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Search groups filter search results by table

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Search groups filter search results by table

The system displays search results by search group, which are collections of related tables that users can enable or disable to filter search results.

Within each search group, the system divides search results by table. A user must have read access to a table to see search results for it.

Default search groups

Table 1. Default system search groups
Search group Example tables
Tasks Incident, Change Request, Problem
Live Feed Live Feed Message
Policy Business Rule, UI Policy, Client Script
People & Places User, Group, Location, Company
Knowledge & Catalog Knowledge Base, Service Catalog

Displaying search results by group

The system displays knowledge and service catalog search results within their respective search results pages. The system displays other results in list format.

For exact match searches, the system only returns records from the Task (task) and Knowledge (kb_knowledge) tables.
Note: The system filters global search results to display only knowledge articles that are in the same language as the preferred language setting.
Figure 1. Example global search results
Search results

Options for administrators

Administrators can customize these search groups settings for all users:
  • Specifying which tables are part of the group.
  • Specifying whether the search group is available for use.
  • Specifying whether searches include results from this search group by default.
  • Creating new search groups.

Enabling a search groups allows users to see records from the search group's tables. Disabling a search group hides records from the search group's tables.

Options for users

Users can specify these individual search group preferences:
  • Specify which group and table search results are collapsed and expanded by default.
  • Specify which groups and tables the system includes in search results.

You can collapse or expand each search group and search table as you like, and those settings can be used for subsequent searches if you choose. For example, if you are rarely interested in Policy or Core Items search results, but still want to search them each time, you can collapse those groups.

If you do not want to search some groups or tables, you can deselect a search group or table on a per-user basis. Your preference is saved for subsequent searches. To deselect a search group, clear its check box on the search results page.

Figure 2. Deselecting search groups
Deselect search group

Click a search group's link, such as the blue Tasks link in the image above, to display a dialog box where you can deselect specific tables in each group.

Figure 3. Deselecting search tables
Deselect search tables