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Create a heatmap widget

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Create a heatmap widget

Create a heatmap widget to visually compare scores in a pivot table using two breakdowns as the table axes.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_power_user

You must have an indicator with at least two breakdowns to create a heatmap widget. Each breakdown defines one axis for the heatmap table.

Note: Heatmat widgets do not support the Follow Element function. Dashboard breakdowns cannot apply to these widgets.


Define the heatmap widget by filling in the following fields.
Table 1. Heatmap widget fields
Field Description
Indicator Select the indicator you want to display in the widget, such as Number of open incidents.
Type Select Pivot.
Visualization Select Heatmap.
Breakdown Select the breakdown to use as the horizontal axis of the heatmap.

Scores are organized into cells in the heatmap for each combination of breakdown elements from the Breakdown and 2nd Breakdown.

2nd Breakdown Select the breakdown to use as the vertical axis of the heatmap.
Display Settings
Show data labels Display the score for each portion of the chart, such as for each slice of a pie chart.
Pivot Settings
Max color Select the color that appears in heatmap cells with the highest value. Cells with lower values appear less saturated. Cells with no score or a 0 score appear white.