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Move a dashboard with an update set

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Move a dashboard with an update set

When you move a dashboard using an update set, the portal pages associated with its tabs are not tracked automatically. Before you move the dashboard to the target instance, manually add all portal pages related to tabs to the update set. After you move the dashboard, check that each tab has an associated page that contains its widgets.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

This procedure describes moving the dashboard structure to an update set. The dashboard structure includes the dashboard itself, tabs, the related security configuration, and dashboard-specific widget settings such as header color, borders, etc.

This procedure does not move the content of the dashboard (such as reports, PA widgets, content blocks, and other widgets) to the update set. You can add dashboard content to the update set using default platform functionality.

Note: Make sure that dashboard content is in either in the same update set as the dashboard record or is already present in the target instance. Errors result if the moved dashboard points to content that does not exist on the target instance.


  1. In the source instance, navigate to Self-Service > Dashboards.
    1. Select the dashboard with the tab you want to copy.
    2. Select the tab you want to copy.
  2. Click the context menu icon (search icon) and select Copy Dashboard URL.
    Paste this URL into a text editor.
  3. Copy the sys_id value following the sysparm_tab parameter to a text editor. You match this sys_id with the sys_id of the associated portal page in the last steps of this task.
    For example, if the URL of the tab includes$, then the sys_id of the sysparm_tab parameter is def456.
  4. In the filter navigator, type pa_tabs.list.
  5. Filter the list to show only the tab with the sys_id you copied.Filter the tab list on a sys_id
  6. Click the name of the tab to open its form.
  7. Click the information button (information icon) of the Page value for that tab.
  8. On the Portal Page, click the context menu icon and select Copy sys_id. Paste this value into the text editor.Copy sys_id
    This value is the sys_id for the portal page. It is different than the sys_id for the associated tab that you have already used. These values are used together to map the tab to the portal page.
  9. Navigate to Homepage Admin > Pages.
  10. Filter the list to show only the portal page with the sys_id you copied.
  11. Right-click the record and select Unload Portal Page.Portal page record context menu with the item Unload portal page selected.

    The portal page for the current tab is added to the current update set.

  12. Move the update set to another instance using standard update set functionality. For more information, see Retrieve an update set.
  13. Repeat steps 1–12 for all the tabs that you want to move with the update set.
  14. (Required) On the target instance, make sure that all the tabs of the dashboard have associated portal pages. See Validate that tabs are moved to a target dashboard.
    If the portal page is missing in the Tab form, click the search icon (search icon) next to the Page field to search for the associated portal page.
    Note: If you cannot find the associated portal page in the target instance, follow steps 9–13 again to move the dashboard again through the update.


The dashboard and its tabs are moved to the target instance.