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Cleaning collected Performance Analytics data

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Cleaning collected Performance Analytics data

Performance Analytics scores and snapshots may grow over time and should be routinely cleaned to ensure optimal performance and accurate data.

Performance Analytics uses a scheduled job to remove old scores and snapshots.

The Clean PA collections scheduled job is active by default and has no impact on performance. By default, the job runs daily so it only has to delete a small amount of data.
Note: The table attributes nibble_size and nibble_sleep affect the behavior of the collection cleaner job if the attributes are defined for the Scores or Snapshots tables.

This scheduled job also deletes any Score [pa_scores], Score Level 1 [pa_scores_l1], Score Level 2 [pa_scores_l2], or Snapshots [pa_snapshots] records that do not have an associated indicator or breakdown. For example, if a user deletes an indicator, the scheduled job cleans up any scores or snapshots that were associated with the deleted indicator.