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Specify a default field value

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Specify a default field value

A default value populates a value in a field when a new record is created.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

The default value populates the field on the blank form for a new record, and also subsequently when the new record is submitted if the field is empty. Default values can be specified as either a constant or generated through script.


  1. Right-click the field's label in the form and select Configure Dictionary.
  2. Enter the default value in the Default value field.
    To set a constant value, type it into the Default value text box field. To assign a default value using a more complex formula, use JavaScript to output a default value.
    Note: The default value should be the underlying value that would be present in the field, not the label. For example, in a choice list field, use the value of the choice as the default value, not the choice's name.

Constant default values

Here is an example that sets a default value for the Priority field.
Figure 1. Default value constant

To view out-of-box examples of JavaScript default values, navigate to System Definition > Dictionary and enter this filter: [Default value] [starts with] [javascript]. Open some of the records and view the default value javascript entries.

The following example sets a default value in a [sys_user_group] reference field by getting the ID from the name of a group.
javascript:GetIDValue('sys_user_group', 'Development');
This example for the Task [task] table describes how to configure the default value for the [assigned_to] user equal to the current user id if the user has a role of itil.
  • Column label: Assigned to
  • Column name: [assigned_to]
  • Reference Specification section
    • Reference: User [sys_user]
    • Reference qual condition: [Roles] [is] [itil]
  • Default value script:
    javascript:if (gs.hasRole("itil"))current.assigned_to = gs.getUserID();
To set a default value for a duration field, use the following in the Default value field of the duration field's dictionary entry:
javascript:current.duration_field.setDisplayValue('3 04:30:14');

Avoid hard-coding a particular date-time. If the system date-time format changes, the value becomes invalid. Instead, select the Use dynamic default check box and assign a dynamic filter option. For more information on dynamic filters, see Create a dynamic filter option .