Application Portfolio Management release notes

ServiceNow® Application Portfolio Management product enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Activation information

You can activate the Application Portfolio Management (com.snc.apm) plugin if you have the admin role.

Additional requirements

Dashboards for Application Portfolio Management include reports for Change, Incident, and Problem. The following content packs are required to render the dashboards and reports:

  • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Application Portfolio Management and Change Request (
  • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Application Portfolio Management and Incident (
  • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Application Portfolio Management and Problem (

Browser requirements

Internet Explorer version 10 and later.

New in the Jakarta release

Business Capability Assessment
  • Define configuration items (CIs) for the business capabilities of your organization in the new CI class named Business Capability. You can assess the effectiveness of business capabilities based on the preconfigured people, process, and technology indicators.
  • To view the assessment scores of business capabilities and the business processes or business services supporting the business capability, use the Capability Maps. To view the assessment of business capabilities, use the capability map report.
  • To view the assessment scores of business applications and the business services that the application supports, use the Business Service Applications Map.
  • To help enterprise architects and IT executives to identify areas of business that require investments, use the Assessments Maps visualization that provides clarity, comprehensibility, and visibility at the enterprise level.
Usability improvements
  • Directly navigate to the Application Group Analysis page from the Application Portfolio Management landing page. Click the Analyze Portfolio to view the applications and filter them to the fiscal period that you want to analyze.
  • Hide or show the labels for bubbles in the Bubble charts. If you have many bubbles in the chart, hiding the labels helps unclutter the chart.
  • Click Clear all filters to clear all the fields in the Filter Apps section of the Application Group Analysis page.
  • Sort and group the applications in the Application Group analysis and Application analysis pages.
  • Configure the Application Roadmap to group the applications into a family or category.
Integration with Service Mapping
Application Portfolio Management is integrated with service mapping. With this integration Service Mapping lets you to see the relationships or mapping of the CIs that relate to the business application in your organization. You must activate Application Portfolio Management with Business Service mapping (com.snc.apm_sm) plugin for the integration.