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Restrict view by role

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Restrict view by role

You can use a script to control the form view used by different roles.

Caution: The customization described here was developed for use in specific instances, and is not supported by ServiceNow Customer Support. This method is provided as-is and should be tested thoroughly before implementation. Post all questions and comments regarding this customization to our community forum.

Name: Restrict View by Role

Type: System UI > View Rules

Table: Any

Description: Generally the view used on a form is controlled by either specifying the sysparm_view parameter in the url or module properties, or by inheriting the view from the previous form or list. Sometimes this does not apply, such as when opening a referenced field form from a record producer. In this case, you may want to control the view of the form based on roles. This script assumes there is a view called ess available to the current table.

  • view - A string containing the name of the current view.
  • is_list - A Boolean value indicating whether this is a list view.


(function overrideView(view, is_list) {
//Force non-itil users to use the ess view
if (gs.hasRole("itil"))
if (view.startsWith("ess"))
// do not change view if it starts with sys_ (e.g. sys_ref_list)
if (view.startsWith("sys_"))
answer = "ess"; // set the new view to answer
})(view, is_list);