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Use favorites in UI15

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Use favorites in UI15

In UI15, you can select modules as favorites to quickly filter out modules you do not use often.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Each module in the application navigator has a star icon to the left of the module name that can be selected (Favorites icon selected) or deselected (Favorites icon deselected).

Note: If you upgrade to UI16, you must recreate any UI15 favorites manually.


  1. Click the star icons to select and deselect modules as favorites.
  2. Click the filter favorites icon (Filter favorites icon) next to the navigation filter to toggle between showing only the favorite modules and showing all modules.

What to do next

By default, a module is automatically selected as a favorite when you open the module. To disable this setting, click the menu icon (Application navigator menu icon) in the application navigator header and select Automatically Add Favorites.