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Render journal field entries as HTML

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Render journal field entries as HTML

Journal fields can render text enclosed within code tags as HTML.

Before you begin

  • Role required: any role that grants write access to a journal field
  • System property: the High Security Setting is set to the default value of true

About this task

By default, a High Security Setting escapes any HTML code you type in a journal field by replacing it with its equivalent HTML entity value. Escaping causes the system to display HTML code as text rather than forwarding it to the browser as rendering instructions.


  1. Enter [code][/code] tags around any code you want to render as HTML.
    Note: A single journal entry can contain multiple code tags as long as each code tag has a beginning and ending tag.
    For example, enter these lines:
    Table 1. Results of entering HTML code
    Code entered Result
    [code]<a href="">ServiceNow</a>[/code] The system renders a hyperlink to the ServiceNow web site.
    [code]<b>This text will be bold. </b>[/code] The system renders the sentence in bold.
    <b>This text will not be bold.</b> The system escapes the bold tags and renders them as text.
    [code]<script>;</script>[/code] The system escapes the content of the script tag.
    Note: By default, the HTML Sanitizer prevents the entry of <script> elements.
    For more examples of HTML formatting options, see the blog post Formatting within Journal fields using HTML & [code] by a ServiceNow Technical Support Engineer in the ServiceNow Community.
  2. Click Post.
    Note: You cannot edit previous journal entries.


The system renders the text within code tags as HTML.