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Create a score widget

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Create a score widget

Create a score widget to display an aggregate score.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_power_user


Define the score widget by filling in the following fields.
Table 1. Score widget fields
Field Description
Indicator Select the indicator you want to display in the widget, such as Number of open incidents.
Breakdown Select a breakdown to filter the data by, such as Priority.

Scores displayed in the widget are filtered based on this value, such as to show only records with a specific priority.

Element Select the default breakdown element to apply. If specified, only records with the selected breakdown value are displayed in the widget.

For example, with the Priority breakdown, select the element 1 - Critical to display only records with a critical priority.

If you select a breakdown but do not select an element, the widget uses the unmatched breakdown element.

2nd Breakdown Select a 2nd-level breakdown to further filter the data by, such as Assignment Group.
Element Select the default 2nd-level breakdown element to display. If specified, only records with both the selected breakdown element and 2nd-level breakdown element are included in the widget.

If you select a 2nd breakdown but do not select a 2nd element, the widget uses the unmatched breakdown element.

Time Series Apply a mathematical aggregation to the widget data for a specific time period.

For example, you can display the average yearly score or a weekly sum. You can select only time series that are available for the widget's indicator. A plus sign (+) at the end of the time series indicates that scores for a partially completed period will be included.

Type Select Score.
Visualization Select the visualization to use to display the indicator scores. Certain configuration options are available only for specific visualizations.
Template When the Visualization is Latest Score, select the visualization template to use.
Latest Score Settings
Compare score with When the Visualization is Latest Score, select if you want to compare the data with the previous score, or with several previous periods.
Number of periods back When Compare score with is Periods Back, specify how many previous periods to compare with the current score.
Speedometer/Dial Settings
Auto scale Select to automatically determine the start and end points for the dial based on the data. Clear this check box to manually enter the From and To values.
From Specify the starting point for the dial.
To Specify the end point for the dial.