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Pass event parameters from a workflow to a notification

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Pass event parameters from a workflow to a notification

You can pass two event parameters that send information about a record or related records from a workflow to a notification.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Policy > Events > Registry and define a new event to call.
  2. Create the activity step that calls the event from your workflow and assign the two possible parameters.
    These parameters can be references or fields on the record that triggered the workflow, such as current.number for the request item number. You can also dot-walk to records in other tables. The event then sends the parameters information to the notification that it triggers.
  3. Retrieve the parameters in the notification with email scripts by using event.parm1 and event.parm2.
    For example:
    var string = event.parm1.toString(); 


Another example using Sys IDs gives you access to anything in the record that triggered the workflow. Use a script like this to send information about a change or request to support personnel, for example.
var id = event.parm1.toString(); 
var gr = new GlideRecord('sc_req_item'); 
gr.get('sys_id', id); 
if ({
   // Do something.