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Use a URL query to filter a list result

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Use a URL query to filter a list result

Use URL queries to programmatically generate filtered lists before exporting them.

About this task

URL queries are useful for scripts that generate a list of records and where no user will manually add the filter from the UI. You must be familiar with the table's column names and values to create a query.


  1. Specify the instance URL. For example,
  2. Specify the list URL for the table you want to export. For example,
  3. Specify the export format processor for the export. For example, ?XML.
  4. Specify the query as the value of the sysparm_query parameter. For example, ?sysparm_query=priority=1.
  5. (Optional) Specify the result sort order with the sysparm_orderby= parameter. For example, CSV&sysparm_orderby=assigned_to.
    Note: All queries use a column name, an operator, and a value. See Condition Builder for a list of available operators.

    For example, to export a list of all priority 1 incidents as an XML file, use the following URL: https://<instance name>