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Elevate to a privileged role

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Elevate to a privileged role

The base system admin can elevate to a privileged role to have access to the features of High Security Settings.

Before you begin

Role required: admin
Note: If you grant additional users the admin role, they cannot elevate to a privileged role. Only the out-of-box admin can elevate.


  1. Do the appropriate action for your version of the UI:
    1. In the banner frame, click your user name.
    2. Select Elevate Roles.
    UI15 or UI11 In the banner frame, click the lock icon (UI11 Lock icon) by your user name.
    A dialog box appears.
    The elevate roles dialog box
  2. Select an elevated role and click OK. This role grants the user elevated privileges to all resources controlled by the role for the remainder of the session. When the user logs out, the elevated privileges are terminated and must be reestablished at the next login. When elevated privileges are activated, the icon has an unlocked appearance.
    Elevated privilege icon
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