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Create a simple reminder email

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Create a simple reminder email

With a date/time field, a business rule, and an email notification, you can set up a very simple reminder that sends a user an email at a specified time based on information in an incident.

About this task

In this example, we'll create a date/time field called Reminder on the incident form. We'll set up a business rule to define an event based on that field. And we'll create an email notification to react to that event.


  1. On the Incident form, create a Date/Time field called Reminder with a field name of u_reminder.
    Incident Form Reminder Field
  2. Define an event to be fired when the Reminder field gets a value.

    To create an event, "incident.reminder", that will fire at a specified time, use the gs.eventQueueScheduled() function. It is just like the standard event creation function, but you can pass a fifth parameter to specify when the event is to fire. In this case, fire at the date/time in the new Reminder field.

    Incident Reminder Business Rule
    gs.eventQueueScheduled("incident.reminder", current, gs.getUserID(), gs.getUserName(), current.u_reminder);
  3. Be sure to register your new event. Otherwise, the system won't know to look for it.
  4. Create an email notification that reacts to the new incident.reminder event.
    Incident Reminder Email Notification


Of course, this is the simplest case. There is nothing in place to delete or reschedule the reminder event if the incident gets deleted or if the Reminder date/time gets changed. The business rule as-is will schedule a new event every time the Reminder date/time changes. There is nothing to easily display a reminder that is currently scheduled for an incident. But for someone looking for a very simple reminder capability they can set up in just a few minutes, this will do the job.