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Global text search displays results dynamically

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Global text search displays results dynamically

Display global text search results for each table as Zing generates them.

Figure 1. Global text search results UI

Zing displays search results in a dedicated page consisting of these elements.

Table 1. Elements of the global search results UI
UI element Description
1. Search terms The current search terms and a text box to enter new search terms.
2. Total results The total number of matching records.
3. Search group name The name of the search group.
4. Preview of matching records

The partial list of matching records up to the preview limit. By default, the system displays up to ten matching records per table. The system displays a separate list for each table in the search group sorted from highest to lowest document score.

By default, the system uses the table text_search list view if available. Otherwise, it displays fields with the default list view.

Administrators can set the preview results limit and the search results view from the global text search properties.

5. Table name The name of the search group table and the number of matching records in the table. Click the link to launch a filtered list view based on the query.
6. Table filter The current filter applied to search results from this table. Pointing to the information icon displays a pop-up containing the search filter applied. See Add a search group for information on applying a table filter to a search group.
7. Progress bar The current percentage of tables searched. The system hides this element after the search is complete.
8. Link to all table results The link to see all matching records from the search group table. Click the link to launch a filtered list view based on the query.
9. Global search box The standard global search text box.
10. Results summary The list of search groups and tables with the number of search results per group and table. Click the table name to display the associated preview list results.