Wildcard characters allow searching for patterns and variations

Expand search results to match any non-space character. The system supports both single-character and multiple-character wildcards.

The following searches support wildcard characters.
  • Global text search
  • Knowledge Base
  • Lists (text searches of all fields)
  • Reference fields
Note: Wildcard text searches are only effective with multiple character words. A wildcard within a sequence of pictogram characters returns too many options for an efficient search. Wildcards are best used with letter-based words.

To perform a single-character wildcard search, use the percent sign (%) character. This wildcard finds words that contain any one character in place the percent-sign-character. For example, to find words such as text or test, search for: te%t

To perform a multiple-character wildcard search, use the asterisk (*) character. This wildcard finds words that contain zero or more characters in place of the asterisk-character. For example, to find words such as planned or placed, search for: pl*d

You can use wildcard characters anywhere in a search string. If a wildcard search returns too many hits, the system displays a message asking you to refine the search. Administrators can set a global text search property to change the limit for wildcard search results.