Event Management upgrade tasks

During an upgrade, a script converts and moves Event Management rules and events for the release. Even though this script runs automatically, there are additional upgrade tasks that you may need to complete after the upgrade.

  • During the platform upgrade, the Event Management connectors are working and continue to retrieve events. The events are being processed, transformed to an alert using event rules and if there is a suitable alert action rule, a task is created. However, the impact calculation is not supported during the platform upgrade.
    Note: During the Event Management plugin upgrade, ALL Event Management jobs do NOT work.
    During the platform upgrade, the following Event Management jobs remain running as their Upgrade safe flag is marked as true:
    • Connector execution job
    • Event Management - close flapping alerts
    • Event Management - close threshold alerts
    • Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts
    • Event Management - Maintenance Calculator
    • Event Management - process events
    During the platform upgrade, all other Event Management jobs wait for the platform upgrade to finish.
  • After the automatic upgrade, Review imported rules for Event Management and update event rules as necessary:
    • Notice that the Source field replaces the event_class field from the previous release. If the event Source field is missing or the event originates from an incorrect source, use the event filters on the event rule to get the event originator.
    • In an event record, verify that the Source instance field shows the name of the event source. For example, SNMP Trap Collector.
    • Pay attention to rules with the same filter, especially for event rules that use transforms and thresholds. Ensure that the filter uses unique values or set the Order field to designate the rule that should run first.
    • If you are sending REST events or using a custom connector, verify that the connector Source field identifies the event monitoring software that generated the event. If necessary, add a Connector Parameter for the Source and Event Class fields.
  • After the automatic upgrade, confirm that events and alerts process properly. Update event rules as necessary:
    • If an event rule filter uses the Source or Event Class fields, the event rule filter may require changes.
    • Notice that event sources that omit the Message Key cause the alert to incorrectly identify as a different alert. If the message key is based on the Source, the Message Key value can change. Verify that the Source value contains the event monitoring software that generated the event.
Note: Event Management jobs that started running before the upgrade commenced continue to run during the platform upgrade.