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Create a notification for an indicator or group of indicators

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Create a notification for an indicator or group of indicators

Performance Analytics can automatically generate an email when an indicator or a group of indicators meets predefined conditions.

Before you begin

You must enable and configure email notifications before you can use email summaries.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Automation > Email Summaries.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a Name and a Description for the email summary.
  4. Select the Active check box to run a scheduled job that creates the email summary.
  5. Select when the job should run.
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Periodically
    • Once
    • On Demand
  6. Set the time to run the job by changing the hours, minutes, and seconds (using 24 hour notation).
    By default, the job runs at midnight.
  7. Select indicators dynamically or manually.
    Select the By Condition check box. Use the condition builder to define the conditions for which indicators the email summary should include. For example, you might select all key indicators by setting the condition to [Key] [is] [true].
    Clear the By Condition check box. Specify the conditions you want to apply on the indicator records.
  8. Right-click the form header and select Save.
    The indicator list and the user list become available.
  9. Select any number of users and indicators and click Update.
    The email summary job runs based on the schedule you configured.

Add indicators

After you submit an email summary record with the By Condition check box cleared, the Indicators related list becomes available.

  1. Click Edit in the Indicators related list.
  2. (Optional) Add a filter to limit the selection of the indicators.
    For example, [Name] [contains] [incident]. When you click Run filter, only indicators whose name contains incident are displayed.
  3. Add the desired indicators to the Indicators List.
  4. Click Save.
    If your instance has the full version of Performance Analytics, you can add new indicators from the Scheduled Email Summary form.
    1. In the Indicators related list, click New.
    2. Define the indicator.
    3. Click Submit to save the indicator and add it to the email summary.

Specify users

Before an email summary job can be scheduled for Performance Analytics, you must specify users who will receive the email.

  1. In the Users related list, click Edit.
  2. Perform one or both of the following actions.
    1. Add a filter to limit the selection of the users.
      For example, [Department] [is] [Customer Support]. When you click Run filter, only users who are in the Customer Support department are displayed.
    2. Add users to the Users List.
  3. Click Save.