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Translate a report’s grouping labels

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Translate a report’s grouping labels

When executing reports that group results by a Translated Text field, to ensure that individual field labels and values display as translated, use the Translated_field type.

When executing reports, for example multi-level pivot or bar reports, that group results by a Translated Text field, the labels may not all display as translated when the instance language is changed from English to another language. These field labels are entries from the Translated Name / Field Table.

Translation errors can occur when translating more than the first row or column of a report, or when creating a custom field for grouping. Use the Translated_field type to Translate individual field labels and values. See Creating reports for grouping options available from the Configure tab for the specific report type.

If you create a custom field for a report, the label is not added automatically. You need to add the label in the Field Label table and manually Translate a field label.