Automated breakdowns

Automated breakdowns group automated and formula indicator scores based on existing instance data.

Automated breakdowns are based on a breakdown source, which is a set of records from a table. The breakdown maps these records, known as breakdown elements, with fields on tables that indicators collect scores from. Scores collected from mapped tables can then be grouped and filtered based on the values in the mapped fields and the breakdown elements.

For example, the Groups breakdown source that includes records from the Groups [sys_user_groups] table is available by default. This breakdown source specifies the filter [Active][is][true] to include only active groups as elements. You can map this breakdown source to fields on other tables that reference the Groups table, such as the Incident Assignment group field. Scores collected from the mapped table are grouped based on the value of that field. You can then filter the scores on scorecards and dashboards by selecting the breakdown and an element, such as to show scores only for incidents assigned to the Hardware group.