Rounding and precision in indicators

Indicators round fractional results using "Banker's rounding" or mathematical rounding depending on the indicator Precision.

When an indicator has a Precision of 0, the indicator rounds the result to the nearest even, whole number. For example, if an indicator with Precision 0 calculates the values 7 + (5 / 2), the indicator rounds the result up to 10. However, if the formula calculates 2 + (5 / 2), the indicator rounds the result down to 4.

When an indicator has a Precision greater than 0, the indicator rounds to the nearest decimal point for the given precision. For example, an indicator with Precision 1 rounds a result of 4.45 to 4.5.

For indicator scores in the thousands and millions, the score is displayed as the number of thousands or millions with a k or an M, respectively. For example, a score of 612,875 with a precision of 0 is rendered as 613K. A score of 8,546,937 with a precision of 1 is rendered as 8.5M.

Y-axis values plotted on a line or column chart are not rounded. The score and tooltip displayed when you point to a value on the chart are rounded based on the indicator Precision.

Note: In formula indicators, rounding applies only to the formula result. Values within the formula are not rounded.