Enable real-time updating for single-score-report widgets on a non-responsive dashboard

Enable single score report widgets on a dashboard to update in real time. Real-time updates ensure that users see the most up-to-date information.

Before you begin

You must have edit rights to the dashboard where the widget has been added.
Four types of aggregation are available for single-score reports: Count, Average, Sum, and Count Distinct. Real-time updating is available only for single score widgets that use the Count aggregation.
Note: You can select Show real-time updates for single score widgets that use the Average, Sum, and Count Distinct aggregations, but they do not update in real time.

About this task

You can enable real-time updating for single score widgets on homepages and all dashboards.


  1. Navigate to the dashboard where the single score widget has been added.
  2. Click Edit to put the dashboard in edit mode.
  3. Point to the widget, then click the gear icon (Gear icon) that appears.
  4. In the Edit Widget window, select the Show real-time updates check box and then click Done.
  5. Click Done to exit the edit mode for the dashboard.
    The real-time icon (Real-time icon) appears on the widget. This icon is permanently visible, even when the score is not changing.