Break up a large export

If the number of records to be exported exceeds the actual export limit, you may want to break the export into smaller increments that do not place a significant performance load on the platform.

  1. Filter the list to display the records you want to export.
  2. Write down the number of records returned.
  3. If the record number is higher than the defined threshold, issue a sysparm query for the first 10,000 records using the following syntax:

    https://<instance name>

    This exports the first 10,000 records in order, sorted by the sys_id number.

  4. Find the next record in order, such as 10,001.
  5. Right-click the row and copy the sys_id of the next record you want to export.
  6. Access the next series of records with a greater than or equal to query run against the sys_id of record 10,001.

    The following example shows a query that uses a sys_id of b4aedb520a0a0b1001af10e278657d27. Use the syntax shown in this query to export the next set of records.

    https://<instance name>

    Note: URL queries use typical percent encoding. In this example, the greater than sign (>) is encoded as %3E and the equal sign (=) is encoded as %3D.
  7. Continue issuing this query, using the starting sys_id for the next set of records until you have exported all the necessary records.