onShow script for List v2 context menus

The onShow script field defines a script that runs before the context menu is displayed to determine which options appear in the context menu.

Use this script to change the menu items on the list header menu based on the current field column. The following JavaScript variables are available to the onShow script when it is executed:
Table 1. onShow script variables
Variable Description
g_menu Context menu to be displayed.
g_item Current context menu item.
g_list GlideList2 against which the script runs.
g_fieldName Name of the field against which the context menu runs.
g_fieldLabel Label of the field against which the context menu runs.
g_sysId The sys_id of the row or form against which the script runs.
An example of an onShow script is one that determines when to enable or disable the Ungroup option in a list column heading menu based on whether the list is grouped or not.
if (g_list.getGroupBy()) {
   // list is grouped so enable to Ungroup menu item
} else {
   // list is not grouped, so disable the Ungroup menu item