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Create a domain configuration

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Create a domain configuration

Create a domain configuration to define which domains to collect scores from and how to store scores within the domain hierarchy.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin or admin


Navigate to Performance Analytics > Domain Configuration and create a new record.
Table 1.
Field Description
Configuration type Specify how you want to determine which domains to include in this configuration.

Select Visibility group to include all domains visible to a specific group, based on existing visibility domains associated with that group.

Select Conditions to specify the domains directly, using conditions.
Visibility group When Configuration type is Visibility group, select the user group. All domains available to this group, based on associated visibility domains, are included in this domain configuration.
Conditions When Configuration type is Conditions, specify conditions to determine which domains are included in this configuration.
Collect aggregate Aggregate scores from the specified domain hierarchy. Aggregate scores are stored in a separate domain that exists outside of the domain hierarchy and contains only scores.

One aggregate domain is created for each domain configuration where Collect aggregate is selected. The name of this domain is displayed in the read-only Aggregate domain field.

Aggregate domains are stored as children of the Performance Analytics Aggregation Container domain.

Collect children Select this option to collect scores from children of the specified domains. Scores are collected from all child domains, not only those domains that are direct children of the specified domains.

Scores collected from a child domain are stored in that domain.

Roll up Select this option to roll collected scores up to the top-level domain in the selected hierarchy. Scores collected from child domains are stored in the top-level domain of the specified domain hierarchy.
Roll up type Select All child domains to roll up scores from the specified domains and all of their child domains. Select Only selected domains to roll up scores only from the domains you specified.