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Create aliases

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Create aliases

Aliases are the variants of a field value in the instance that will be replaced by the normal value.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or normalizer

About this task

The list of potential aliases is the contents of the Pending Values related list. After creating a normal value, assign aliases to this value if the pool of pending values is small. A normalized field can have a combination of aliases and rules.


  1. Navigate to Field Normalization > Configurations > Normalizations.
  2. Open a normalization record.
  3. Click the Normal Values related list.
  4. Select one of the values.
  5. In the normal value record, click the Aliases related link.
    Normalization create alias
  6. Select aliases for this normal value from the available (pending) values that appear in the slushbucket, and then click OK.
    Normalization alias slush

    The aliases for this normal value now appear in the Aliases related list.

    Normalization create alias

What to do next

Apply the aliases by running the associated data jobs.