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Create an automated breakdown

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Create an automated breakdown

Create a breakdown to group and filter scores from automated or formula indicators based on elements from a breakdown source.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_data_collector, pa_power_user, pa_admin, or admin

About this task

An automated breakdown uses a breakdown source to determine selectable elements.


Navigate to Performance Analytics > Automated Breakdowns and create a new record (see field descriptions).
Table 1. Breakdown fields
Field Description
Type For an automated breakdown, select Automated.
Breakdown source Select the breakdown source to base this breakdown on. The breakdown source determines what elements are available to select when a user applies this breakdown.
Default elements filter [Optional] Select an elements filter to apply by default. Elements filters enable users to filter the list of breakdown elements to only those elements that user is interested in.
Access control fields
Visible to Select which users can view and apply this breakdown. Select Everyone to specify which roles are required, or select Groups and Users to specify groups and individual users.
Visible by all roles When Visible to is Everyone, select this check box to require no specific role for users to apply the breakdown.
Roles When Visible to is Everyone, select the roles required to apply the breakdown. Users must have at least one of these roles. This field is hidden if Visible by all roles is selected.
Groups When Visible to is Groups and Users, select the groups that can apply the breakdown.
Users When Visible to is Groups and Users, select the individual users that can apply the breakdown.

What to do next

Create breakdown mappings and associate indicators with the breakdown.