Reference field icon

On forms, the reference icon (UI16/UI15 reference icon in UI16/UI15, UI11 reference icon in UI11) appears by populated reference fields. Pointing to the icon opens a read-only preview of the referenced record.

Figure 1. Referenced record preview on a form
Pointing to the reference icon, which looks like the letter I in a circle, opens a preview of the record over the form

The preview closes when you move the cursor unless you hold the Shift key (or the Alt key on some UK keyboards) while moving the cursor.

Clicking the reference icon prompts you to save or discard your changes, then navigates to the referenced record.

Note: The reference icon behaves differently in lists. For more information, see List fields.

If List v3 is enabled on your instance, click the icon to open a preview. The preview stays open until you click somewhere else on the screen. The preview contains a button to open the record.

Configure the fields in the pop-up for a reference icon

You can use the sys_popup form view to configure the fields in the pop-up that appears when pointing to a reference icon. If the table has no sys_popup view, the pop-up uses the default view.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_form


  1. Navigate to the following URL, substituting the instance name and table name as appropriate:
    <your instance name><table name>.do?sysparm_view=sys_popup
  2. Configure the form to add or remove fields as appropriate.

Configure the pop-up delay for a reference icon

When you point to the reference icon in a form or a v2 list, the reference pop-up appears after a configurable period of time.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The default delay is 100 milliseconds (ms). You can configure a different value.
Note: The following procedure does not apply to reference icons in List v3. In v3 lists, reference pop-ups appear only when you click the reference icon.


  1. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties.
  2. Modify the property called Record popup delay (milliseconds): (glide.ui.popup.delay).
    The property controls when the request for the pop-up is made; the actual display time depends on the browser.
    Note: Setting the value extremely low can lead to unwanted pop-ups being requested from the server. Additionally, a low setting can make it difficult to drill through the reference icon because the icon is not clickable until the pop-up appears. Conversely, an extremely high setting makes the pop-ups somewhat sluggish.
  3. Click Save.

Configure pop-ups on read-only fields

Reference pop-ups and click-throughs are hidden by default when a client script, UI policy, or ACL makes the field read-only. The ability to see or click through to the target record does not depend on whether the reference field is writable. You can change the read-only setting.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties.
  2. Change the value of the Enable click-through of a reference field when the reference field is read-only. (glide.ui.reference.readonly.clickthrough) property.
    If set to true, the pop-up appears for read-only fields.

What to do next

If this system value is set to false, you can override the setting for a specific read-only reference field. Configure the dictionary entry and add the readonly_clickthrough=true attribute.
Figure 2. Dictionary entry showing the clickthrough attribute
Read-only clickthrough attribute in dictionary entry