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Problem Management release notes

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Problem Management release notes

ServiceNow® Problem Management product enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

New in the Jakarta release

ITIL proven practices alignment
A new plugin that provides alignment with proven ITIL practices is introduced in this release. The Problem Management Best Practice – Jakarta (com.snc.best_practice.problem.jakarta) plugin is activated by default for new customers.
The plugin updates the Problem form and functionality in the following ways.
  • Makes the Work notes field mandatory when there is a change in the problem priority, so that problem managers can more easily track what caused a change in priority.
  • Added the Major Problem check box and the Review Outcome field to facilitate the management and documentation of major problem reviews.
  • Added the report Incident Trend by Configuration Item, so problem managers can view incident trends by service or configuration item (CI) over time to determine potential problems.
  • Updated the Problem form layout, adding the fields Business service, Impact, Urgency, Closed, and Closed by and changed the layout of the form to make it more user-friendly.
  • Makes the Priority field read-only. This field is set based on the impact and urgency of the problem.
  • Hides the Known error field on the Problem form and the Known error flag is set to true when the problem is set to the state Known Error.
  • Updated the UI action Close Incident to Resolve Incident enabling problem owners to resolve and communicate updates to child incidents when a resolution has been identified. Your users can review and confirm the resolution.

Activation information

Problem Management is active by default.