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UI15 banner frame and Edge buttons

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UI15 banner frame and Edge buttons

The banner frame runs across the top of every page. In UI15, buttons on the Edge provide shortcuts to work with bookmarks and the user interface.

The banner frame for UI15 contains a logo and the following information, controls, and tools.
Table 1. UI15 banner frame controls
Control Description
Welcome message Shows the name of the current user and provides a link to the user's profile.
Impersonation key icon (Impersonation key icon) (Administrators only) Allows the administrator to switch user views without logging out; useful for testing security and role-specific setup functions.
Elevate privileges icon (Elevate privileges icon) (Elevated privilege roles only) Allows the user to Elevate to a higher security role when needed and then return to their normal role.
Global text search icon (Global text search icon) Global text search finds records from multiple tables.
Collapse/Expand banner icon (Collapse banner icon/Expand banner icon) Alters the amount of space the banner frame occupies.
Logout Returns to the Welcome page for subsequent login.
Gear icon (Gear icon) Displays the system menu with additional settings and controls.

The gear icon, located within the banner frame, displays the system menu.

Table 2. System menu controls
Control Description
What's new Opens a slideshow of UI15 highlights.
Help icon (Help icon) Opens the ServiceNow Wiki in another window or tab.
Home icon (Home icon) Provides links to available dashboards.
Wrap Longer Text in List Columns Long strings wrap in list columns instead of appearing as one long line when this setting is enabled.
Compact View The UI is optimized to display more information in the browser window when this setting is enabled.
Accessibility Enabled Section 508 accessibility features are activated when this setting is enabled.
Tabbed forms Form sections and related lists appear in tabs when this setting is enabled. This setting previously appeared as an icon in the form header.
Alt/⌘+Click Opens List Links in Form Pane Pressing Alt (PC) or Command (Mac) and clicking the record name in a list, opens the record in a new form pane tab when this setting is enabled.
Date/Time The format in which dates and times appear depends on this setting. Select Calendar (for example, 2014-11-13, 15:58:58), Time Ago (for example, 11 minutes ago), or Both.
Compact list date/time Date and time values appear in a compact format when this setting is enabled. The year is not shown for date values within the current year, and seconds are not shown for time values. This setting is not available if the Date/Time selection is Time Ago.
Split Layout Splits the content frame into two panes, either Vertical or Horizontal. In a vertical split, the list pane is on the left and the form pane is on the right. In a horizontal split, the list pane is on the top and the form pane is on the bottom. Select None to disable the split layout.
Related List Loading Determines when related lists load on forms. For more information, see Configure when a related list loads.
Application (Administrators only) Provides a link to the Applications list (Link to the Applications list), the application picker, and the currently selected application (Link to the currently selected application).
Update Set (Administrators only) Provides a link to the update sets list, the update set picker, and the currently selected update set.
Language Select a language or return to the default language (Return to default language). This option is available if a language plugin is activated.
Time zone Select a time zone or return to the default time zone (Return to default time zone).
Theme Select a theme for the user interface or return to the system theme (Return to system theme).
Domain Specifies the currently selected domain for organizations that are using domain separation. The user must have the domain_admin role for this setting to appear.
Printer friendly version (Printer friendly version icon) Opens a printer friendly version of the current content frame.
JavaScript Log and Field Watcher (JavaScript Log and Field Watcher icon) (Administrators only) Opens the client-side JavaScript Debug window. This icon is commonly called the debug icon.
Figure 1. System menu
Figure 2. UI15 Edge
Table 3. UI15 Edge buttons
Button Description
Toggle navigator Shows or hides the application navigator.
List and form view Splits the content frame into two vertical panes, with the list pane on the left and the form pane on the right. To split the pane horizontally, click the gear icon in the banner frame and then click Split Layout Horizontal.
Tagged documents Displays the Tagged Documents page.
All bookmarks Provides a list of all bookmarks in the Edge. Users can create, customize, and delete bookmarks. For more information, see Bookmarks.
Bookmark and pane-based UI help Displays the Edge help window.