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Run an import

You can manually run an import to immediately import data.


  1. From a Transform Map, click Transform.

    When the import is done, you'll see a link to go straight to the target table containing your imported records. The amount of time that it takes to run an import varies depending on the number of record to be imported and may take as long as several hours for very large import operations (tens of thousands of records).

  2. [optional] Click on the link View the imported data to see the loaded import set table.
  3. [optional] Click on the link Create transform map to create a new transform map to transform the data in the import set table to its target table.
  4. [optional] Click on the link Run import to execute an existing transform map for the loaded data.


Three things to note at this point:
  • The spreadsheet was imported, and a new table was created to hold the data.
  • Within that table, the imported records are designated with their own "Set" value.
  • A new module was created in the System Import Sets application for the new table.

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