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Create an export target

Create an export target

Define where to export data to by creating an export target.

Before you begin

Role required: export_set_admin

About this task

You must use a MID server as the export destination.


Navigate to System Export Sets > Export Targets and create a new record (see table for field descriptions).
Table 1. Export target fields
Field Description
Name Enter a descriptive name for the export target.
MID Server Select the MID Server to export to. The MID Server must have a Validated value of Yes and a Status value of Up.
Note: You must use a MID Server from the Geneva release or later. Earlier MID Server releases do not support export sets. Export sets are not supported on MID Servers in a cluster.
File Path Specify a path relative to the MID Server directory to save the exported data to. The user account used to run the MID Server must have permission to write to this location.