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Create a relative compare visualization for a breakdown widget

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Create a relative compare visualization for a breakdown widget

Create a visualization that compares multiple elements (dimensions) of an indicator over time.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin, pa_power_user, or admin


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Widgets.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in these fields.
    Field Description
    Type Select Breakdown.
    Visualization Select Relative Compare.
    Indicator Select an indicator.
    Breakdown Select a breakdown. The individual elements of the breakdown will be shown in the visualization.
    2nd Breakdown Optionally, select a second breakdown.
    Show date range selector Select this check box on the Date Settings tab. This setting lets users dynamically change the amount of time displayed in the visualization.
  4. Fill in the other fields, as appropriate.
  5. Click Submit.

What to do next

To view the widget, add it to a dashboard.