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Service Level Agreement release notes

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Service Level Agreement release notes

ServiceNow® Service Level Agreement application enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

New in the Jakarta release

New and enhanced features of SLA Timeline
SLA timeline
  • Filter has been introduced to provide filtering of the data that the timeline displays.
  • Task SLA Details section has been introduced that displays information on stages, task updates, and out-of-schedule for SLA timeline.
  • Stepped zoom has been introduced to provide several zoom in or out levels to control SLA timeline zoom resolution.
  • Toggle button has been introduced to show/hide task updates that did not cause an SLA stage.
  • An ability to debug or verify has been introduced for you to check if a task is mapped appropriately with a defined SLA using the SLA timeline.
  • An ability to select business elapsed time or business time left has been introduced. The selection is saved into user preferences for display in the SLA timeline.
  • Reference picker has been introduced to preview the task selection to be introduced in the SLA timeline.
  • Refresh button has been introduced to refresh the SLA timeline with the latest values of the task SLA.
  • Carousel navigation has been added to take you through all the task stages easily.
  • An ability to select a different time zone from the SLA timeline has been added.
  • An ability to calculate the breach date and time of the SLA from the Due Date field of the task to which the SLA is attached to.
ITIL proven practices alignment
A new plugin that provides alignment with proven ITIL practices is introduced in this release. The Service Level Agreement Best Practice – Jakarta (com.snc.best_practice.sla.jakarta) plugin is activated by default for new customers. Customers who upgrade from a previous release must Request a plugin .
The plugin updates the Service Level Agreement form and functionality in the following ways.
  • The SLA notification and escalation workflow sends notifications when a task reaches a certain percentage of its allotted SLA duration.
  • The Service Level Target field has been added for filtering, searching, and reporting on different service level target types.
Service level agreement roles
Two new roles have been introduced: sla_admin and sla_manager.

Activation information

The SLA Timeline plugin (com.snc.sla.timeline) version 2.0.0 is activated for all customers who upgrade to the Jakarta release.