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Discovery release notes

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Discovery release notes

ServiceNow® Discovery application enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Jakarta upgrade information

For details on the following upgrade tasks, see Upgrading Discovery to the Jakarta release:
Several new patterns are available in this release. Certain patterns are inactive by default for upgrades, while others replace probes automatically upon upgrade. Decide which patterns you want to use and make sure that you configure the appropriate credentials for each.
vCenter events
The table schema for vCenter discovery changes upon upgrade. Additionally, several new vCenter events are supported by default but are not automatically added to your vCenter event collector. View the new table schema and configure any existing vCenter event collectors.

New in the Jakarta release

New vCenter event collector events
The vCenter event collector can handle several new events to update virtual machine CIs accordingly.
vCenter probe parameters
Two vCenter probe parameters, disable_vm_nics_vnics and disable_vm_nic_vdisks are available for administrators who want to control the discovery of network interfaces and storage disks in virtual machines. These parameters are configured on the VMware - vCenter VMs probe and come with pre-set defaults.
Newly discovered vCenter CIs
Discovery now populates distributed virtual switches, distributed virtual port groups, clustered data stores (storage pods), and vDisks.
SNMP probe parameter for load balancers
The result_format parameter for the SNMP - F5 BIG-IP - System and SNMP - Netscaler - System probes returns data in a more compact format for improved performance.
Configuration file tracking
Configure the system to collect information about changes in configuration files belonging to a configuration item (CI). You can also set up a deletion strategy to determine what to do with configuration file CIs.
Serverless Discovery
Discovery can find applications on host machines without the need to discover the host first. Serverless discovery relies on infrastructure patterns and skips the scanning and classification phases of discovery.

Changed in this release

  • New patterns for the Jakarta release: The functionality in several probes and sensors are now available in patterns.
  • Load balancers: Discovery uses patterns to find several load balancer by default (for new Jakarta installs).

  • Software Asset Management: When the Software Asset Management plugin is active, the Applications [cmdb_ci_appl] table references the installed software record in the Software Installations [cmdb_sam_sw_install] table.

  • Storage volumes: The name, size and object ID of vdisks for storage volumes are populated in the Storage Volume [cmdb_ci_storage_volume] table.
  • VMware vCenter data model: The VMware vCenter data model includes new tables and relationships.
  • AWS and Azure clouds: The way that Discovery finds resources in AWS and Azure clouds relies on the configuration of service accounts and MID Server in the cloud. You can track the results of cloud discovery with new logs: the Cloud API Trail and the Cloud Orchestration Trail.
    Note: You can continue using legacy discovery schedules for Azure and AWS. You should disable these legacy Discovery schedules if you want to use the new discovery schedules available on the service account records.

Activation information

Discovery is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the ServiceNow platform and requires the Discovery plugin. To purchase a subscription, contact your ServiceNow account manager or sales representative.