Working with non-responsive dashboards

Only users with the pa_viewer role can view non-responsive dashboards. Only users with the admin, pa_admin, or pa_power_user roles can create and edit them. Non-responsive dashboards use layouts with predefined dropzones.

Table 1. Basic principles, non-responsive dashboards
Principle Description
Dashboards Users with any pa role can have one or more dashboards assigned for viewing. Users with the pa_admin and pa_power_user role can set up and edit dashboards.
Tabs Each dashboard may contain one or more dashboard tabs.
Rows A tab can have multiple rows. For each row, you can specify the number of "placeholders" or columns. Each placeholder can hold a widget.
Widgets Widgets contain information about one or multiple indicators.
Note: The mobile apps do not give access to dashboards as dashboards are not optimized for mobile screen sizes. You can access dashboards on a tablet using the standard web interface.