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Dial and speedometer reports

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Dial and speedometer reports

Dials and speedometers provide a real-time count for an indicator. These charts cannot contain comparison or historical data. You can configure colors in these reports to display at a glance values that are within acceptable ranges.

For example, red indicates unacceptable value ranges. A low value for monthly sales is worse than a high value, but a low value for incident resolution times is better than a high value. So you would configure red for low values in the report for monthly sales and red for high values in the report for incident resolution times.

Dials and speedometers also have different appearances:
  • A speedometer shows numbers in the form of a round meter with a defined range.
  • A dial shows where a score falls across ranges on a half-circle dial.
Figure 1. Angular speedometer report
Angular report
Figure 2. Solid dial report
Solid dial report