Create an email notification for search results

Edit the email notification that is sent when the relevant record is created to include search results.

  1. Navigate to Open the Table Configuration form for the table.
  2. In the Email Configurations related list, click New.
    Contextual Search: Email Configurations
    Table 1. Configuration fields
    Field Description
    Email notification Email notification to use. For example, the default incident email notification provided is Incident opened for me.
    User Field identifying the user to receive the email. For example, Opened by if the email notification is sent to the user who created the record. This information is used to filter the search results included based on that user's access permissions, ensuring that the recipient can always access the information in the links provided.
    Limit Maximum number of results the email notification includes.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Configure the email notification to use the contextual search.
    1. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Notifications.
    2. Open the email notification which will include the contextual search results.
    3. Add the following script to the notification Message.${mail_script:cxs_EmailSearchResults}