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Spotlight enables you to prioritize work based on multiple weighted criteria and quickly identify high-priority tasks.

Spotlight enables you to define weighted criteria for important work and quickly identify the most important tasks based on these criteria, such as when triaging incidents or performing lead scoring. You can prioritize tasks based on multiple dimensions, instead by a single field value like priority.

For example, you might want to prioritize a High priority incident over a Critical priority incident if the High priority incident has been open for a long time, breached an SLA, or has been reassigned multiple times.

The score of a record being evaluated, such as an incident, is the sum of the weight of all criteria that apply to that record. If the score exceeds the threshold defined in the Spotlight group that the record belongs to, a spotlight is created automatically, allowing you to quickly identify that record as high priority.

The following diagram demonstrates scoring in Spotlight. The large circle represents the set of all open incidents. Each of the smaller circles represents a weighted Spotlight criteria that applies to a subset of the open incidents.
Figure 1. Spotlight diagram
Colored circles representing Spotlight criteria