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Encrypt a password in system properties

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Encrypt a password in system properties

The Encrypt SysProperty Password business rule automatically encrypts the value of any system property with the type password or password2.

About this task

The business rule encrypts passwords when you add a new value or update an existing one. After encrypting the password, the instance always stores and displays the encrypted password value. The instance only decrypts the password in memory and never saves a clear-text version.

After upgrading from an earlier version, encrypt existing properties that contain passwords by updating the value.


  1. In the Type filter text, enter sys_properties.list.
  2. Select the system property you want to encrypt.
  3. Enter or update the Value to change the password.
    Encrypted system property 01
  4. Click Update.

    The business rule encrypts the password.

    Encrypted system property 02