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Benchmarks release notes

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Benchmarks release notes

ServiceNow® Benchmarks is a new application in the Jakarta release.

The Benchmarks feature gives you instant visibility into your key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends, as well as comparative insight relative to industry averages of your peers. You can contrast the performance of your organization with recognized industry standards, and view a side-by-side comparison of performance with global benchmarks.

Benchmarks features

Collect ITSM and ITOM category benchmark data to compare against global values. There are 13 ITSM KPIs and 3 ITOM (CMDB) KPIs.

For Benchmarks users not on the Jakarta release, you can see the basic Benchmarks version (6 KPIs) by logging in to HI Service Portal.

KPI definition customization
Customize KPI conditions and source as per your implementation.
Benchmarks dashboard in Service Portal
View KPI data and performance trends in the Benchmarks dashboard in Service Portal (mobile friendly).
Downloadable KPI reports
Download KPI list-view and historical trend charts in a single PDF report from the Benchmarks dashboard.
Email notification
Automatically receive an email notification when new monthly Benchmarks data is available.
Integration with Performance Analytics
Integration with Performance Analytics for daily data collection and drill-down capabilities on KPI data.

Activation information

Active by default. The Benchmarks plugin is new in Jakarta. However, you must opt in to the Benchmarks program to participate.

See Benchmarks for more information.