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Copy the URL of a non-responsive dashboard

Copy the URL of a non-responsive dashboard

You can create a URL for a dashboard.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_viewer


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards
  2. Select a dashboard.
  3. (Optional) Select a specific tab, breakdown, and breakdown element.
  4. Click the Copy URL icon (The copy URL icon).

What to do next

Distribute the URL to share the dashboard.

Dashboard URL format

You can link to a Performance Analytics dashboard from your instance.

All dashboard URLs follow this format:https://<instance>$

This base URL is followed by several optional query parameters.
Table 1. URL parameters
Parameter Description
sysparm_dashboard=<sys_id> The sys_id of the dashboard to show.
sysparm_tab=<sys_id> The sys_id of the dashboard tab to show. If you do not specify a tab, the leftmost tab is displayed. This parameter applies only if sysparm_dashboard exists.
sysparm_breakdown_source=<sys_id> The sys_id of the dashboard breakdown to show.
sysparm_element=<value> The sys_id or value of breakdown element to show. This parameter applies only if sysparm_breakdown_source also exists. Values are case-sensitive.
sysparm_element_value=<value> The selected element value. This value may be the sys_id of a referenced record, or the database value for a choice list choice. Database values are case-sensitive. This parameter applies only if sysparm_element and syspartm_breakdown_source also exist.
embedded=<true|false> Controls if the dashboard picker and context menu are shown.
header=<true|false> Controls if the dashboard header appears. This parameter overrides the embedded parameter.

When linking to your instance from an outside source such as a text document or presentation, use instead. For instructions on constructing this URL, see URL schema .