Normalization Properties

On the Normalization Properties form, you can see and change the configurable properties for the Normalization Data Services plugin.

Table 1. Normalization Properties
Field Description
Reference qualifiers on all tables that reference Company will be updated to use the Normalized field. If Yes, any reference field for Company – for any table across the platform – uses the Normalized name. This service only works if you have run the Update Reference Qualifiers task in the Guided Setup.
Enable business rule that automatically normalizes manufacturer names for configuration items. If Yes, the system normalizes company names when you add or update configuration items by a mechanism other than Discovery (such as by manual import sets).
Enable Discovery to use the normalization service for manufacturer name. To have Discovery use the normalized company name for the manufacturer name, click Yes.
This property is to enable or disable the Normalization API. To enable the Normalization Data Service API, click Yes. To disable, click No. For details, see Normalization Data Services.