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Change Management release notes

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Change Management release notes

ServiceNow® Change Management product enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

New in the Jakarta release

ITIL proven practices alignment
A new plugin that provides alignment with proven ITIL practices is introduced in this release. The Change Management Best Practice – Jakarta (com.snc.best_practice.change.jakarta) plugin is activated by default for new customers. Customers who upgrade from a previous release must Request a plugin .

The plugin updates the Change form and functionality in the following ways.

  • Added the Outages related list to the Change Request form.
  • Sends notifications to the requester when a change is approved and scheduled, when work has begun, and when work has been completed.
  • Sends notifications to the requester when a change request is put on hold or removed from on hold.
  • Displays a report showing the list of planned outages, so that decisions about scheduling change requests can be made accordingly.
  • Reorganized the Change form to better reflect the needs of a change manager or requester.
  • Added the Task SLA related list and rearranged related lists.
  • Updated the fields in the Change Request pop-up view to show the most relevant information.
  • Added approval history to the change request activity log.
  • Added the Requested by field to the Change Request list view.
  • Added Planned start date, Planned end date, and Type fields to the Change Task form.
  • Rearranged the fields on the Change Task form to contain the fields that provide most value for your users.
  • Updated the mandatory and restricted Change Request properties for standard Change templates.
  • Added that the change task type Implementation must fall within the planned start/end dates of the related change request.
  • Made Work notes mandatory when a change request is canceled.
  • Added new state values: Pending, Open, In Progress, Closed, and Canceled to the Change Task form.
  • Provides a warning that the planned end date is prior to planned start date now occurs on the Change Request and Change Task forms.
Standard change properties
A two-step verification process has been introduced in requesting a standard change from service catalog. The process redirects the requester from a standard change template to a change request that can be viewed prior to submission. The two-step process is enabled in standard change properties.
Standard change proposals can now include change tasks. When approved, the resulting standard change templates generate change tasks.
Standard change restricted fields are no longer allowed to be included in a standard change proposal.
CAB workbench
  • In the CAB Definition and CAB Meeting form, the Order button is removed and the Add Sort button was added for agenda management. This button allows agenda sorting by one or more fields.
  • The CAB Date field is now updated to the most recent CAB meeting date that the change request is associated with.
  • The Allotted Time field has been added to the Agenda item list and displays the allotted time for that item. Allotted time allows the CAB manager to override the default amount of time per agenda item.
  • The meeting start time and meeting end time fields are now mandatory.
  • The form widget has been enhanced to allow more lines of content to be displayed in the planning form section.

Changed in this release

  • Impacted CI's/Services: associates all configuration items listed in the Affected CIs related list on a change request with the Affected by Task related list on the configuration item record. Previously, only the CI identified in the Configuration Item field was related.
  • CI's Affected by Task: associates the CIs or services listed in the Impacted Services/CIs related list on a change request with the Impacted by Task related list on the configuration item record.
  • CI's Impacted by Task: associates CIs listed in the Impacted CI’s/Services related list on a change request or service with the CI in question on the Impacted by Task related list.

Removed in this release

  • In the CAB Definition and CAB Meeting forms, the Order button under the Change Request Addition Conditions is removed. The Add Sort button replaces the Order button in the CAB meeting agenda.

Activation information

Active by default.