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Performance Analytics roles

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Performance Analytics roles

Assign roles to ensure that users can perform all necessary actions.

Table 1. Roles
Role Description
pa_viewer Users with the pa_viewer role can view scorecards and dashboards.
pa_contributor Users with the pa_contributor role can view scorecards and dashboards, as well as manually enter scores. The user must be selected in the Contributor field of an indicator to view and enter scores for that indicator.
pa_target_admin Users with the pa_target_admin role can add targets to an indicator.
pa_threshold_admin Users with the pa_threshold_admin role add thresholds to an indicator.
pa_power_user Users with the pa_power_user role can create Performance Analytics configuration records such as indicators, breakdowns, and dashboards.

The pa_power_user role contains the pa_viewer, pa_contributor, pa_target_admin, and pa_threshold_admin roles.

pa_data_collector Users with the pa_data_collector role can configure and run data collection jobs and can modify Performance Analytics properties.
pa_admin Users with the pa_admin role can create any Performance Analytics records such as indicators and breakdowns, as well as data collection jobs, and can modify Performance Analytics properties.

The pa_admin role contains the pa_power_user and pa_data_collector roles.

admin The system administrator role. Users with the admin role can perform all pa_admin functions, and can create database views.
Certain roles such as pa_power_user and pa_admin include other roles. For example, pa_power_user includes pa_viewer. This diagram shows the role hierarchy.