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Import indicator score data

Import indicator score data

You can import indicator score data from Microsoft Excel or CSV files

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin or admin

About this task

To import score data for an indicator from a Microsoft Excel or CSV file that exactly matches the columns of the table, including sys_ids for each row, follow the steps described in Easy Import.

If the file does not include sys_ids for each row, look at the descriptions presented in the documentation on Import Sets.

Keep the following information in mind as you use import sets for Performance Analytics.
  • Transform Map: Select the Run Business Rules check box to ensure that all the defined rules are applied when inserting scores.
  • Field Map:
    • Set Choice action to Reject for the target fields Indicator and Breakdown to ensure that no unknown values are inserted into the table.
    • Set the Referenced value field name to Name for the target fields Indicator and Breakdown if you do not have the sys_ids.
    • For the target field Start, make sure that the corresponding date format is specified in Date Format.
      Note: If you are using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, make sure that the column is formatted as Date.
    • If you do not have the sys_id for a breakdown score, specify a script for the Element field to get the sys_id into the target field.