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Analyze Spotlight data

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Analyze Spotlight data

Combine Spotlight data with data from the source table to perform detailed analysis on high-priority work.

When the total weight of a record included in a Spotlight group exceeds the threshold for that group, a new record is created on the Spotlight [spotlight] table. This table stores the record sys_id in the ID field, as well as the total weight for that record in the Score field.

To perform detailed analysis and to easily view record details along with the Spotlight weight, create a database view between the Spotlight table and the record source table, such as incident. Join the tables so that the Spotlight ID value matches the source record sys_id value. To view the latest Spotlight data, filter the list to show only active Spotlight records.

The Spotlight for incident content pack includes a database view that joins the Spotlight and Incident tables. You can use it as an example to create your own database views to other tables.