code 500
Web Services PRB667809 REST API explorer has wrong description for sysparm_input_display_value
Workflow PRB719264 When the RITM state is set to 'Closed Incomplete', the group approval stays 'active = true' and 'state = Open'
Workflow PRB711054 'Show Workflow' UI Action does not load the workflow in ESS pages
Workflow PRB591554 Workflow Activity "Catalog Task" Performs sc_cat_item Query and Can Cause Stack OverFlow Error
Workflow PRB748338 Scriptable order guide causes proceeding activities such as 'Approvals' or 'Catalog Task' to not work properly
Workflow PRB689050 When a user checks out a workflow and goes into an activity, switching the form view from "Diagrammer View" to "Default" closes the Activity Properties form
Workflow PRB914192 All approval activities should return skipped if there are no approval records generated for the activity
Workflow PRB707390 In Item Designer, service level agreements are not evaluated correctly on a catalog task when the task is closed
Workflow PRB709431 If condition 'Run if no other workflows match' workflow properties does not seem to be working according to wiki definition
Workflow PRB743553 When workflow gets cancelled, stage icon for the current stage still shows 'In Progress' and all the future stages as skipped
Workflow PRB745401 The lock activity spins until it acquires the lock, never failing
Workflow PRB752000 Workflow fails to attain mutex on context records in Oracle environments
Workflow PRB810563 ITIL users can delete sysapproval_group records, causing approval group activities from the approval groups source record to be stuck in 'Running' state
Workflow PRB709900 Approvals received before reaching Approval workflow activity is not evaluated. Workflow will still wait for approval.
Workflow PRB711666 'Request Cancelled' stage for requested item is not translated
Workflow PRB713671 Changing the state of a state_task record to 'Completed' generates duplicate activity entries
Workflow PRB714910 Manual approval activity does not work if another manual approval activity is already used
Workflow PRB743477 Timeline visualization for a workflow context does not work when using a session with non-English language
Workflow PRB717446 The glide.ui.js_includes property set to false results in a browser error when trying to load the Workflow Canvas
Workflow PRB657531 Scheduled Workflow Jobs fail when created in a scoped application
Workflow PRB880021 Workflow Context UI action jumps to subflow instead of jumping to parent (Expect for Requested Item table fixed in PRB592331)
Workflow PRB904888 Emergency changes requested for re-approval after being rejected can cause duplicate approvals
Workflow PRB759067 Variable of Workflow Activity and its Type and Annotation are missing in "Form Design" page in 'Istanbul' & it works in Helsinki.
Workflow PRB724983 Published Workflow Conditions gets changed when viewing the wf_workflow_version record in New Workflow view
Workflow PRB799100 Copying workflows does not check for name uniqueness
Workflow PRB710730 Variables on the Catalog task activity are not sorted in alphabetical order
Workflow PRB713188 Issue with the WorkflowApprovalUtils functionality in that the WorkflowApprovalUtils().cancelAll function does not work when passing it a GlideRecord object (passing it 'current' works as expected)
Workflow PRB752340 Approval Coordinator does not work sometimes if we have duplicate users
Workflow PRB759309 Unable to select variables in the workflow editor condition statement for request item workflows
Workflow PRB712709 Deleting records from 'sys_user' causes full table scans against 'wf_context'
Workflow PRB793457 Stage Icons are not rendered if Stage text has apostrophe (')
Service Catalog PRB901936 Express - Catalog execution plan conditions using checkbox variables interpret OR as AND